• Sandhya K Sirsi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Sandhya K Sirsi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Since the very beginning of SOI in 2007, it has been providing design solutions to Biotech, Healthcare & Pharma projects. The company took more than a decade with various projects to arrive at a new startup offering client centric solutioning and delivery model. An interesting twist came in the form of adding the CEO, Sandhya K Sirsi's portfolio of art to design giving birth to DnA, Design n Art. Sandhya says, "We had to first reorient ourselves to prepare to offer clients a unique proposition or not heard of anything like this exist situations. The usual struggle to articulate our thoughts for acceptance took a lot more than anticipated time. The inputs, review, feedback & suggestions from various persons in presentation, projects, events & travelling were invaluable". The company wholeheartedly acknowledges encouragement from the IT & BT Department, Govt. of Karnataka during its period of struggle to recognize it as a Startup.

  • Sandhya K Sirsi: A Leader With Commendable Experience In Application Of Art And Design

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  • Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders In Bengaluru - 2021

    Establishing a business is very hard. There is no easy path or magic tricks in building a successful business. Gender should not determine whether the individual has capabilities or not, an individual’s leadership abilities should depend on their strengths and personality. Women have been belittled in most of the situations of professional and corporate life. But women worldwide are indeed picking up fast, from the year 2015 till 2021 the number of women in leadership has increased, especially in the C suite level; they have grown from 17 percent to 21 percent. Today 44 percent of the companies have women in their C suite level. Gender shouldn’t determine whether a person could be an excellent leader or not. An individual’s leadership abilities should rely on their strengths and personality traits. These women leaders in India like Nita Ambani (Non-Executive Director, Reliance Industries), Natasha Poonawala (Executive Director, Serum Institute of India, Chairperson) prove just that! In India, Bangalore ranks 40th, among the global ranking for women entrepreneurs and corporate workers. Some women have shown an outstanding ability to strike a balance between work and home, which is the main reason behind their success. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders In Bengaluru - 2021’ is provided to the readers in corporate and different sectors, for informing the excellent services by the Women Corporate Leaders. The listing is prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial team.

Top 10 Women Corporate Leaders In Bengaluru - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
The Tribe Concept Amritha Gaddam,Chief Executive Officer & Founder The Tribe Concept Former to The Tribe Concept Amritha Gaddam wanted to take forward people to back to their roots and realise the value of Indian ingredients and simple clean sustainable natural alternatives for everyday skin and hair care.
Cayal Anandhi Sridharan,Founder Cayal Anandhi Sridharan is an IIM,bangalore graduate. She started her carrier as an software Engineer and later started her own company as Cayal which aims to be the default discovery platform for occasional products.
Britbee Bhavani Dhanraj,Chief Executive Officer & Founder Britbee She is a certified Trainer and life coach from CPD UK. Bhavani is an enthusiast self made woman entrepreneur who runs a couple of businesses.
Reseda Dr Gayatri Hela,Founder & Managing Director Reseda Dr Gayatri Hela holds a Master's Degree in Organic Chemistry and a Doctorate in Chemistry. She recently graduated from Goldman Sachs and NSRCEL, IIM - Bangalore.
Leadership Mavericks Lakshmi Prasanna & Monika Pathak,Co-Founders Leadership Mavericks Both the Co-Founders have worked in major MNCs and, have taken on the process of offering consultancy solutions to different customers through our work experience of more than 20 years each.
The Absolute Journey Leena Noronha,Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer The Absolute Journey She left her job to persue her dreams, and believes it as The Absolute Journey and is one of the bravest and cherished moves of her life.
Global Talent Track Mridula Sankhyayan,Chief Executive Officer Global Talent Track Graduated from BITS Pilani, Mridula has led Talent functions at Goldman Sachs, Flipkart, Lehman Brothers Nomura, Genpact, designing and implementing talent strategies.
Quirksmith Pragya Batra,Co- Founder Quirksmith Pragy Batra is an IIT Delhi grad and an INSEAD graduate. She has spent the last several years in strategy & consulting and has worked with Bain & Company.
SOI Design and Crest Sandhya K Sirsi,Founder & Chief Executive Officer SOI Design and Crest Degree in commerce and diploma in fashion. Her collections of works adore the possession of art lovers and art collectors in India and abroad.
Veohm Shruti Modi Kaura,Managing Director Veohm Shruti Kaura is the visionary behind Veohm. Her refined creative spirit coupled with her penchant for the pursuit of excellence has led to an extraordinary vision for Veohm : to create living spaces that blend nature into daily living.