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  •   Dr. Prabhakar A,   Director and Chief Nephrologist, Kongunad Kidney Centre

    Dr. Prabhakar A, Director and Chief Nephrologist, Kongunad Kidney Centre

  • A cute kidney injury is a life-threatening medical illness that affects millions of individuals. Reduction in blood flow to the kidneys is the primary cause of AKI, and this is most often seen in patients who are chronically sick. Especially when renal replacement treatment is needed, patients in the ICU who develop AKI have a higher risk of death, a longer duration of stay in the ICU and hospital, and higher overall healthcare expenses. Such critical illnesses necessitate treatment from a professional, such as Dr. Prabhakar A, the Director and Chief Nephrologist of Kongunad Kidney Centre. Dr. Prabhakar is a leading expert in the fields of emergency nephrology, dialysis for both adults and children, kidney transplantation, and other forms of interventional and Preventive nephrology. Numerous patients' lives have been saved because of his focus on critical care nephrology and kidney transplantation. In addition, the American Association of interventional Nephrology has acknowledged Dr. Prabhakar's expertise in the field of nephrology intervention. Below is an excerpt of Dr. Prabhakar’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

  • Dr. Prabhakar A. Making World-Class Nephrology And Urology Care Accessible At Reasonable Prices

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Top 10 Nephrologists in India - 2022

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  • Top 10 Nephrologists in India - 2022

    Amidst the growing healthcare concerns in the recent years, prevalence of chronic kidney disease is soaring high. In India, the cases of kidney diseases is increasing despite major advances in medicine, leading to an increase in the need for nephrologists. But, amidst all other kidney disfunctions, the increasing detection of Renal Ailments is driving the growth of India nephrologist market. The increasing number of geriatric populations in India in the last few years, are an add to the burgeoning of the Indian nephrologists market. Lately, technological advancements in the medical field have also positively impacted the growth of the India nephrologists market. However, they are the cost-effective nephrology systems that further drive the growth of the India nephrologists market. Also, the increasing government initiatives to open free dialysis centers for people have further boosted the market growth of India nephrologists market.

    As per Blueweave Consulting & Research, India nephrologists market was worth $93.6 million in 2020 and is further projected to reach $102.7 million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 1.4 percent during the forecast period 2021-27. Additionally, while the global nephrology drugs market was valued at $14,501.75 million in 2020, it is projected to reach $23,405.42 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of five percent, according to Allied Market Research report. There are many adept nephrologists in India leveraging their effective treatment care and services to the patients, and need to be recognized for the same.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Nephrologists in India - 2022' is provided to the readers in healthcare, corporate and different sectors, for informing on the excellent services leveraged by the Leaders in healthcare domains. The listing is prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board.

Top 10 Nephrologists in India - 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Noble Hospital Dr. Avinash Ignatius, Senior Consultant Nephrologist Noble Hospital A Senior Consultant Nephrologist, with more than 15 years of wide ranging experience in Nephrology from some of the best medical institutes,
Medica Superspecialty Hospital Dr. Dilip Kumar Pahari, Senior Vice Chairman, Director, & Senior Consultant-Nephrology Medica Superspecialty Hospital Specializes in Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Glomerulonephritis, and Kidney Transplantation
Dr. Garima Aggarwal Dr. Garima Aggarwal, Nephrologist Dr. Garima Aggarwal A nephrologist with expertise in the area of hypertension, kidney diseases, renal transplants (including high risk transplants, blood group incompatible transplants) and critical care nephrology
Manipal Hospitals Dr. Jalal Ahmed, Nephrologist Manipal Hospitals A Nephrologist and Tranplant Physician graduated from Manipal Hospitals Bangalore, one of the leading nephrology centres in India
Max Healthcare Dr. L .K. Jha, Director - Nephrology Max Healthcare A full time Nephrologist who sees a wide variety of patientsand has expertise in General Nephrology, hypertension, dialysis, renal transplantation, and critical care Nephrology
Kongunad Kidney Centre Dr. Prabhakar A., Director & Chief Nephrologist Kongunad Kidney Centre He has established the hospital with the mission of making highquality medical and surgical care accessible to everyone at an affordable cost
AIMS Dr. Priti Meena, Nephrologist AIMS She has been Involved in nephrology clinics, inpatient and outpatient care, managing post-kidney transplant, and dialysis patients. Keenly interested in research in the field of nephrology
Wockhardt Hospitals Dr. Puneet Bhuwania, Nephrologist Wockhardt Hospitals Nephrologist and Transplant Physician by profession, with more than nine years of experience in clinical practice recognized for the ability to deliver high quality care and management services
Renalyx Health Systems Dr. Ravi Deshpande, Nephrologist Renalyx Health Systems DM in Nephrology from Premier Institute-SGPGI with over 19 years of experience in Nephrology from reputed St. Johns Medical College and Hospital
Dr. Sourabh Gupta Dr. Sourabh Gupta, Senior Consultant & Head - Nephrologist Dr. Sourabh Gupta Provides early diagnosis & treatment of a whole range of kidney problems & diseases with the treatment & care focus on to relieve symptoms, prevent complications, & delay kidney damage

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