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Mitesh Maharaj: Directing Business Towards Greater Goals & Success

Mitesh Maharaj: Directing Business Towards Greater Goals & Success

Mitesh Maharaj,  Head - Marketing & Branding

Mitesh Maharaj

Head - Marketing & Branding

A self-motivated and extremely motivated marketing leader, Mitesh Maharaj, is the, Head of Marketing, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory. He is in charge of overseeing customer acquisition, retention and performance marketing and designing & branding. He is also involved in defining strategy for the business and implementing CRM & ORM initiatives and developing marketing IPs for laboratory business and B lal Institute of Biotechnology.

Mitesh has over 18 years of vast experience in successfully leading and providing marketing strategies to reputed brands across FMCG, Retail, BFSI, Healthcare, Oil & Natural Gas, and Telecom industries. Mitesh began his professional journey with an entrepreneurial stint by establishing a creative boutique in the advertising industry which he successfully led for a year and then joined the advertising industry. In the past, he has worked with corporate such as Mudra Communications, Brand Factory, JWT, McCann, Lowe Lintas, Reliance Industries, and Things2Do.

In all his assignments, he has been exceptional in handling marketing strategy, brand development, and operations. Mitesh is a dynamic business leader, a consumer behaviour enthusiast, a social marketer, and an avid learner who enjoys spending time with young aspirants on the ground and learning emerging trends from them. He has been instrumental in devoloping IP's like Big Bazaar Sabse Saste din, Mahabacchat Days, Wednesday Bazaar, Brand factory unbranded to branded, free shopping weekend and several other successful promos. He is an approachable leader with great skills that inspire all. Let’s hear it from him.

How would you define Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory as an organization? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers?
We are a 31+ year old leading diagnostic Brand in the healthcare sector accross Rajasthan and
Ahmedabad with 100+ Collection centres and 500+ trained professionals. With a quick turnaround time, we conduct close to 50 Lakhs+ tests yearly and have 7 lakhs+ satisfied customers. We are present in 20+ cities and have 11+ Regional Labs with our Central Laboratory being accredited by NABL. And we understand the intensity of this sector and hence, have invested in advanced technology for sample testing and trained and efficient Lab Technicians, Pathologists, and processes that are customer friendly for conducting tests in our central laboratory.

I try to learn from every person around me, especially from the people working on the ground level they are the ones with real & practical insights

We conduct screening and our analysis is done in the most efficient procedure to help clients detect anomalies in a faster turnaround time. During Covid, we were the first Diagnostic brand to get approval from ICMR to conduct the RT-PCR Covid tests and that is how customers started recognizing our Brand more as we were conducting close to 5000 tests a day a feat that no other diagnostic brand could match up to in Rajasthan. Over the years, people have accepted and have shown trust and recommended our brand because we have believed in and strived for providing quality services that are not just customer-centric, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory is also a doctor recommended brand as well.

What are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to optimize operations and engage new audiences in the market?
We are moving from a traditional approach to a digital approach wherein we are introducing multiple digital tools and interventions that will help customers’ to take faster decision. We have launched the Dr. B. Lal Clinical Lab mobile application wherein customers can digitally book their appointment for a home collection of
their samples.

We are putting consistent efforts to maximize our door-to-door facility thereby making diagnostic services seamless. This has led to an increase in Application downloads and thus giving us a new set of customers. Apart from this, we are focusing on Home Collection services, awareness of Preventive Health Packages, and other value-added services like ECG at home
and Kids care. These additional services have ensured Customers get a real time solution through innovative product and better quality service at our centers. All in all, we are providing customers with Physical as well as Digital services that help in quick decision and quicker services.

What has been your success mantra?
My mantra has been to constantly learn and never settle for less. I try to learn from every person around me, especially from the people working on the ground level they are the ones with real & practical insights that help me to solve real time problems in the business. I have immense regard for Piyush Pandey, the Executive Chairman India of Ogilvy, who says, ‘wherever you travel, whatever you do, keep your eyes, ears open. He asks us to keep observing and I too have been observant and learn from everything around me this has been my mantra to success.

What would be your advice for upcoming leaders in the industry?
I would advise every one to never carry the tag of a leader because. When you do so, somewhere the whole purpose gets dissolved. Be a people's person. When you are at the top of the pyramid you need to be approachable even to the bottom most level follow the bottom-to-top approach rather than the top-to-bottom approach. Be more connected to people and communities this way as a leader you will be able to take better and more informed decisions. Since you are creating a community for your brand, it is your responsibility to keep it together consider yourself as the head of a family and make sure you take everyone together while you move toward success.

Mitesh Maharaj, Head of Marketing and Branding, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory and Dr. B.Lal Insititute of Biotechnology
A qualified media graduate from SIES college followed by a diploma in advertising, marketing & PR Communication from XIC, Mitesh also has a PGPMS in Business Administration & Management from Welingkar and is a Post Graduate degree in Digital Marketing from MICA. He has more than 18 years of experience and has
worked in several leading organizations. Mitesh is currently implementing Customer and Business centric marketing strategies to take Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory to the national level.

Hobbies:Listening to Music, Reading, Traveling, Trekking
Favorite Book:"It Happened in India" by Mr. Kishore Biyani
Favorite Travel Destination:Auli, Pahalhgam, Chikmangalur, Jaisalmer, Sri Lanka

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