• Shashi Shekhar, Managing Director

    Shashi Shekhar, Managing Director

  • We are in the middle of a pandemic, wherein our biggest enemy could be present in the air. But having too much at stake, it's imperative to keep the industrial world rolling. The need of the hour is foolproof air filtration solutions to protect people and processes. It's a great omen that a global leader in the industry like Camfil is stepping up with the best practices and advanced portable solutions to reduce the risk of infection at offices as well as to protect people at homes. Camfil is on a mission to protect people, processes, and the environment by developing the world's best clean air solutions - a proposition built as early as 1963. It, in fact, is not surprising that a company that commenced its operations almost six decades ago by developing Nuclear Air Filtration solutions, which are considered to be the toughest in the industry, to lead the combat against such a demanding predicament. Ever since then, Camfil has developed clean air solutions for almost all the segments of the industry, combating herculean challenges and creating

  • Camfil India: Leading A Clean Air Revolution

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Top 10 Safety Measuring Equipment for Corporates - 2020

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  • Top 10 Safety Measuring Equipment for Corporates - 2020

    Having traveled through the lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to which the `Work-From-Home' model has gained immense attention among most of the employees, organizations are in process of implementing newer safety measures or equipment pieces to make `Work-From-Office' the regular norm. Slowly workplaces opened doors to employees adhering to the rules mentioned by healthcare centers, Measures like maintaining a proper work hour, checking every employee's body temperature during entry, installing modern sanitizing machines, and adding technologies that augment touch-free working process. According to the World Health Organization, fabric mask is one equipment to limit the chances of transmission of coronavirus and corporates are encouraging the employees to wear such masks in workplace at all times. In general, corporate safety measure equipment includes air purifiers, water purifiers, and dust filters. A workplace becomes healthy and safe with the installation of these equipment pieces. Haircare, lighting, vacuum cleaners, fire, and safety systems are the emergency requirements for a corporate house. For corporates in search of related technology, in this issue of CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of such companies, under the listing title `Top 10 Safety Measuring Equipment for Corporates ­ 2020'. An expert panel that comprises industry leaders, veterans, safety measurement analyzers, along with the editorial team, together has shortlisted 10 best. The edition brings to you the story of their passion, compassion, commitment, intellect, most importantly, their success in introducing striking products. Hope the list meets its purpose of existence and completes readers' search for a worthy product.

Top 10 Safety Measuring Equipment for Corporates - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Air Concept Mehul Panchal,CMD Air Concept A provider of products for clean air to healthcare and lifestyle sector which are globally renowned
Airier Natura Airier Natura,Managing Director Airier Natura A offerer of products in the segments of industrial ventilation, renewable energy, air purification, and vehicle ventilation
Camfil India Shashi Shekhar,Managing Director Camfil India A global leader in the Indoor air purification industry setting new benchmarks in terms of quality as well as requirement centric solutions
Dyson Technology Vineet Taneja,President Dyson Technology A provider of tools like sound proof vacuum cleaner, air purifiers, haircare, and lighting for a safe workplace
H3O Aditya Vikas Agarwal,Director H3O A company that delivers products like indoor air purifier, car air purifier, hydrogen water, wearable air purifier and industrial air purifier
Hindware Appliances Rakesh Kaul,CEO Hindware Appliances A solver of requirements for kitchen appliances, water heaters, water purifiers, air purifiers, air coolers, kitchen sinks, ceiling fans, and vents
Lingel India Mario Schmidt,Managing Director Lingel India A solution holder for air purification systems for healthy and non-toxic air at indoors
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Katsunori Ushiku,Director Mitsubishi Electric Corporation A provider of air conditioning systems, factory automation systems, semiconductor devices, transportation systems, visual information systems, and hand dryers
Nasaka Arush Gupta,Director Nasaka A provider of revolutionary OrpH+ technology through Nasaka RO Water Purifier and also supplier of technology that is of prime importance for air purification, and safe work place
Varistor Technologies Subham Charan,CEO & Founder Varistor Technologies A solution provider with products like fire extinguishers, fire hydrant system, fire alarm, fire suppression system, signage, and first aid box

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