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  • Revathi Roy, Co-Founder, MD & CEO

    Revathi Roy, Co-Founder, MD & CEO

  • Women empowerment is finally at every home’s gate. No country in any part of the world can sustain its development if it under utilizes its women, who constitute almost half the population. Remember, we are not talking just about the elite class anymore. Women, regardless of socioeconomic trace are today equitably contributing towards nation-building, while the government interventions like Companies Act Amendment of 2013 that mandated participation of women in every listed company’s board of directors (BOD), and initiatives like Stand up India, engender a propitious milieu around them. Despite this, it took further courage for Revathi Roy to venture into the highly competitive & traditionally masculine Indian Logistics industry and incept Hey Deedee - India's first all-female hyper- local & last-mile delivery startup. Hey Deedee is not merely an organization today but a silent revolution,providing employment opportunities to women from low-income families by turning them into well-trained delivery agents supporting India’s online shopping outrage.

  • Hey Deedee: India's First All - Female Last - Mile Delivery Startup Transforming the Life of Thousands

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  • 10 Best Startups to Watch For - 2019

    Ever since the startup ecosystem decentralized from the convictions of Silicon Valley, the environment around it has also metamorphosed into a more favorable, much more inviting one. Today, the ground breaking innovations can occur in a basement, a garage, or a college dorm. But the Indian startup ecosystem, which is ranked at number 37, much below China, Singapore, and South Korea, needs more thrust to race against the global rate. As we are now starting to reap the harvest of union government’s initiative such Startup India and Make in India, the numbers are obliged to improve. That makes the subcontinent’s startup ecosystem as exciting as its counterparts across the world. As technology remains the magic wand, more tech-explosions are highly anticipated from the startup ecosystem, especially in terms of the new norms like Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things, which are now moving to the next level. While Artificial Intelligence is getting ready to evolve from narrow AI to broad AI, the IoT is expected to make some new friends in the form of Blockchain deployment. The combination of both is predicted to have a good go in the next few years. Quite lucidly, the business world has every reason to await the startup revolution 2.0. In this issue of siliconindia, we present an index of '10 Best Startups to Watch For – 2019'. Each startup on this list possesses the potential to constitute a single handed revolution, significantly transforming the respective vertical and contributing to the business world as whole. siliconindia's editorial board scrutinized the index through frequent discussions with a renowned panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, directors, VCs, and industry analysts, throughout the year. We hope these success stories will serve as an igniter for entrepreneurs who love to live an akin dream.

10 Best Startups to Watch For - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CoWrksCoWrks Sidharth Menda,CEO A network of coworking spaces where a curated community of like minded individuals come together to work, connect, collaborate, inspire and get inspired
ePuja ServicesePuja Services Shiva Kumar,Founder & Executive Director An online portal offering access to religious ceremonies and remedy rituals besides aiming to edify Hindus on the significance of the same
GoBumprGoBumpr Karthik Venkateswaran,Co-Founder An AI-powered automobile platform aggregating all service workshops and local mechanics to cater end-to-end needs of vehicle owners
Hey DeedeeHey Deedee Revathi Roy,Co-Founder, MD & CEO Provides employment opportunities to women from low-income families by turning them into well-trained delivery agents thus, supporting India’s online shopping outrage
HopscotchHopscotch Rahul Anand,Founder & CEO Hopscotch is India’s leading kids fashion brand where aspiration meets accessibility
KooversKoovers Sandeep Begur, Co-Founder & CEO A one-stop solution for car owners to book & manage their car service at an affordable price as well as for workshops to get the genuine spare parts at the right time & price
SHEROESSHEROES Ankoor Dasguupta,Vice President – Special Projects, Brands & Marketing A trustworthy and empathetic platform enabling women to discuss health, careers, relationships, life stories and achievements while finding ways to grow their aspirations
TalismanTalisman Sambhav Kothari,Co-Founder A platform offering superior quality precious jewellery at affordable prices anddelivering an exceptional consumer experience by facilitating users to personalize thejewellery
University LivingUniversity Living Saurabh Arora,CEO A global student housing marketplace helping students to find the right accommodation close to their university in the UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Korea, UAE and Singapore
Wheels EMIWheels EMI Srinivas Kantheti, Co-Founder & MD,Karunakaran Vadakkepat, Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director A specialist in financing pre-owned two wheelers with bare minimum documentation

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