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Sudhesh Shukla: Integrating Technologies To Deliver Customized Solutions That Help Businesses Thrive

Sudhesh Shukla: Integrating Technologies To Deliver Customized Solutions That Help Businesses Thrive

Sudhesh Shukla,   CEO

Sudhesh Shukla


The information technology (IT) industry encompasses a wide range of businesses that develop, create and provide services around software hardware, and semiconductors. The sector has flourished due to the pioneering advancement in Infrastructure Services. According to recent data, the demand for IT services has increased as more businesses realize the importance of aligning their strategic planning with operational services. Today's businesses rely on IT companies to provide services. As a result of these, the administrative costs of project management are reduced. The industry's prospects will improve as digital transformation and modernization leap into the future.

Believing that IT would always revolutionize the business processes and would be pivotal in solving challenges that businesses face, Sudhesh Shukla has joined as CEO in 2021. He is a driven strategist and entrepreneur with a track record of establishing and growing technology companies from the ground up. With over 20 years of experience with sustained double digit growth, he has contributed to business profitability and customer loyalty through exceptional customer relationship management and operational excellence.

Here’s the highlight from our interaction with Sudhesh.

Tell us about your professional background and experiences. What inspired you to take up a profession in the IT industry?
The IT industry was a dark horse when I started my career. People always regarded IT as a cost center, never appreciating its importance to the company. IT has always been a key enabler of improving business practices and a critical component of overcoming business difficulties.
This twin challenge of problem-solving and realizing the business value of information technology compelled me to enter this sector.

The never-ending supply of new things to learn and new knowledge vistas to explore has been the one thing that has kept my passion for the profession alive

The never ending supply of new things to learn and new knowledge vistas to explore has been the one thing that has kept my passion for the profession alive. I can state that in my 20+ years in this profession, I have accomplished what I set out to do in the Enterprise, Service Provider, and BFSI verticals.

How would you define LRS Services as an organization and its position in the market?
LRS began as a service-based firm in 2014, specializing in IT Hardware services. We also supplied data center and network management field engineers and resident engineers. We have worked hard over the previous year to develop competencies and have restructured our focus to advance up the value chain. We are currently a company with a revenue of more than 100 crores, serving clients all over India on technologies such as ACI, SDWAN, Cloud Migrations, HCI, Cloud Backups, and Cloud Security. With clients, we've conducted an assessment and consulting workshops to help them fulfill their business goals, technological roadmaps, and business case studies related to IT adoption.

We're also extremely fortunate and proud to partner with the Indian Government’s Digital India mission for their digitalization efforts in healthcare and transportation sector.

Could you tell us about the unique services provided by LRS Services that make it stand out from the rest in the market?
Every organization operates differently, and LRS is no exception. It focuses on the client and strives to improve how they interact with clients. It's the culture I'd like to see etched in the DNA of every working culture. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast," as Peter Drucker once
put it. Internally, as well as in how they manage their clients, this culture is mirrored. I am glad to state that we have a spirit of celebrating small victories, learning from big losses without blaming others, and a strong foundation based on the LRS fundamental principles. We are professional, proficient in our solutions, proactive in responding to requirements, and passionate about the work we perform for our clients. Customer testimonies bear witness to the company's culture. To summarise, the unique services are nothing out of the ordinary compared to what is available in the market, but our attitude sets us apart! LRS is essentially an ecosystem of skilled individuals whom the client can rely on, fueled by a strong employee culture.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
The success mantra for LRS is simple. We consider that our clients should be at the center of all we do. We don't believe in selling individual pieces of hardware and software instead, we focus on creating customized solutions for our clients. In such situations, hardware becomes incidental.

As the CEO, how do you plan to apply your exceptional understanding of this domain to LRS Services and take it to the next level?
With almost two decades in the field, I've learned that if you work hard and put in your best effort, you won't have to worry about the outcome. Your company will expand on its own, and you will be rewarded for it.

Advice for Upcoming Business Leaders
Passion and purpose, not compliance, should drive the organisation and its people. Always keep people in mind when making decisions, rather than just the company, because it is the people who keep the firm alive.

•Be truthful and honest in your actions, even during difficult times.
•Accept challenges and difficult situations with open arms.
•Rather than avoiding the problem, work on it and decide to fix it. Procrastination is rarely beneficial.
•Finally, leadership and business are as much about you as they are about your people.

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