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S Aryendra Kumar: Striving To Make Your Dream Home A Reality

S Aryendra Kumar: Striving To Make Your Dream Home A Reality

S Aryendra Kumar,   CEO

S Aryendra Kumar


Three decades ago, at the age of 26, Aryendra Kumar embarked on a journey that would forever change the lives of countless individuals striving to make their dream of owning a home a reality. Through his civil engineering and MBA studies, Aryendra uncovered a staggering demand for housing among those unable to fulfill their lifelong aspirations. Driven by a burning desire to bridge the gap between dreams and reality, he harnessed his technical skills and management expertise to enter the housing finance industry. Witnessing the struggles faced by individuals who couldn't secure loans, especially those lacking traditional income documentation, ignited a fire within Aryendra to become their enabler, their advocate.

He worked with esteemed institutions like SBI Home Finance, Citibank, and Tata Capital Housing Finance. However, he recognized that most organizations primarily served the higher-income segment, leaving behind the smaller, informal segments yearning to build their homes. Seeking change and a chance to make a profound difference, Aryendra made a bold transition to Ujjivan Small Finance Bank that shared a common vision: to establish a housing finance company that would cater to the underserved, those neglected by conventional institutions and individuals seeking to rebuild ancestral properties. This audacious proposition excited Aryendra, as he realized he could deploy his civil engineering prowess and two decades of knowledge to empower those in need. Joining Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, he set out on a mission to provide Homeloans to the microfinance segment, enabling the construction of toilets, home upgrades, and construction/acquisition of small dwelling units.

This endeavor, driven by a profound motivation to uplift lives, continues to ignite Aryendra's passion and purpose even at IKF Home Finance today. The impact of Aryendra’s efforts resonates deeply as he witnesses the transformation in people's lives. CEO Insights is thrilled to interview him.

Could you elaborate on your
leadership approach and the guidelines you follow to lead your team?
I firmly believe in leading by example and consider my employees, colleagues, and the extended team as part of a larger family. To illustrate this, let me share an example. In a 24-hour day, we spend around 10 hours that may not be actively productive. However, during the 14 active hours, we spend about 10 hours with our colleagues.This realization has influenced my leadership approach.

We strive to foster sustainable growth, drive positive change, & contribute to the development of evolving urban centers

I go beyond day-to-day work and actively engage with my team members to understand their personal challenges. I support their financial habits, emphasize the importance of saving, and encourage personal development, including continuous learning and spiritual growth. As a leader, I believe it is my responsibility to nurture the well-being of the people I work with. Creating a culture where individuals are happy in the office translates into happiness in their personal lives.

How do you cultivate a learning culture within your team?
Creating a learning culture within my team is a top priority for me. To achieve this, we have implemented a mentorship concept that operates at various levels within the organization. At each stage and skill level, we designate a champion who takes charge of guiding and supporting team members. This fosters a collaborative and supportive learning environment where individuals can seek guidance whenever they encounter challenges or obstacles.

Furthermore, we place great importance on staying abreast of industry developments. We conduct regular training programs to ensure that our team members are updated on the latest advancements and trends within the industry. These training sessions occur on a monthly basis and serve as an opportunity for us to share new developments, industry insights, and market trends. Additionally, we publish a newsletter that not only covers recent industry trends but also highlights notable achievements and success stories within our team and company.

By consistently providing learning opportunities, both internally through mentorship and externally through training programs and
industry updates, we empower our team members to continuously expand their knowledge and skill sets.

What is the future you envision for the next five years of IKF?
We have ambitious plans to propel our company to new heights and expand our presence in various geographies. Our focus is on deepening our penetration into smaller towns, where we believe a significant untapped market exists. Our objective is to serve the under served. With urbanization on the rise and smaller towns rapidly evolving into urban centers, we see immense potential in these areas.

Our mission is encapsulated in the phrase, 'Your Dream, Our Mission.' We are committed to reaching out to these smaller cities, connecting with their residents, and helping them fulfill their housing aspirations. Whether it's building new homes or renovating existing ones, our aim is to provide the necessary support and financial solutions.

By venturing into these smaller towns, we are expanding our customer base and working towards making a meaningful impact on peoples lives.

What advice would you like to offer to emerging leaders?
Observing the new generation of professionals, I have noticed a tendency to focus on the big picture and overlook the importance of delving into the finer details. While the big picture may be enticing, embracing the micro-level aspects and showing sensitivity in every task is crucial. Shift your focus from merely pursuing career advancement to honing expertise in your field. Becoming an authority and gaining industry recognition naturally leads to career growth.

Empathy is key to career success. Understand and support customers and employees, especially in difficult times. Showing empathy fosters strong relationships, trust, and loyalty. Remember, learning is continuous there's always room to grow.

S Aryendra Kumar, CEO, IKF Home Finance
Amassed thirty years of valuable multinational work experience in the Retail Asset Finance sector, collaborating with renowned banks, housing finance institutions, microfinance institutions, NBFCs, and reputed IT service providers

•Hobbies: Traveling & Music
•Favorite Cuisine: Street Foods of India
•Favorite Book: Bhagavad Gita
•Favorite Travel Destination: Nainital in India & Zurich in Switzerland

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