• Bhupesh Chowdary, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Strategy Officer

    Bhupesh Chowdary, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Strategy Officer

  • An uptick in economic activity is an excellent time for organisations to assess their readiness for the growth ahead. As the Indian economy sprouts green shoots, the role of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) in companies is increasingly in the spotlight even surpassing the roles of CEO's. But you don't often come across a CSO to exchange `gyan'. Working tirelessly in the backend, CSOs make sure every opportunity to grow is grabbed by its reins to ride the high tide of success. We, at CEO Insights had the honor to rendezvous with the Group CSO of a 150 years old conglomerate Khimji Ramdas Group. He is N Bhupesh Chowdary. An Engineer & Post Graduate in Management, with over 27 years' experience as CEO and Business Head with leading businesses inclusive of L&T, Adani, JSW, MBE-Williamson Magor and Khimji Ramdas Group, N Bhupesh Chowdary has treaded a remarkable journey of building organizations and helping them grow.

  • Bhupesh Chowdary: The Blacksmith To Flourishing Conglomerates

Unlocking the True Potentials of your CSO

By: Deepshikha Singh, Editor

While the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is only a few decades old, but with more and more industries being impacted by volatile changes in the business landscape, there has been a significant rise in the role of CSOs.

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Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers - 2021

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Waterfall, Agile, Six Sigma.... And many other project management methodologies exist. PRINCE, PMP & CAPM and a host of other certifications exist. New ones are added every few years. All of these methodologies teach us how to manage


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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the value of IT and digital transformation across industries and businesses are utilizing this time to speed up the transition.


Challenges And Growing Trends In The Indian Start Up Ecosystem

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Two Indian policies; Make in India and Make for India were bought into action with the aim of revitalizing the Indian economy through domestic manufacturing and consumption.


Future Data Scientist

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By: Rs Simha, MD & CFO, At&S India

India is poised for becoming a hub for manufacturing ecosystem of electronics and associated components. There are talks about new production-linked incentive schemes as country struggles to contain its electronics import.


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Today, business is evolving, every minute and every second. Consumer demand and consumer perception plays vital role in demand which changes the style of business.

  • Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers - 2021

    A Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is a C-level executive charged with helping to formulate, facilitate and communicate an organization's strategic initiatives and future goals. Reporting to the CEO or the CFO and working closely with them, the position of the CSO is relatively new and has become far more prevalent in the C-suite, within the last decade, especially as the digital business and growth strategies have continued to increase in complexity. A CSO’s role includes creative thinking and collaborating effectively for different business operations of highest multitude. Executive officers and the senior leadership team are facing pressure to continuously cultivate and implement more robust strategic initiatives that will help organizations achieve a competitive advantage. More organizations are realizing that strategic planning is a complex, full-time job that may require more focus, structure and exactitude than a CEO alone can provide. In the general sense, CSOs are charged with developing and clarifying the vision of an organization, communicating it to the masses and sustaining the implementation efforts. Specific CSO responsibilities tend to vary from company to company, but there are commonalities. The CSO at times functions as a sort of “mini CEO,” someone who must see the issues confronting the company from a broad perspective as the chief executive does. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine showcases a list of ‘Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers - 2021’. Especially curated by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial team, the listing is provided to the readers to highlight upon the ingenious strategies adopted by the Chief Strategy Officers at top firms.

Top 10 Chief Strategy Officers - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Intents Mobi Akshay Mani,Chief Strategy Officer Intents Mobi His expertise are in the fields of program and project development, project management, strategic research and publications, stakeholder identification, engagement and capacity building
Mpurse Services Anshuman Pratyush,Chief Strategy Officer Mpurse Services Anshuman Pratyush is helping chalk out efficient yet innovative strategic business modules to make available an all-encompassing bouquet of API based payment solutions at the company
APL Apollo Anubhav Gupta,Chief Strategy Officer APL Apollo His expertise includes business strategy, branding, investment banking, equity research & valuations
Khimji Ramdas Bhupesh Chowdary,Chief Operating Officer & Chief Strategy Officer Khimji Ramdas Bhupesh with his 25 years of experience in business development, corporate planning & strategy, epc energy and infrastructure business, port & logistics business, mining & mineral trading, project management and corporate affairs is helping in the organization growth
Tilt Brand Solutions Paul Dueman,Chief Strategy Officer Tilt Brand Solutions Paul is renowned for his contribution to the digital technology and has 2+ decade experience in digital marketing and communications
Kirana King Retail Network Ravi Chillara,Chief Strategy & Implementation Officer Kirana King Retail Network Ravi Chillara is renowned for his exclusive skills in leading teams, data management, business intelligence, data science, and application architecture
Embassy Industrial Parks Sandeep Chanda,Head – Strategy and Acquisitions Embassy Industrial Parks Sandeep joined the Embassy Industrial Parks company in 2015 and worked in some of the prestigious companies such as Deloitte, Tata Housing Company and Ascendas before his current job. Sandeep is a Commercial Real Estate, Acquisitions and RE Funds specialist
Strobe Works Sanjay Sharan,Chief Strategy Officer Strobe Works He has 2+ decades experience in achieving revenue, profit and business growth with successful startups
Trescon Sanjiv Singh,Group Chief Strategy Office Trescon Sanjiv is skilled in sales, production, marketing management, operations negotiation, budgeting, and business planning and has expertise in strong business development
Kan Biosys Sundaresan Nandyal,Chief Strategy Officer Kan Biosys Sundaresan has more than 25 years of experience in sales with sales experience in IT telecom software, Telecom, E-commerce; M-commerce, IT enabled retail