• Dr. Manish Bhatia & Dr. Manisha Bhatia, Founders

    Dr. Manish Bhatia & Dr. Manisha Bhatia, Founders

  • The Intervention of digitization across the healthcare sector has subsequently led to the advent of advanced facilities which can be availed with a single touch. With a notion of introducing praiseworthy practices across the mHealth sector, DoctorBhatia.com has emerged as one of the first websites to offer internet-based consultancy. Initially started in 2002 to serve as a clinic website, DoctorBhatia has not only grown exponentially since its inception but also managed to develop a dedicated patient suite for its international customers to ensure seamless services irrespective of geographical boundaries. DoctorBhatia is managed by the husband-wife duo Dr. Manish and Dr. Manisha Bhatia, who share their name, profession and lives.

  • Doctor Bhatia: Introducing Contemporary And Cognitive Healthcare Practices Across The mHealth Sector

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Top 10 mHealth Services - 2021

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  • Top 10 mHealth Services - 2021

    As the volume of the healthcare demand increases the delivery of the same becomes difficult both in rural and urban places. However, as innovation is constant in the Indian healthcare system for providing better facilities and curing patients, technology intervention as a part of innovation boosts up the speed of treating patients, where the underserved market of healthcare when combined with high mobile penetration and fast-growing smartphone adoption, it becomes ideal for mHealth. In the international healthcare sector, eHealth services are exclusive to desktop and medical devices. There is a landline internet connection available to almost every part of the developed places and the electronic healthcare services including software developed for such decreased the fast growth of mHealth. Because of the portability of the devices and affordable healthcare services available, mHealth is gaining preference in India. mHealth, in general, is considered as the providence of healthcare services or related information of healthcare on a mobile. The mHealth services in India at current time are sophisticated and vary in functionality. While some of the mHealth services offer information about diseases, some of mHealth services the overall healthcare management, even face-to-face doctor interaction.

    Only three percent of the Indian households have access to internet on computer and 69 percent of the Indian households have a smartphone. Since a few years ago, the adoption of the smartphone has increased rapidly due to several important features and mhealth development. Leading mobile operators are offering fourth-gen internet services at affordable pricing, which is a foremost factor that spurring up the data availability and in turn the adoption of mHealth services.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of `Top 10 mHealth Services ­ 2021' is featured by a team of medical researchers and marketers, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board. The list includes details about offerings by the mHealth services and company information.

Top 10 mHealth Services - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Aaina Therapy Aqseer Sodhi,Founder Aaina Therapy Providing counselling in depression by professionals in online sessions and online therapy for couples and group work for an initiative of peer supporting
Ayurconcept Dr. Mrs. Manjiri Joshi,Founder Ayurconcept Providing efficient treatment for medical conditions such as hyper cholesterol, hyper acidity, kidney problems, infertility, skin problems, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, digestive problems, migraine and weight issues
DayToDay Prem Sharma, CEO DayToDay Creating a process for healthcare treatment for a person in anyplace in the world and providing ultimate patient care
DoctorBhatia Dr. Manish Bhatia & Dr. Manisha Bhatia,Founders DoctorBhatia DoctorBhatia.com has emerged as one of the first websites to offer internet-based consultancy with autism homeopathy treatment and PCOS homeopathy treatment
Juno Clinic Arun Kumar, Anuraag Srivastava & Manocha,Founders Juno Clinic Online platform that contributes to emotional well being with counselling for emotional and psychological problems by renowned therapists through video, audio or chat
Ospi Healthcare Pvt. Limited Narasimhan Ananthapadmanabhan, Aditya Luxmi Davuluri & Srenik Kumar Jain,,Directors Ospi Healthcare Pvt. Limited Transforming old healthcare services with technology and offers medicine ordering, lab test booking, and covid care
Plus100years E.Pavan Kumar,Founder & CEO Plus100years Scaling unprecedented heights in the Indian mHealth Services realm in Primary Health Care, Doctors Information, Hospitals Information, Beauty & Fit, Service Providers, and Diagnostic Center
Primecare Dr. Syed Sayeed Ahmed,Founder Primecare Providing medical care such as Maternity and Neonatal Care, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Paediatric at home by excellent physicians and medical staff
TimesMed Patrick Vincent,Founder TimesMed Pioneering mHealth with holistic services in connecting doctor with hospitals, home care servicing, pharmaceutical services and diagnostic laboratories
WONDRx Pankaj Sindhu, Founder & CEO,Pankaj Agrawal, Co-Founder & Director WONDRx When a large part of medical fraternity love to hand write their Rx in the OPDs, WONDRx made it’s humble beginning in digitizing the handwritten Medical Rx in the OPDs