• Dr. K Sai Manoj, Founder

    Dr. K Sai Manoj, Founder

  • The Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed significant growth in the past decade. It is booming fast and expects huge growth in the upcoming years with new innovation and technology. As the startup wave keeps getting stronger in India, state-level policies and initiatives are making a huge difference to boost the tech ecosystems at a regional level. Government of Andhra Pradesh launched their Startup policy in 2014. The vision of the policy is to create a world-class 'Technology Startup Ecosystem' by fostering 'entrepreneurship and a culture of innovation' which leads to increased knowledge, wealth and employment in the society. Andhra Pradesh has made slow and steady progression in terms of the startup ecosystem, and the government has actively participated in the rise of the tech economy.

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Top 10 Emerging Startups in Andhra Pradesh - 2020

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  • Top 10 Emerging Startups in Andhra Pradesh - 2020

    In the recently released Global Startup Ecosystem Report, 2020, Bangalore was the only city from India that found its place among the top 30 listing. The current pandemic that the world is dealing with has surely impacted the startup ecosystem as a whole, and mostly the funding that were pouring in. Despite this, the startup ecosystem in India has shown strong inclination towards innovation to help the country deal with this pandemic. States like Andhra Pradesh have in the recent times emerged as a breeding ground for startups providing them the much needed pedigree to become stronger. Cities like Vizag and Vijayawada have emerged as the two major hubs from the state. On the other hand, working parallelly with the central government on Startup India project, Andhra Pradesh has taken several measures to boost the plinth further. Bodies like TiE Amaravati, Startup Accelerator India and more, will play an important role in further adding more power. CEO Insights brings to you the story of few such startups who have emerged from this state and serving clients across India and globe. CEO Insights ‘Top 10 Emerging Startups in Andhra Pradesh - 2020' features some of the most promising startups who are turning the table in favor of the state and acting as the source of inspiration for several others to join the league. CEO Insights Editorial Board along with a panel of experts comprising of CEOs, CXOs, VCs and several industry experts, spent months analyzing them and putting their story together.

Top 10 Emerging Startups in Andhra Pradesh - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
CoreIoT Technologies Dr. Vamsi Krishna Palukuru, CEO,Aruna Choragudi, Partner Nandanavanam Sitaramamma, Partner CoreIoT Technologies Antenna design, consulting & testing services offered using 3D electromagnetic simulations and prototyping for an array of wireless techs including WIFI, RFID, IoT, Cellular, GNSS, UWB & Bluetooth
HealthOL Sathvik P,CEO HealthOL An online healthcare service provider which is dedicated towards working for the cause of healthifying lives
Imaginnovate Krishna Vattipalli,CEO Imaginnovate Built with strong roots in mobile application development technologies with Exceptional Customer Experience
Innogeecks Technologies Dr. K Sai Manoj,Founder Innogeecks Technologies Formed by a group of alumni from IIIT Bangalore and IIIT Hyderabad, it provides IT and ITES services to independent clients located in Vijayawada and Bangalore since 2014
Makers Hive Pranav Vempati,Founder & CEO Makers Hive Aims at creating a revolutionary ecosystem where technology meets social problems, analytics meets human aspirations, innovation meets customer satisfaction, and creativity empowers new generation to add real value to society
Millionth Mile Akhil Jonnavithula,Co-Founder & CMO Millionth Mile A branding consultancy firm specializing in Design and Digital Marketing and helps build clients brand's reputation
My First Office Dasari Sumanth,Managing Director My First Office One of the pioneers in co-working industry offering a breadth of personalized workspaces to startups, well-established conglomerates as well as individual entrepreneurs to fulfill all their business requirements
Schoolmart Vamsi Mohan,CEO Schoolmart A platform for school infrastructure, edtech, school sports, innovation and fund raising, everything a school needs
The Verticals Manikanta, Founder,Divya Sena, Co-Founder The Verticals An innovative environment, capturing the wide range of a vision to build a synergy between technology and progression, the company combines the latest technological innovations with traditional quality encryption
Vihawk Tech Solutions Sandeep Kumar Dhoundiyal & Sumant Katiyar,Directors Vihawk Tech Solutions Provider of Smart Digital Surveillance Systems to customers looking at increasing their business by utilizing the surveillance systems to get equipped with right information at the right time for taking informed decisions