• Vandit Chandrakant Karelia, Director

    Vandit Chandrakant Karelia, Director

  • In today's era, Project Management is no longer the same old stagnant platform; instead, it is a continually evolving and developing business domain. Project Management Consultants manage projects by applying their knowledge, skills, and experience at various stages. It offers effective management solutions to increase and improve the effectiveness and outcome of a construction project. However, at the same time, PMC also has to face various challenges like design issues, construct-ability issues, long lead material issues, inter contractor coordination issues, engineering issues, safety issues, and many others which can be tackled only by a well-organized approach of the PMC. To undertake such challenges, BigFoot Project Management Consultants Private Limited, a project management consultant consultancy services company, provides a list of varied services for builders & societies right from planning to marketing services.

  • BigFoot Project Management Consultants: Compendious Suite Of PMC Services

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Top 10 Project Management Consultants - 2020

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  • Top 10 Project Management Consultants - 2020

    From being a very minor segment of the Management Consulting vertical, Project Management Consulting, popularly known as PMC, has grown multifold and gathered widespread prominence in recent times. The rapid growth of cities, the rising demand for infrastructure development in both rural & urban areas has fuelled many startups to jump-in and contribute their part in the infrastructure development of our nation. However, not all startups possess the necessary capital or the manpower to take care of their entire infrastructure projects. This is where PMC firm come into picture, handholding the companies in their complete end-to-end Project Management needs, right from reviewing of your current project management processes and capabilities, to expert project management advice to external businesses. In this current issue, CEO Insights brings to you `Top 10 Project Management Consultants ­ 2020', a directory listing the consultants who are offering exemplary services in the industry. An expert panel of industrial experts, including top CEOs, CXOs, and industry veterans along with CEO Insights Editorial Board, has performed a diligent evaluation of the industry before listing the front-runners. The organizations listed are the ones which have distinguished themselves through affluent ideation and imposition of practical ideas that accompany the market requirements as well as cater to the end consumer business plans. This listing will assist our readers in selecting well-suited and exemplary PMC service providers that will not only help understand the nuances, but also help simplify the approach to such services.

Top 10 Project Management Consultants - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Arham Constrotech Milind R Parakh,CEO Arham Constrotech Offers PMC services to assist projects such as Infrastructural Project, Residential Project, Institutional Project, Industrial and Commercial Projects
Aryaanya Grup Kirit Patel,Founder Aryaanya Grup A turnkey PMC solution provider adeptly controlling time, budget & quality in its construction projects
BigFoot Project Management Consultants Vandit Chandrakant Karelia,Director BigFoot Project Management Consultants Offers Planning & Designing, Liasioning, Construction Management, Marketing, Project Management Consultants and Structural Consultancy
Chaitanya Project Consultants Sanjay Kumar Sinha,Director Chaitanya Project Consultants An ISO-9001:2008 certified PMC company in an array of civil engineering projects that include Highways & Bridges, Urban & Regional Infrastructure Development, Water Resources Development & Management, Traffic & Transportation, and Socio-Economic & Environmental Impact Assessment, to name few
Essentia Environments Hardesh Chawla,Founder & Director Essentia Environments One of the leading interior design firms in India with excellent capabilities and manifesting exemplary teamwork standards
Facilities And Building Solutions PS Somasunder,Managing Director Facilities And Building Solutions Having proven mettle in Project Management, Construction Management, Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Turnkey Design & Build, and Client Advisory areas
German Project Management Conslutants Dr. Sven Schmedes,Managing Director & CEO German Project Management Conslutants Offering an array PMC services ranging from Advisory, Project Audit & Assessment, to Project Management, each tailor made to the niche requirements of its clients
Raje Consultants Dr. Himanshu. M. Raje,Director Raje Consultants Offering end-to-end project management solutions right from conceptualization to handing-over a plug & play facility, and even repairs & rehabilitations under unfavorable environments
Rodic Consultants Raj Kumar,CMD Rodic Consultants India's top leader with 20 years of excellence in the Engineering and Project Management Consulting domain, encrusting a wide horizon of public and private infrastructure projects
VPAN Civil Consultants Vishal Panchal,Director VPAN Civil Consultants An end-to-end PMC firm specializing in the areas of Product Development Advice, Design Management, Project Management and Construction Management, to name a few