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Priti Khalkho : Strategic Foresight In Agriculture By Elevating Agri-Biologicals

Priti Khalkho : Strategic Foresight In Agriculture By Elevating Agri-Biologicals

 Priti Khalkho,  CEO

Priti Khalkho


Biological substances have the potential to positively impact the natural physiological processes of plants, resulting in heightened root growth and architecture, improved overall plant development, more effective nutrient absorption, utilization and priming against biotic and abiotic stresses. Capsber Agriscience provides cuttingedge crop protection and nutrition solutions, exhibiting effective disease control, elevating nutrient and water use efficiency to ensure bountiful and thriving yields. Since the inception of Capsber, Priti Khalkho, the CEO, has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization to align with its company vision. Her leadership has been instrumental in reintroducing nature into agriculture, contributing to the company's growth and success.

During a candid interview with our team, Priti provided exclusive insights into the latest industry developments and the internal workings of the organization, offering valuable perspectives to enhance our understanding of the domain.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional history and experiences? Additionally, what drives your daily routines and keeps you motivated?

I embarked on my professional journey as a technologist, earning a B.Tech in biotechnology from Sam Higgin bottom University of Agriculture, Technology, and Sciences in Uttar Pradesh. Motivated by the burgeoning field and my passion for life sciences, I then pursued an M.Tech at Karunya University in Coimbatore and a PhD at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. My trajectory shifted when I engaged in research in the ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research in Bangalore, leading to my involvement with Dr. MS Rao in the Entomology Department.

In the scientific constellation at ICAR-IIHR I gained hands-on experience in the entire technology lifecycle, from conception to user deployment, fostering a holistic understanding. Over nearly a decade, I focused on biologicals develop-ment, commercialization, and extension initiatives, securing government funding and interacting extensively with stake-holders in Southern and NER India. My unwavering drive for excellence stems from a deep desire to reach
the pinnacle in all I do, believing that challenges are surmountable, and success is limitless.

How do you characterize Capsber Agri-science as a company, and what is its current standing in the market?

Capsber is strategically positioned for significant expansion in new markets. This expansion is facilitated through a partner-ship with AquAgri and IFFCO, prominent players in the Indian fertilizer industry, providing Capsber with extensive reach and access to target markets. Capsber is fundamentally a sustainable agricultural input company, involved in the innovation, manufacturing, and marketing of microbial derivative formulations. The company focuses on promoting sustainable agricultural practices, beginning with integrated methods where conventional chemical practices are predominant among farmers. This encapsulates the essence of Capsber’s current status and objectives in the market.

I believe in infusing passion into our work, as mechanical efforts won’t achieve the desired results

Provide a concise overview of your primary product offerings and outline the added value that customers can anticipate from these offerings.

Our premium biologicals designed for crop protection and nutrition play a pivotal role in optimizing agricultural practices. The diverse portfolio we offer effectively allocates resources, resulting in a cascading positive impact. By priming the crop against diseases and meeting the nutritional needs of crops comprehen-sively, there is a notable reduction in the necessity for chemical fertilizers and pesticides; implying reduction in cost of cultivation, environmental benefits, and improved livelihood for growers.

This not only directly contributes to improved yields but also enhances the quality of the produce. Testimonials from farmers highlight instances where our products have enabled them to command top prices for the quality of their harvest. Moreover, our eco-friendly formulations ensure safe produce, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

Share with us your leadership style. What principles or strategies do you adhere to as a leader?

My leadership approach is rooted in leading by example. 'Association & Experience' is my business and management school, building the company from the ground up. As part of the founding team, I navigated various challenges, engaging in multitasking and
acquiring hands-on knowledge in research, product development, market placement, and strategic planning. I empathize with the team as I have matured in their shoes.

I emphasize understanding and encourage-ment, recognizing the potential in individuals to excel. Identifying opportunities in adversity has been a constant theme, from the challenges of starting the company to navigating regulatory complexities and overcoming farmer resistance to biologicals. Clarity in goals and communication is paramount; I convey what I want and why, fostering a culture of innovation where the team explores alternative, more efficient approaches.

Exemplifying leadership and dedication to excellence, few national and international initiatives I have secured recognition include – National Startup Awards – 2022 in 2 categories (1) Agriculture Producti-vity & (2) Rural Impact by Startup India; Startup of the year from Karnataka State Department of IT&BT – 2022 Govt. of Karnataka; Indo German Innovators connect Tandem 2.0 – Winner 2023; International Fertilization Asso-ciation startup showcase 2022 finalist; Top 5 agritech startups – 2020 ICAR & Embassy of Brazil; Product Launch – Women in Biotech - Global Bio India, 2023.

Where do you envision your future trajectory?

Over the next five years, I envision significant growth for the company, aiming not just for recognition within India but establishing trust globally, in the domain of agri-biologicals. Our goal is to effectively cater to growers worldwide, offering sustainable solutions for disease control and optimal crop mana-gement.

Already making strides towards nearly 10 UN Sustainable Deve-lopment Goals (SDGs), our future aspirations include further enhancements for the benefit of our customers. The broader objective is to align with global sustainability initiatives, addressing climate change, carbon sequestering and making a positive impact on farmer groups, from marginal to commercial growers. This vision encap-sulates the company’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in agriculture on a global scale.

Priti Khalkho, CEO, Capsber Agri-science

Priti Khalkho possesses extensive expertise spanning multiple years in the realms of biological control of phytopathogens, product dev-elopment, and project execution. With a robust background in these areas, she has demonstrated proficiency, success and exemplified contribution in inno-vations and product development for climate smart sustainable agriculture and agri-biologicals.

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