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  • The evolution of business and economy has prompted a powerful sense of the leadership stint from the leaders across the regions in the organizations today, and their goal is no less than challenging change by implementing a strategic and innovative business plan around it. The C-suite leaders such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, including Head of Business, Head of Growth, and others have dynamically evolved respective of their roles over the period now. While the Head of Business diligently indulge in directing the activities of employees, from recruiting, training, and evaluating new staff and ensuring that the company or department is in the process of meeting its financial objectives, Head of growth officers ensure to spearheading growth initiatives amidst the organization. Leading a high-performing team to create and implement strategic marketing initiatives across various marketing functions including performance marketing, events, social media marketing, product marketing and partnerships, Head of Growth officers specialize in defining the growth dynamics within an organization.

  • Leading Tech Epoch To The Future
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  • Top 10 Indian Leaders in New Zealand - 2022

    Significantly, the economy of New Zealand is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the 50th-largest national economy in the world when measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and the  63rd-largest in the world when measured by purchasing power parity (PPP). Thanks to the Government's strong economic management, and the hard work of all New Zealanders, its economy has even pulled through the pandemic rapidly over the Global Financial Crisis lurking. Considering trade and business, agricultural products principally meat, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables are New Zealand's major exports, including crude oil and wood and paper products. The major imports are crude and refined oil, machinery, and vehicles. It also has sizeable manufacturing and service sectors complementing a highly efficient agricultural sector, and exports of goods & services account for around one third of real expenditure GDP.

    With time, as the New Zealand economy moves from volume to value, considering the ease of doing business there, presuming no bar on the flow of capital from a New Zealand business to overseas investors, many businesses and corporate sectors are finding their roots in the region. According to official data from the World Bank, the GDP in New Zealand was worth $249.99 billion in 2021, which represents 0.19 percent of the world economy. Assuming this progression, as the New Zealand business and corporate world expands, many adept leaders have been recognized dynamically contributed to it, which includes the numbers from India as well.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Indian Leaders in New Zealand - 2022’ is provided to the readers to know their stories of success with which they led the organizations there, and also how motivating and encouraging they are for others to learn from. The listing provides detailed information about the leaders who are selected by a panel of industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board.

Top 10 Indian Leaders in New Zealand - 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Avalanche Advanced Marketing Services Invercargill Aditi Raj Birole, Entrepreneur/Founder/Creative Director Avalanche Advanced Marketing Services Invercargill Her experience in a variety of industries has given her the ability to communicate effectively with customers, and she's been able to combine this with her creativity to produce amazing marketing tales
NZAL Bharat Chawla, Director NZAL He has considerable business experience in the education sector for more than 15 years, and has held various executive positions in the industry
Duco Consultancy Chandan Ohri, Founder & CEO Duco Consultancy With professional qualifications in accounting, management and IT he is throughly Experience with over 25 years working in a range of cultural and geographical environments
Ki Studio Darshan Shetty, Founder Ki Studio Experienced Executive Director with a demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry, skilled in Product Diversification, Business Planning, Sales, International Business Development, and more
NZ Blockchain Forums Gautam Paul, Co-Founder NZ Blockchain Forums With extensive years of experience and success in B2B and B2C media across publishing, exhibitions, conferences and the internet, he has a proven track record of delivering and exceeding profits for organisations
July Ventures Karunanidhi Muthu, Venture Partner July Ventures He is passionate about the role of governance in the mid market organisations and serves to sharpen the strategies that helpes the management
Phase One Mahesh Muralidhar, CEO Phase One With over a decade of experience across strategy, product, growth, people and organizations, he is currently focussed on supporting and developing the New Zealand startup ecosystem
Gandhi Nivas Ranjna Patel, Founder Gandhi Nivas Actively involved in many wider community groups and sits on numerous advisory boards including the National Ethnic Forum for NZ Police, CM Police, Middle more Foundation, Mental Health Foundation and more
Otago Polytechnic Rohan Malhotra,International Marketing Manager Otago Polytechnic An extremely passionate marketer, runner, and a motivator, believes that one should strive for excellence and the rest follows automatically
Girls That Invest Simran Kaur, Director Girls That Invest Helps financial education brands to grow their audience through advisory roles and also a Stock Market Columnist, Keynote Speaker & Founder and Co-Host of the firm which is the biggest stock market podcast

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