Suram: On A Mission To Solve The Performance & Productivity Challenges Of Corporates, Career Seekers & Coaches | CEOInsights Vendor
Suram: On A Mission To Solve The Performance & Productivity Challenges Of Corporates, Career Seekers & Coaches

Suram: On A Mission To Solve The Performance & Productivity Challenges Of Corporates, Career Seekers & Coaches

Suram,  CEO



Today, organizations across the globe face an EPIC problem: They struggle to maintain healthy levels of Engagement, Productivity, Innovation, and Culture. COVID has accelerated digital transformation and pushed workers to adopt new work methods. Such changes have also widened skill gaps. Over nine crore youngsters in India are expected to enter the job market during this decade. Organizations must equip these new workers with adequate skills and prepare the environment to work with the new pillars of productivity, digital data, and diversity.

Organizations of the future need to align with the new ways of hybrid working, foster high performance culture and engagement, adopt a new mindset of creativity and innovation, and implement new tools for productivity enhancement.

To achieve all the above objectives, organizations need to invest in powerful productivity management platforms that offer solutions for upskilling, reskilling, knowledge management collaboration, project management execution and innovation.

Similarly, career seekers and working professionals need to make reasonable time and money investments in upskilling and reskilling.

With an extensive experience of over 24 years in technology and IT, Suram, Founder of Skill Culture, has come forward to address the undesirable productivity and performance gaps that corporates, career seekers and coaches face today.

Suram is currently spear heading Skill Cuture, an organization headquartered in Hyderabad, all working together to provide a high quality upskilling ecosystem for corporates, mentors career seekers and freelancers.

To know more about Suram's illustrious professional journey, kindly peruse the snippet of the exclusive conversation.

Throw some light on your professional back ground and experiences. What drives you today?
I started my career in 1996 as a
programmer and gradually climbed up as a CTO around 2006. In 2008, I got an opportunity to head one of the ITES services verticals within the organization. Later in 2011, I was chosen to start and lead a company and served as Executive Director for 10 years. During my 28 years of corporate career, I consistently observed two impending issues I strive to solve through Skill Culture.

Firstly, skill gaps are everywhere at every level.Secondly, global organizations face EPIC challenges (Engagement, Productivity, Innovation, and Culture). I wanted to address these gaps and create at least 1,00,000 talented professionals in ten years through Skill Culture.

I believe that the skill gap is the new pandemic in today's time and organizations across the globe are suffering due to a lack of Engagement, Productivity, Innovation, and Culture

You possess more than two decades of experience. How has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?
My secret to success is pretty simple Always be customer-centric, have a clear vision and practical goals, and be driven with grit.

I constantly strive to improve resilience and pliability. With these simple qualities and habits, one can tactically withstand any number of SCARs (Setbacks, Calamities, Adversities, and Resistance to change) till one reaches goals.

How would you define Skillculture as an organization? What makes the company unique from the other competitors?
Skill Culture is a multi sided marketplace and digital ecosystem for corporates, coaches, and career seekers. Skillculture boasts of multiple services across the board. We strive to achieve employ ability and leadership skills for career seekers while we provide productivity and profitability improvement solutions for corporates. Moreover, we also collaborate with mentors through our market place, which allows them to offer their courses, coaching solutions and counseling services.

We focus on corporate upskilling and try to address both demand and supply side issues. At present, the focus of the industry is more on K12 and Competitive exams. Very few companies offer solutions in the upskilling sector.

Could you tell us about the factors you consider while suggesting your
products to various sectors?
Skill Culture is focused on improving the performance of individuals and corporations. We achieve this by reducing skill gaps and by improving productivity. I believe that the skill gap is the new pandemic in today's time and organizations across the globe are suffering due to a lack of Engagement Productivity, Innovation and Culture. Since the problem is omnipresent, the solution is also very agnostic to industry. Our solution will work best for organizations that manage multiple products and services with teams spread across various cities and towns of the country.

Tell us about your leadership approach and the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team.
I always focus on building the character strengths of our team members. A strong character is a foundation stone for something significant and long lasting. Similarly, I spend a lot of time building a winning culture in the organization.

If the team has high standards and a shared vision, driving a robust culture with values percolating across employees, clients and partners becomes an easy feat.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
I advise budding entrepreneurs to never start a venture just because they are unhappy with their corporate life and seek certain money or lifestyle benefits. One's entrepreneurial success directly depends on the problem one is passionately willing to solve.

In today's time and age, only phygital strategies work in this crowded market. That means you need to invest substantial time and money in technology and satellite offices. Position your offering with clear outcomes and gun for early product market fit and validation.

Suram,CEO, SkillCulture
Suram is driven by the desire to create something unique and is on a mission to accelerate the competency of trainers, professionals, and corporations. A certified SCRUM Master, Suram has over 30 years of experience in IT, Digital, and deep modernization across BFSI domains. Suram has set up various business lines, enterprise IT applications, and digital platforms during this tenure.

Hobbies: Chess, Music, Creating Videos with FinalCut, Creating websites with Word Press
Favorite Cuisine: South Indian
Favorite Book: Bhagavad-Gita and Five dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
Favorite Travel Destination: River-facing resorts in Konaseema, AP

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