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  • Paraj Vidyarthi,   Regional Country Head

    Paraj Vidyarthi, Regional Country Head

  • Great leaders inspire change, create lasting opportunities, and adapt to challenges. There are many leaders who need to be lauded for their dynamism. Here’s to celebrating one such acknowledgeable leader or know one - Paraj Vidyarthi, Regional Country Head at Path Partner Technologies, is a seasoned corporate leader who has been at Helm of the Top notch Technology firms like Aithent Technologies, HCL, SRM Technologies, Virtusa Polaris, Wipro, NTT Data, VVDN. He has deep insights into the market and business culture of Japan and Asiapac and has led regional teams and businesses. His dynamism and expertise in the Automotive, Manufacturing, Semiconductors, and BFSI Industries coupled with a rare blend of experience in both IT services and product engineering domains make him a valuable asset to the global leadership landscape. Let’s learn more about him through interview snippets by the CEO Insights team.

  • Paraj Vidyarthi:  A Magnanimous Asiapac Leader Driving The It & Engineering Business In The Indo-Japan Lobby

A Bond That Goes Back Ages

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

India and Japan share a deep bond that goes back to ancient times when the Indian monk Bodhisena visited Japan in 752 AD and introduced Buddhism. Since then, many Indians have

Creating & Sustaining A Positive Business Culture

By: Manish Garg, CEO, Interarch Building Products

In an interaction with Bimlesh Prasad, Correspondent at CEOInsights India, Manish shared his views on the significance

Top 10 Indian Leaders In Japan - 2023

Navigating The Complexities Of Leadership In Today's Business Landscape

By: Aditya Mehta, Senior President And CFO, Orion Group

Aditya is an accomplished professional with over 21 years of diverse experience, currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer of one of Bangladesh's largest and most diversified business groups. He


The Evolution Of Workplace Security: Moving From Surveillance To Supportive Measures

By: Munish Kumar, CEO, Quess IFMS/Security Services/Industrial (OAM)

The job of a workplace security guard has evolved significantly in recent years, shifting from a primary emphasis on surveillance and physical security


Global Capability Centers - Current Trends & Prospects In India

By: Sourabh Gupta, Digital Program Leader - Apac, RTX

A Business centric technocrat with over 16 years of unique blend of business & consulting experience. Across his professional career with leading organizations like IBM, Virgin Mobile India


Technological Innovations Transforming The Indian Healthcare Sector

By: Kishor Joshi, Chief Business Officer, Teleradiology Solutions

In the wake of technology, the world witnessed many changes in the business ecosystem. The healthcare sector, in particular, has been heavily

  • Top 10 Indian Leaders In Japan - 2023

    Indian Leaders from Japan Making Significance Mark in Asia
    Japan is the world's only country with an Emperor. Even though the Emperor of Japan wields little power and primarily serves as a symbolic figure, they remain an integral part of Japanese tradition. Today, expanding and doing business in Japan is one of the most prosperous and stable countries in the world to do so. Japan is also part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, whose countries are collectively responsible for producing 40 percent of the world's GDP.

    "Indian Leaders Lead with a commitment to growth"

    Importance of business in Japan: Aside from being known for being safe, convenient and clean, Japan has emerged as a leading nation in today's world. With a strong economy, highly sophisticated infrastructure and a reliable tax regime Japan offers a great business environment for businesses wishing to expand to Asia. Politeness and formality are characteristic of business communication in Japan. In order to successfully enter the Japanese market, it is vital that you build up good working relationships with your Japanese contacts, partners or suppliers by respecting and following proper business etiquette.

    Significances of Indian Leaders from Japan: The business leaders of Japan and India salute the resolve of the leaders of Japan and India to work together in the interests of peace and prosperity within the Indo-Pacific region and the world at large through the continued advancement of the Special Strategic Global Partnership between the two countries and the heightened coordination of Japan's Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy with India's Act East policy. At the same time, they are strongly hopeful that the two countries will fulfill their roles as engines of global economic growth, by further strengthening their economic partnership under the free and open international economic order and stepping up their cooperation in the domain of innovation and other strategically important areas.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Indian Leaders from Japan - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Indian Leaders In Japan - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Paidy Abhijeet Pawar, Chief Quality Officer Paidy An emerging leader with 14 years of experience, responsible for bringing efficiency to the organizational level, skilled in program management, change management and leadership
Terra Motors Corporation Akihiro Ueda, CEO Terra Motors Corporation A clean tech entrepreneur with a deep allegiance to the EV ecosystem, take pride in discovering and resolving problems that impede individual growth and organisational development
NehaN Technologies Anil Raj, President NehaN Technologies A business leader with close to three decades of experience working for major investment banks, running multiple diverse businesses which ranges into it staffing & consulting, education, imports and exports
Saachi Partners Mithun Soni, Founder & CEO Saachi Partners An experienced leader focused on delivering the highest quality results for both our candidates and clients to ensure the growth, progression and in turn, the evolution that all seek in our professional and personal lives
IceBattery Pankaj Garg,Founder & CEO IceBattery A highly accomplished entrepreneur and strategic professional with 34+ years of remarkable experience in pioneering product innovation, development, manufacturing, and business development across diverse industries
Path Partner Technologies Paraj Vidyarthi, Regional Country Head Path Partner Technologies A seasoned corporate leader at helm of the top notch technology firms, has deep insights into the market and business culture with dynamism and expertise in the automotive, manufacturing and BFSI industries
Creditsaf Rahul Bapat, Chief - Operations Creditsaf A highly accomplished leader responsible for liasoning of sales, CRM, fresh investigation, it & back-office functions to ensure growth in topline and portfolio returns
Atonarp Rahul Gupta, Sr. Director- Product Engineering Atonarp A tri-lingual technologist experienced in software product development and consulting global pharma organizations, expert at starting and running very long-term programs and client engagements
Statusbrew Rishabh Mahajan, COO Statusbrew A visionary leader with 14 years of experience, skilled in javascript, angularJS, MySQL and web applications
Scenic Japan Tours Vinay Jairaj, Managing Director Scenic Japan Tours An innovative leader with 14 years of experience, with exeperise in airlines, project planning and team management

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