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A. Luke: A Pioneer In Solutions For Top-Notch Sustainable Development

A. Luke: A Pioneer In Solutions For Top-Notch Sustainable Development

Sustainable development has been in vogue among the general public as well as the world leaders for many decades now and the rise of various sustainable solutions companies has been crucial when it comes to combating the environmental issues and climate changes. Operating out of Kerala, Shamar Sustainable Solutions is one such pioneering sustainable solutions business that works with a vision to create a sustainable and harmonious world with clean energy, clean water and clean environment. Shamar strives to enable institutions and individuals to live sustainably and to decarbonize the economy.

To learn more about Shamar Sustainable Solutions and its excellence in the sustainable solutions industry, CEO Insights engage in a sincere conversation with A. Luke who is the Managing Director of Shamar Sustainable Solutions.

You have over 50 years of professional experience and how has been that journey so far?
I started out as an Electrical Engineer and right now I have more than five decades of industry experience and expertise. For the first nine years after my graduation, I worked in India and for almost two years I was working in the Badarpur thermal plant which is considered as the mother institution of the present NTPC. In 1978, I got my first international assignment with ARAMCO Saudi Arabia and that was the dawn of various such power projects in Saudi Arabia.

Over the course of my career, I have also worked in several other countries including Germany, Kuwait, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Nigeria and Ghana. I have been blessed enough to work in different sectors including oil and gas, power utilities, massive desalination plants, copper mines and smelters, and switch gear manufacturers. Working in all these countries and different industry verticals have helped me to expand my knowledge base and has helped me to experience first-hand the evolution of the global power plant infrastructure industry.

Currently, I am now the Managing
Director of Shamar Sustainable Solutions and I am also an active member in various associations like KREEPA, AEEE and SEEM. Being extremely passionate about sustainability and renewable energy has helped me to constantly update myself with the latest trends and industry practices. I acknowledge the importance of equipping the coming generation with the knowledge about sustainable solutions and I am now taking academic classes on the criticality of promoting Sustainable Solutions.

Our mission itself is to enlighten, inspire and motivate society to conserve by preserving resources and to practice carbon neutral and zero waste technique

Tell us more about Shamar Sustainable Solutions and its unique offerings?
Our mission itself is to enlighten, inspire and motivate society to conserve by preserving resources and to practice carbon neutral and zero waste technique. We are also ardently working to rectify the common misconception that a strong economy and a healthy environment cannot co-exist. Apart from being an accredited energy auditing firm, we also offer multiple solutions when it comes to working on Renewable energy projects, Water purifiers, Water recycling, Waste management, Solar power plants, Decarbonizing Automobile Engines and Sustainable Solutions as well as Technical failure analysis to name a few.

What motivated you to establish Shamar Sustainable Solutions?
From the very beginning of my career onwards, I have planned to return to where I was born and brought up. On my return to India, instead of sitting idle, I was motivated to start my own venture to promote sustainability solutions. With the accelerated consumption of fossil fuels, I was concerned about the long-term sustainability of the planet.
Right from the start, we tried to act in urgent manner to limit the further deterioration due to the climate change as well as the depletion of natural resources. As of now, I feel very much satisfied for doing something positive in the area of sustainability. This gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose and I consider this as an essential duty to perform at this age for coming generations. Hence, instead of settling for an ordinary retirement, I have taken up a self-challenging assignment to satisfy the ever-growing inquisitiveness within myself.

What are the future plans of Shamar Sustainable Solutions? Also, what will be your advice to the next generation?
We wish to be a leading ENERGY SERVICE COMPANY (ESCO) operator in this part of the world within the next 5 years. With our best installations and engineering, greenhouse gas emissions can be considerably reduced. By optimizing the operations, energy could be conserved. By using new technology, automation, remote monitoring and by adopting best practices, we could empower our clients for implementing sustainable solutions in all utility areas. We believe that our company and our endeavours would be an inspiration for the formation of numerous future Clean-Tech companies. As Nelson Mandela said, "It always seems impossible until it's done".

As far as my message to the younger generation is concerned, I will encourage young engineers to obtain practical filed knowledge in their respective disciplines before going into entrepreneurship. They should have a sense of value, worth and cost of everything that goes into the business and should be able to manage multiple facets of their business operations with ease.

A. Luke, Managing Director, Shamar Sustainable Solutions
A. Luke is an Electrical Engineer by profession. He strongly advocates the need for mitigating the impacts of Global Warming, Climate Change and Pandemics; protection and enhancement of the environment and decarbonization of the present economy.

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