TBS Digital Marketing Institute: Synchronizing Real-time with the Dynamic Digital Marketing Technology Landscape

TBS Digital Marketing Institute: Synchronizing Real-time with the Dynamic Digital Marketing Technology Landscape

Driven by the dynamic technology landscape, the drastic change in customer behavior has been an ever-evolving challenge faced by every digital marketer the world over. As per a new survey from ClickZ, more than half (50.7 percent) of marketers believe the same. This makes learning the trade of digital marketing even harder. Nothing less than a real-time synchronized curriculum stands a chance. Such an unparalleled synchronization is what differentiates TBS Digital Marketing Institute from the flood of digital marketing (DM) training institutes. While being a professional DM training institute on one side, TBS on the flip side is a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency working and delivering results on Digital Platforms for the biggest brands in India. The real-time synchronization through hands-on experience helps TBS stay abreast of the ever evolving Digital Marketing Industry. The result? It adapts swiftly and provides up-to-date training to its trainees and corporate clients.

One of the pioneers of DM training who started their journey in 2011, TBS today is one of the best and futuristic organizations that are there in the business. To explore more of this interesting anecdote, CEO Insights interacts with Hitesh Khandor, Co-Founder, TBS Digital Marketing Institute.

How do you tackle the rest of the challenges like content curation and having an engaging pedagogy to maximize the penetration?

Our syllabus is thoroughly curated by industry experts who are experienced professionals in the respective field. It also helps customizing the course content based on the corporate requirements for effective digital marketing training. Furthermore, we have also recently formed a Syllabus Advisory Council, which includes industry veterans to ensure having contemporary & up-to-date courses.

Our motto is to keep it simple and yet effective. We believe that a practical approach to learning is the most efficient & effective way of learning. Hence, we always try and deliver interactive workshops, as we believe that attendee’s interactive participation always delivers the best outcome. Using the most advanced infrastructure and techniques, we deliver workshops with major focus on hands-on exercises and assignments.
Hitesh Khandor,Co-Founder

Hitesh Khandor


We believe that a practical approach to learning is the most efficient & effective way of learning

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the current corporate digital marketing training industry, and how are you molding your institute to embrace the new business challenges?

With the increased competition in digital space, it’s a matter of survival for every corporate to have a well-equipped and groomed digital marketing team. It is this necessity that facilitates the increased demand of digital marketing training. With the upcoming millennial generation that spends most of its time on digital platforms, by the end of 2025, the digital medium is going to be a bigger ocean of consumers who are digitally hyper-active. To contain their behavioral patterns with respect to each & every corporate, we offer highly customized training programs. Basic and Advanced Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Business Analytics are just a few of the many proactive training workshops that we offer. We indeed provide our clients with content pre-read before kick-starting the workshop.

Acquainting students with the dynamics and real-time changes is still a challenge. What’s the kind of contribution that we are looking at from the faculty?

All our trainers are hand-picked. They are highly experienced and subject matter experts. Having such a great backup of first-hand
information and their helpful hands-on & practical knowledge about the specific aspect of digital marketing make them the best trainers in the field. Also, our experience as Digital Marketing Agency helps us in evaluating our trainers better while getting them on-board.

What is the future roadmap set for your institution? What is the kind of innovation that’s going to help TBS reach its future goals?

This year, we have already started a center in Thailand and we have plans to start our operations in major cities of five more countries, including Dubai. We have just formed a Syllabus Advisory Council of working professionals with significant expertise in the industry to curate course content, latest tools and technologies. At TBS, our goal still remains the same: providing premier quality Digital Marketing Training wherever we go.

Digital Marketing is one of the most evolving industries, and it surely requires innovation and upgrades. We are coming-up with a couple of revolutionary things which will set us further apart from others. We are going to make an announcement on our eighth anniversary.

Key Management:

Hitesh Khandor, Co-Founder

Hitesh is an accomplished results-driven visionary leader and a leading advocate for the centrality of education and digital literacy in raising economic and social standards globally. He is a digital marketing fanatic and breathes The Brand Saloon.

In a field like education that faces constant disruption he is an advocate for student centric outcomes and is a passionate believer in digital technologies as democratizing and enabling tools for whatever ails a society.

Office: Mumbai (head office) Dadar, Malad & Vashi (branches), and Thailand

Courses Offered:

  • Basic & Advance of Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Programmatic Media Buying

  • Trending Stories