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  • Abha Damani, Director

    Abha Damani, Director

  • Owing to the rising investment in healthcare infrastructure development and boost of premium healthcare facilities, the demand for authentic healthcare products has risen significantly. A leading pharmaceutical company, ICPA Health Products showcases a combination of skills and resources that provides an ideal platform for delivering strong growth in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment. With an international presence in over 20 countries, the firm intends to develop innovative healthcare products that improve the quality of life by preventing and curing diseases. As an eminent leader in Oral Healthcare, ICPA Health Products enjoys a franchise of about 70% of Dental Surgeons along with a significant number of ENTs & Oncologists in the subcontinent with specialized products.

  • ICPA Health Products: Improving The Quality Of General Healthcare With Premium Healthcare Products

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Top 10 Best Health and Personal Care Companies in India - 2021

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  • Top 10 Best Health and Personal Care Companies in India - 2021

    Owing to the rising concern for adopting a healthy regime amidst the busy lifestyle habits, the wellness and personal grooming market is evolving its status and stature as per the demands of the current customers. Emerging as one of the most significant industries, not only the Health and Personal Care domain shares a considerably huge segment across the global market but is also expected to grow profusely in accordance with the rising demands. Upsurging at a CAGR of 4.9% approx., the Health and Personal Care industry is expected to reach the figurative state of $6,543.4 million by the end of 2026. No longer the forte of only women, the health and personal care industry is defying to be gender-specific and is receiving almost equal attention from all age groups. Ever since some of the personal care companies have had introduced their unique line of products specifically dedicated to grooming and personal care products for men, the market has witnessed substantial demands for more.

    As a perfect channel that helps in keeping the ultimate balance between physical and mental wellbeing, the health and wellness products are excessively being used across thermal springs and health spas to treat patients suffering from abnormal blood circulation, skin infections, hypertension, stress, as well as to help in detoxification of the body. Encouraging the customers to uphold a high-spirited lifestyle contributing enticingly to personal state of health and wellness, they are offered customized products based on their preference. No longer continuing with `imposing one product to all', there are a variety of choices flooding across the market under a single brand to help customers choose accordingly.

    When the choices are abundant, confusion tends to happen. Addressing this conundrum competently, CEO Insights has enlisted some of the proficient brands that have managed to cause a noteworthy ripple across the industry with their distinguished products. Engaged to bring revolutionary outcomes across the domain of healthcare and wellness, these brands are lauded for their quality products enticing promising results. Carefully curated by our editorial board, we present you the `Top 10 Best Health and Personal Care Companies in India- 2021' which highlights some of the leading brands of the Health and Personal Care domain.

Top 10 Best Health and Personal Care Companies in India - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Deyga Arthi Raguram,Founder Deyga With handmade products and nourishing ingredients, Deyga aims to create the world's most pure, organic and all-natural line of cosmetics, beauty products and skincare.
ICPA Health Products Abha Damani,Director ICPA Health Products A leading pharmaceutical company, offering combination of skills and resources that provides an ideal platform for delivering strong growth in today's rapidly changing health care environment.
Marico Pawan Arora,Co-Founder & CEO Marico An e-commerce platform providing genuine healthcare & wellness products at incredible prices with expert advice on right choice from Meddey's professional team.
Meddey Pawan Arora,Co-Founder & CEO Meddey An online pharmacy with a wide range of Prescription and OTC medicines providing effortless online medicine ordering & quick monthly refills.
MyMedicalShop Dhanasekaran Mahalingam, Founder & Director, Rajarajan Dhanasekaran, CEO & Director ,Dr. NilaPriyadharshini Dhanasekaran, COO & Director MyMedicalShop Shycart is an eCommerce portal, dealing with Personal Hygiene & Sexual Wellness products that people might feel shy/embarrassed to buy from a store.
Neuherbs Hardik Varia and Akash Goswami,Co-Founders Neuherbs Men's Grooming products at Whiskers are a result of multiple lab testings to give the best results.
Pure Oils India Ravina Jain,Founder Pure Oils India An iconic, skin wellness brand and purveyor of unapologetic happiness, delivering innovative, results-driven skincare products at accessible rates.
ShyCart Anil Gupta,Founder & Managing Director ShyCart One of the top-notch Wholesale Supplier, Exporter & Distributor, Pure Oils India Provides 100% Pure Essential oils.
The Skin Story Saugata Gupta,CEO The Skin Story One of India's leading consumer goods companies providing consumer products and services in the areas of health, beauty and wellness.
Whiskers Amit Tyagi & Namit Tyagi,Co-Founders Whiskers Discovering nutritious wellness with modern-day Lifestyle, Neuherbs create better nutrition backed by the safest ingredients and designed to support healthy lifestyle.

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