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Soumen Dutta: Shaping The Future Of Knowledge-Empowered Leadership

Soumen Dutta: Shaping The Future Of Knowledge-Empowered Leadership

  Soumen Dutta,   Head - Learning & Development

Soumen Dutta

Head - Learning & Development

Charles Flynn Allen once aptly mentioned, "The world we look at today is not the same world we will see tomorrow". Lateral homogeneity of skill upgradation is one of the most crucial aspects of a competitive corporate environment. And a good top-down influence can give the necessary impetus to propel a company's skill training pipeline toward success. This influence comes in the form of competent learning leaders who truly understand what needs to be taught, how, and to whom. The past years have shown the need for digitization and efficient remote working capabilities. However, incorporating these into the breadth of a company's workforce is an uphill task, one which can only be done with the help of dynamic leadership, and coordinated teams.

Soumen Dutta is one such leadership figure, who believes in learner-driven training and development. He holds comprehensive L&D expertise acquired through decades of experience in several MNCs. He has professionally contributed to pharmaceutical firmslike Alembic and Pfizer Ltd. Presently, Soumen is serving as the head of the Learning & Development department of Celon Labs.

Soumen Dutta engages in an interactive session with CEO Insights, let's hear from him.

Give a brief account of your professional background and experience.
With a sales career that began at Alembic Limited in 1984, followed by a move to Pfizer in 1987, I have been in the industry for about four decades. Throughout my 38-year career, I have held various positions in both sales and training teams, traveled extensively for work in India and abroad, and made a concerted effort to develop the necessary
abilities to positively impact my work environment and effectively communicate with my audience. Celon Labs is the third organization that I am proud to serve and influence with all I have.

We have established our core values and leadership behaviors as a foundation and are working towards making Celon a leading biopharma ceutical organization that rioritizes ongoing learning and development for all employees

You possess about four decades of experience. How has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?
Learning never comes easy, and I have certainly had my fair share of ups and downs. But looking back, I can say that a good support system, as well as my perseverance and self-belief, have brought me where I am. And will hopefully help me go further.

How would you define Celon Labs as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?
Celon Labs has celebrated 15 years of success in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market, with our Oncology and Critical Care products being well-regarded and trusted by patients and healthcare professionals. In 2021, we reached new heights as we became a subsidiary of KELIXbio a global organization. Today, Celon Labs is a valued member of the KELIXbio family, with export operations spanning many countries and continued growth on the horizon. With several promising product launches, we are proud to be part of an exciting and hopeful future for Celon Labs as well as those in need of critical care and oncology treatments.

Elaborate about the learning & development framework built within the company and which are the latest technology trends used in order to achieve the L&D goals?
Continuous learning and development are crucial and ongoing process that requires dedication and commitment. As an organization, fostering a culture of adult learning can be both intriguing and challenging. It is important to understand and cater to the diverse learning needs expectations, and progress of all employees in order to create an effective learning environment.

At Celon, we take employee training and development seriously. We assess the T&D needs of our employees and provide opportunities for skill building and behavior shaping through interactive sessions. We also follow up with action plans to ensure the sustainability of their development. To support this effort, we have established our systematic processes and frameworks.

As the head of Learning and Development, how do you drive organizational change through people, and prioritize employee skills development?
Driving positive change is where my interest lies and I believe that Learning & Development is a critical aspect of organizational development. It all starts with people and processes, where building connections, promoting well being and fostering development are crucial.

At Celon, we are committed to creating a culture that prioritizes learning. We have established our core values and leadership behaviors as a foundation and are working towards making Celon a leading biopharma ceutical organization that prioritizes ongoing learning and development for all employees.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
When it comes to aspirations, my goal is to embark on a journey that allows me to enrich the lives of others and cultivate my own spiritual growth.

Soumen Dutta, Head-Learning & Development, Celon Labs
A Ken Blanchard certified leadership coach and a skilled counselor Soumens career spans four decades in companies like Alembic and Pfizer. He is passionate about contributing to the incoming and mature workforce skill development and instilling a comfortable learner driven environment that inspires a new generation of leadership.

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