• Arun Dagar, Founder

    Arun Dagar, Founder

  • EY and the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) have presented a new report on telemedicine in India, forecasting the segment to grow to nearly $5.5 billion by 2025. These numbers are further burgeoned in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic which has shaken the healthcare establishments across the world. India till a few year ago was behind in sophisticated healthcare system is now becoming equipped to deal with the sheer volume of patients in a safe and regulated environment, mitigating the risks of infection as more and more patients and doctors turn towards online healthcare application facilitating patient-doctor video consultation. Perfectly understanding the need to blanket not only Metro cities but also the Tier 2, Tier 3 and rural areas, Oncall Medicare Private Limited was established in 2017, with its teleconsultation app - CallDoc - has been rapidly striding forward to deliver healthcare services to every individual at the comfort of their home;

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The Strength that We all Needed

By: Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

Telemedicine isn't a new vertical in healthcare, but its importance was realized recently during the times of COVID-19 when the whole world was almost under lockdown. However, healthcare remained functional and telemedicine enabled this

Trends And Developments In The Indian FMCG Industry

By: Dolly Kumar, Cosmetic Engineer, Founder & Director, Cosmic Nutracos Solutions (Parent Company To FMCG Brands Gaia And Skinella)

The outbreak can be seen as a major technological and

10 Best Telemedicine Companies - 2020

Kidney Transplant Scenario In India

By: Dr. Ramesh Jain, HOD - Centre For Kidney Transplant & Renal Sciences, Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

Kidneys are bean shaped organs placed on either side of the spine just below the rib cage. The main function is to filter and remove excess waste,


Bunion Foot

By: Dr. Pradeep Moonot, Orthopaedic Surgeon & Podiatrist, Mumbai Knee Foot Ankle Clinic

If the joint that connects your big toe to your foot has a sore bump, then chances are you may have a bunion, a common deformity. Largely, Bunions develop when the pressures of bearing and


India Needs More Awareness To Prevent Mortality Through Breast Cancer

By: Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, Breast Cancer Surgeon, CK Birla Hospital For Women

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality among patients suffering from cancer worldwide. Breast cancer among Indian women


We Need To Develop A National Framework On Sterilization & Hygiene In Oral Care

By: Amarinder Singh, Founder & CEO, Clove Dental

In the 1970s, in the US, so much was the focus on oral care that dental practitioners would often visit schools to lecture on significance of best hygienic practices and good tooth brushing techniques.


Age-Tech: Digital Technology That Revolutionises Ageing

By: Tamojit Dutta, Co-Founder, Tribeca Care

Dey is 84 years old, suffers from early stage dementia and lives alone. Her adult children stay abroad. She has had two serious falls recently and is feeling increasingly isolated at home.


Research, Prevention & Care: The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

By: Sujay Sambamoorthy, CEO, Parvathy Hospital

Technology and innovation are not only linked to self-driving cars, smart watches, intelligent machines or high-performance computer processors, but increasingly they are closely linked


Advancements In Technology: Boon To The Mankind

By: Piyush Pankaj Bhargav, CMO, Nigntingales

Rapid advancements in technology and their continuous contribution to medical science has saved countless lives and improved the quality of life for many.

  • 10 Best Telemedicine Companies - 2020

    The Indian population is more than 121 crores of people from differently rooted fields. As a result of this, linear distribution of healthcare services has been a prime focus in public health management. In addition to this, recent records prove concentration of healthcare facilities to different cities and towns are provided, which includes 75 percent of the population of doctors, are away from the rural area of India, where about 68.84 percent of the national population resides. Majorly due to the stated fact, the telemedicine market in India is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31 percent between 2020 and 2025, and reach $5.5 billion. The telemedicine market consists of teleconsult, telepathology, teleradiology, and e-pharmacy. It is experiencing encouraging growth in the country because of the recent crisis. The growth has the potential to brand teleconsultation and e-pharmacy account for 95 percent of the telemedicine market by 2025, which is equivalent to $5.2 billion. As at times it is difficult for the doctors to serve patients who are in remote areas, telemedicine service providers take charge. The healthcare industry is also shifting from in-person doctor-patient interaction to digital medium interaction, for remote consultation. Ibef.org mentions that an EY-IPA study states that the domestic telemedicine market is expected to reach $5.5 by 2025. 15-20 percent of the healthcare ecosystem is predicted to shift to the mobile platform, ensuring virtual care, consults, remote monitoring, and home health. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of ‘10 Best Telemedicine Companies - 2020’, featuring the most prominent telemedicine service providers. The readers will benefit from the detailed pieces of information in the listing, which are curated by the industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial board.

10 Best Telemedicine Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Amrita Telemedicine Services Dr. Prem Nair,Medical Director Amrita Telemedicine Services Services provided include teleconsultation telesurgery, distant education programs, tele-cardiology, tele-radiology, tele-dermatology, tele-ophthalmology, tele-pathology, tele-psychiatry, tele-mentoring, and mobile telemedicine unit.
Apollo TeleHealth Vikram Thaploo,Chief Executive Officer Apollo TeleHealth Providing services in tele-clinics tele radiology, tele cardiology, tele – emergency, condition management, chronic disease management, eicu services, tele ophthalmology, tele-audiology, ncd screening program, multi vital health kiosks, tele-homecare (apollo homecare), and tele-education.
CallDoc   Oncall Medicare Arun Dagar,Founder CallDoc Oncall Medicare Affording telemedicine services like medical advice online through video call by a panel of renowned specialists consisting of physicians, paediatricians, dentists, dermatologists, cardiologists, ent specialists, and many more.
Cartula Health India Vimal Prakash V,Co-Founder & CEO Cartula Health India A firm dedicated towards bringing technology & healthcare together to serve the neglected & underserved rural people in India.
Daydoc Dr. Tarun George,Co-Founder Daydoc Specialized in Telemedicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Pain Management, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Urology, Nephrology, and Infectious Disease.
DocOnline Manasije Mishra,MD DocOnline Facilitates online consultation for lifestyle diseases, preventive medicine, infectious diseases, emergency medicine, allergy and immunology, and geriatric medicine.
Evitalz Information Management Nanda Kumar Krishnan,CEO & Founder Evitalz Information Management Delivering services in aviation, maritime, defence, ambulance, rural health, clinics and hospitals, wellness mapping, post operative care, critical care, and corporate wellness.
TeleVital Kishore Kumar Rao,Founder and CEO TeleVital It is offering telemedicine, eHealth consults, elearning, and case studies facilities.
Vidmed Dr. Praveen Vadlamudi,CEO Vidmed Leverages services in consultations of doctors, and solutions in hospitals, corporate, and ayurveda.
WebRad Sanjay Sharma,CEO WebRad Ensure quality of reports given to the customers. And maintain the highest standards for the radiologists and random 10% of the total cases are audited by the clinical head on routine basis.