Pandemic-Accelerated Digital Transformation & Increasing Adoption Of Automation Fuel India's Iot Market

Pandemic-Accelerated Digital Transformation & Increasing Adoption Of Automation Fuel India's Iot Market

Harsh Bharwani, CEO & MD, Jetking Infotrain, 0

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Due to the pandemic hit, many things transformed digitally which resulted in contactless exchange. Also, it has given rise to many innovative things along with challenges due to digital transformation. People are slowly accepting the changes and moving with the trends. The increase in smart device usage has given rise to IoT technology that connects with the network of interconnected objects. The latest trends in IoT have also given rise to new hopes in digital transformation and its success.

1. IoT Expands to Healthcare: The Healthcare sector is a highly sensitive and most important area that is highly active during and post COVID-19 pandemic. The sector is highly using the IoT technology services that are involved in making hands-free healthcare technologies. Further, the pandemic has given rise to remote health monitoring and telemedicine. Here, the Internet of Things connects with smart wearable health monitoring devices. These devices are widely used for home care. Also, the connectivity helps in tracking medical resources and getting remote consultations well. However, the pandemic became less intense, but the use of these trends will grow extremely. So that the healthcare systems get more accessible. This will help to closely monitor all the activities within the healthcare and a medical system like patient records, medication, and so on. Also, the technology used will ease the work so that no one will stay away from getting good services.

2.5G Connectivity for IoT Growth: 5G is one of the major IoT trends that is rapidly growing but in the testing stage. It will boost up the Internet of Things usage with more connected devices. A successful IoT solution requires highlevel connectivity with a low-latency rate. 5G connectivity can speed up the IoT access with high possibility. At present, many mobile and cellular companies are working on 5G technology to make it available for their areas. This will help them to support MoE for IoT development in different areas. 5G will deliver the most advanced wireless connectivity, performance, flexibility, and security. The impact of this technology is very high and the 5G link will increase its feasibility to connect with numerous devices. Definitely, the 5G trend in 2022 will overcome the existing issues and facilitate the expansion of IoT to many areas.

3.Security: With the growth of interconnected devices and objects exponentially along with the user base,
the fear of getting hacked or exploited also growing. Today, cyber security became the most important thing for every tech user to protect their devices. Some reports say that during the pandemic the number of cyber attacks increased well and most of them were against IoT devices. Further, most IoT devices connect with our personal networks which give the access to cyber threats. Therefore, its security concerns are highly growing. Today, many device manufacturers are focusing on developing more built-in security systems such as secret computing and authentication methods. This upgrade will help security vendors to provide IoT-based services to their clients. Hence, the associated risk will not completely vanish but it will flinch the impact.

Iot Or The Internet Of Things Is One Of The Trending Technologies And Growing Rapidly With The Network Of Connected Objects

4. IoT in Edge Computing: Edge computing is another innovative growth in the computing world that expands with the IoT growth. It is a form of computing that is done on the specific data source from where it is produced. Further, edge computing can see the huge growth that can improve the feasibility of self-driving cars. Also, it can reduce the challenges related to lower bandwidth, security issues, and cloud computing. Despite the many benefits of edge computing, it is still on the edge but the growth of IoT can change this. Moreover, the IoT’s growth in advanced security and power processing will enhance the scalability of edge computing.

5.IoT in Business Sector: The business world always looks forward to adopting the latest trends in the market to provide better customer service. This will also impact their products and services through customer support. Therefore, the increase in automation of logistics support and factory production with IoT and robotics will enhance the opportunities for many companies in 2022 and beyond. This will highly impact the smaller companies that struggle to grow. Moreover, the IoT automation model will highly boost the company’s business efficiency with fewer efforts.

They can get easily understandable data of their various operations and processes. This will give rise to many digital methodologies to adopt as per the requirement. Usage of wearable digital devices like headsets with virtual reality will increase for different purposes like imparting training, device maintenance, process management, and others. Moreover, the IoT enabled sensors fixed to the machinery will help to measure the performance and maintenance issues while failures. IoT tools may include the latest manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, and more. This will help to develop innovative and customized products.

Further, the Internet of Things also expands to supply chain and logistics support where its connectivity can produce more fruitful results. Thus, IoT’s growth will not be limited to the year 2022 but it will continue to enhance its support beyond this.