• Seema Poddar, Founder

    Seema Poddar, Founder

  • Societal, communal and national development is an imperative concern, and it is education that plays an important role in driving the overall growth. In India, embracing the opportunities put forth by the digital disruption, individuals are stepping into the evolving world of knowledge, exploring the extensively spread resources of education without spending exorbitantly. However, despite experiencing phenomenal expansion along the years with a 77.7% literacy rate, the staid Indian education system still lags behind the standards of the world's best universities. Educationists are riding on hopes of scaling-up the literacy bar, but it is best to temper expectations with education that enhances one's cognitive, intellectual, social and personal skills. Leading the path like many others in this peregrination is Seema Poddar, Founder of Synergy Institute for Accelerated Learning.

  • Seema Poddar: A Leader Fortifying The Young Minds With Neoteric Education Curriculum

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Top 10 Women Leaders in Education - 2021

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  • Top 10 Women Leaders in Education - 2021

    Education is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s, with a better education and the best teachers, students can do wonders. The education industry comprises establishments whose primary objective is to provide education. The education industry is undergoing more changes with time. Startups are now filling in gaps and faults in the industry by leveraging new technologies. They are bringing forward new innovative ideas which if implemented can help re-shape the education industry. In the year 2020 we have all witnessed the grown of online academics, leveraging available interactive multimedia technologies like live streaming and video conferencing and learned to be in world of education. India has the world’s largest population of about 500 million in the age bracket of 5-24 years, which provides a great opportunity for the education sector. The education sector in India was estimated at US$ 91.7 billion in FY18 and is expected to reach US$ 101.1 billion in FY19. In the male-dominated culture and business processes women have determined their success in the cutthroat industry by making a place for themselves. They are shaping the future of tomorrow and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to holding a position of leadership. They are not just waiting for an opportunity; they are pursuing the things they want and seizing it! Taking the world by storm, the women who were stereotyped to be confined within the four walls of their homes are defining a new future, by breaking the generic norms and following their passion. Contributing to our growing Indian education system, these women are achieving success not just for themselves, but also for the betterment of the society. Out of the long list of motivating women in the Indian education field, they are not just waiting for an opportunity; they are pursuing the things they want and seizing it! Taking the world by storm, the women who were stereotyped to be confined within the four walls of their homes are defining a new future, by breaking the generic norms and following their passion. In this publication of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Women Leaders in Education – 2021’ is provided to the readers to know about the contribution of women leaders in education. The listing is prepared by a team of digital marketing veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board.

Top 10 Women Leaders in Education - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
SAN Academy Group of Schools Archana R,Managing Director SAN Academy Group of Schools With a penchant to touch student’s lives in a positive way through provocative initiatives, she outshines as a maven with over 12 years of experience in the industry
Inspirus Education Dolly Verma,Chief Operating Officer Inspirus Education She has sharpened her skills in logistics management, strategic planning, teaching, leadership, and team building
Success 360 Gowthami Saraf,Founder Success 360 She is a success coach and child psychologist with affinity for creating a better world for children
Deeksha Lalit Sridhar,Founder Deeksha Leading the education space with an aim to guide the young minds realize their potential and pursue their dreams by choosing their desired careers and exploring the further opportunities
The Shri Ram Universal School Mangala Madhavan,Founder Principal The Shri Ram Universal School Mangala is determined to create a concrete educational institute equipped with transparency, straight forwardness, clear and correct communication along with honest relationship between teachers and students
Presidency Group of Institutions Nafeesa Ahmed,Director Presidency Group of Institutions The Presidency Schools adopt a World-class Curriculum to propagate premium contemporary- education that equips the Students with Knowledge, Skills and Aptitude envisaged of the 21st Century Global Citizens
Inventure Academy Nooraine Fazal,Co-Founder Inventure Academy Curious to shape her passion into an educational institution that focuses on the overall development of the students rather than making them exam conscious
Dalmia Vidya Mandir Dr. Rosetta Williams,Chief Operating Officer Dalmia Vidya Mandir She has 28+ years' experience in development of education institutes, new ventures of academic progress, and is renowned for strategic approach
Synergy Institute for Accelerated Learning Seema Poddar,Founder Synergy Institute for Accelerated Learning An educationalist leading the way guiding the young minds to realize their true potential and fulfill their dreams opting for the best career with respect to higher education pursuit
Uno Lona Academy Shalu Juneja,Co-Founder Uno Lona Academy Uno Lona is positioned as a private academy for art and design education focussed towards career-building courses for the creative fields