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Dr. Pramod Kumar: A Renowned Scientist & Expert Driven By Passion For Profession

Dr. Pramod Kumar: A Renowned Scientist & Expert Driven By Passion For Profession

Dr. Pramod Kumar ,  Director of Research

Dr. Pramod Kumar

Director of Research

Phenomena such as the creation, detection, and manipulation of light waves fall under the umbrella of photonics. Public health has benefited greatly from the development of quick, cost-effective, and tailored therapies using photonics-based approaches. Optical photons travel quickly, and light waves may cross a variety of biological barriers without interfering with the intended results of these approaches. With over 20 years of research experience, Dr. Pramod Kumar is the Scientific Director of the QuantLase Imaging Laboratory, equipped with expertise in Laser Technology and Quantum photonics to examine the benefits and difficulties of bringing new Photonics technology to the public realm.

Dr.Pramod is the Principal Scientist of the Laser technology & Quantum Photonics division and the Director of Research at the QuantLase Imaging Laboratory in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Currently, he also serves as an ambassador for ideaXme in London, UK. Below is an excerpt of Dr.Pramod’s interaction with CEO Insights.

What inspired you to start your professional journey in the Research Services domain and what drives you today as an entrepreneur?
When it comes to medical and scientific research, I consider that embracing Laser technology and inventing DPI (Diffractive Phase Interferometry)technology, a unique advanced approach used to screen and identify COVID-19 infection by evaluating the small blood samples, is a worthwhile endeavor.It enables the health authorities to conduct rapid screenings on a big scale.

This revolutionary mass screening assessment shows findings in a matter of seconds to identify possible instances of infection. The diagnostic system combines our developed Algorithms coupled with artificial intelligence(AI) to forecast the result with precision, speed, and scale, which is particularly crucial in large-scale testing procedures, where a tremendous quantity of data must be processed with accuracy and efficiency.
As a result of DPI's ease of use, non invasiveness, and affordable price, it has been put in a variety of locations around the UAE. Therefore, the innovation has already had a significant influence on both the UAE's healthcare industry and the country's economic growth. As of now, the DPI equipment has been used to screen almost seven million individuals. It is my responsibility as the creator of DPI technology to continue pioneering and enhancing additional COVID-19 related research with the rest of the team to establish a viable industrial platform for the early identification of highly infectious infections in the UAE.

My research aims for the foreseeable future are to solve realworld issues, including precise assessments of basic science

Enumerate the technologies deployed in your services and what are your plans to innovate your offerings further? How are you adapting new tools/technologies to revolutionize your services?
My research aims for the foreseeable future are to solve real world issues, including precise assessments of basic science. When it comes to practical applications, understanding and controlling complicated optic phenomena that are driven by quantum features of light will be critical. New physical insights acquired via cross-disciplinary idea interchange are being applied to basic challenges in optics, engineering, and biology. I am interested in a variety of basic and practical elements of Ultrafast Laser physics and Quantum Photonics to help pave the way for chip-scale Photonic Integration and Medical Imaging technologies, therefore my research interests are interdisciplinary. Even yet, the idea of creating photonic structures inspired by nature using biomimetic technology intrigues me much.

In addition, I have invented Quantum Random number generating for the use in Quantum Key distribution using semiconductor lasers susceptible to optical perturbations and delay-Coupled lasers system.

Quantum blockchain will be used in the development of Laser systems for use in desired extraterrestrial locales, as well as cryptographic applications.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
There has been an increased interest in laser based technology over the years because of its superior efficiency, hardware, energy efficiency, and speed in tackling difficult computational problems by developing optical platforms that can address a given situation through the use of their inherent physical dynamics. For example, a world-class research and development facility for cuttingedge photonics devices such as multifunctional photonic structures, tunable optical probes for brain imaging, optical parametric oscillators, nonlinear dynamics of delay-coupled lasers, quantum nanostructure-based mode-locked semiconductor lasers for broadband optical frequency comb, highpower lasers, quantum computing, and ultra-high resolution imaging is currently being built in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Furthermore, biomimetic technology is used to fabricate photonic structures inspired by nature. With the use of Laser light, I'm endeavoring to resolve cognitively difficult challenges in the field of cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Shor's Quantum Algorithm for the prime factorization of massive digit number N for secure quantum communication has been successfully demonstrated optically.

What are your goals for the future and why do you strive to achieve them?
Demand for better healthcare and its usage in medical imaging are projected to drive Quantum photonics market growth throughout the forecast year. As people become more aware of the need for early illness diagnosis, the market will see an increase in the demand for highquality imaging equipment, which will help to drive the industry's expansion via the provision of realtime data. The development of photonic sensors, as well as other types of sensors, has been spurred on by the shrinking size of devices, which is expected to boost the worldwide photonics market throughout the projected period. The best minds in science gather at Quantlase Laboratory to create the most cutting-edge and disruptive photonic technology to assist the society with some of the largest difficulties we face today.

Dr. Pramod Kumar, Director of Research, QuantLase Imaging Laboratory
Dr. Pramod is the inventor of the Laser-based DPI technology (Diffractive Phase Interferometry), a unique advanced approach for screening and detecting COVID-19 infection in blood samples. This revolutionary and innovative mass screening test provides findings in only a fewseconds to identify possible illnesses.

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