• Sudarshan Mogasale,   CEO

    Sudarshan Mogasale, CEO

  • Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company, combines all its R&D Laboratories in India under 3DPLM Software Solutions Ltd.(3DPLM). It provides businesses and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations.

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Top 10 Companies with Flexible Work Schedule - 2019

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  • Top 10 Companies with Flexible Work Schedule - 2019

    It was during the early 19th century, Robert Owen, a social reformer and textile mill owner came-up with the concept of eight-hour workday, i.e. ‘eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, and eight hours rest’. This concept later on plunged into the mainstream, wherein five-day, 40-hour workweek became a mandate across various industries and factories. But now, in 2019, this 40-hour mandate seems impossible to be followed by employees as the end outcome is sheer loss in their productivity and increased stress levels. On the contrary, flexible work is the new trend that is rapidly evolving. In fact, this trend is shattering the 9-5 mundane, five-day work model by letting employees to accomplish their preset targets with extreme freedom. This way, their commuting hours and stress levels are being reduced to a great extent, enabling them to enjoy a perfect work-life balance. Ever heard of the concept of four-day workweek? Well, it is quite popular now. According to the Guardian, Microsoft Japan gave its employees every Friday in August off and witnessed happier workers as well as a 40 percent gain in productivity. This four-day workweek was also instituted by organizations & schools in Europe and Oceania and relished positive outcomes, while few companies in US incorporated half day Fridays during summer. It is pretty clear that overwork is one of the trending problems, which is creating a negative impact on the employees, their productivity and also on the organization’s growth, besides stressing on the need for flexible work schedules. Majority of the companies have already nailed this aspect across their culture, while others are still grappling with the challenges involved. Work flexibility is available in a lot of options like part-time, compressed hours, flextime, telecommuting, job-sharing, remote working, freelancing, contracting and many others. Well, allotting the right work flexibility option to the right person in accordance with his/her job responsibilities and personal requirements, is the foremost challenge that these companies are posed with. Exploring the companies with best flexible work schedules in India, CEO Insights has compiled a detailed listing: ‘Top 10 Companies with Flexible Work Schedule - 2019’ that encompasses the exemplary aspects in the work schedules and cultures of these companies. A distinguished panel encompassing industry experts, VCs, CEOs and other mavens along with CEO Insights Editorial Board has come-up with the names of front-runners in this segment. The listing not only showcases the grandeur of the shortlisted companies, but also the various trends and advancements transpiring across diverse workspaces of the world.

Top 10 Companies with Flexible Work Schedule - 2019

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Bharti Airtel Gopal Vittal,CEO Bharti Airtel From flexible work timings and flexibility to work from home, to working from a far-off location and even part time for specified periods of time, Bharti Airtel does everything to get maximum productivity from its employees
Intuit Sasan Goodarzi,CEO Intuit Led by awesome leadership teams, provides a work culture that creates leaders, good work-life balance, good pay and awesome benefits, along with opportunity to work on global products that has huge impact on financial lives of individuals & enterprises
Kotak Mahindra Uday Kotak,Chairman & MD Kotak Mahindra With a bespoken good management and systematic process, provides a dynamic culture that brings out the best in employees
Lennox India Technology Centre Ashwin Upponi,VP - Lennox India Technology Centre & Global Program Management Lennox India Technology Centre Alleviating any work related stress by building a fun & productive work environment that's consistent with its values & employees’ needs
RMSI Anup Jindal,CEO & Joint Managing Director RMSI A people-driven organization, offers a vibrant work culture, ensures organizational commitment, team spirit, and personal growth
SAP Labs India Deb Deep Sengupta,President & MD SAP Labs India Providing better opportunities to work on projects and voluntary activities apart from business as usual, it focuses on improving the quality of hires and training to maintain the global brand
Sitel Group India Kalpak Huddar,Head ­ HR Sitel Group India An equal opportunity employer with diverse hires offering ample internal growth opportunities & facilitating its employees to strike the work life balance
Synchronoss Subhash Bana,President (India) Synchronoss The company not only nurtures an employee friendly work culture embracing diversity, flexible work timings along with numerous employee outreach programs but also focuses towards upgrading the skills of its employees through continual learning and development
Volvo Group Amit Sharma, Vice President & Head - HR Volvo Group The company’s futuristic vision combined with people centric work policies opens up a broad way of opportunities for passionate professionals and determined fresher alike
Wipro India Abidali Neemuchwala,CEO Wipro India Provided with a combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play and a great work culture Wipro is an exciting place where equal opportunities are offered to all persons without discrimination