• Saumyajit Choudhury,   Founder & Director, Skillgym

    Saumyajit Choudhury, Founder & Director, Skillgym

  • A passionate leader with handson experience in contemporary teaching methodologies, Saumyajit Choudhury, Founder & Director, Skillgym is leveraging 22 years of exposure in the training and hospitality industry to bring a positive change through education. His nature of work is constantly focused on finding better ways to use education to enable better life skills in people of all age groups. From the beginning of his career in the hospitality business to the present, Saumyajit has always been connected to the service sector and delighting customers. He has worked in sales, customer service, technical support, teaching, and even company creation over the years. Throughout his time working as a business development consultant, he had a better understanding of the value he offered as a trainer and how to position success for the future, for both himself and his customers.

  • Saumyajit Choudhury: Leveraging The Power Of Education To Make People Future-Ready

Home of Excellence

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

From the torchbearer of the Scientific revolution, Sir Isaac Newton, to the King of the United Kingdom & the 14 other Commonwealth realms, Charles III, and Loki of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thomas William Hiddleston

Providing Modular Training & Unlocking Talent Pools in tier-2 & tier-3 Towns

By: Raghav Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Futurense Technologies

In recent years, the global health pandemic Covid-19 further put the spotlight on finding and nurturing human talent to accomplish organizational goals with a digital-first business

Top 10 Indian Leaders from University of Cambridge, England Alumni - 2023

How Automation in HR is changing Employee Eexperience

By: Amitabh Kapoor, CHRO, ICCS

Amitabh, an HR leader, has worked more than two decades in designing and executing people strategy for companies with extensive experience in helping set up and scale talent


Creating a Culture that Achieves Organizational Purpose, Adds Stakeholder Value

By: Rajeev R Singh, Chief Human Resources Officer, Solara Active Pharma Sciences

The scenario in the talent market at present has been positive as the majority of the world struggles


Putting People First

By: Sharad Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Godfrey Phillips India

My focus is making our approach to business more sustainable for the planet and people. It is heartening to see that our efforts are not just showing positive results for the environment


Can Habit - Forming Products Transform the Education System?

By: Deepti Sharma, Director, ThinkerPlace

Habit - Forming products is an innovative term to get acquainted with, and the Indian education system is only touching bases with hands-on learning now. For decades, the education system


Realizing the Vision of a Cyber Safer Country - Steps to Prevent Cyber-Attacks!

By: Kailash Katkar, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Quick Heal Technologies

In the digital age, technology has been dramatically transformed almost every aspect of our lives. From connecting people and resources around the world


Technological Innovations Transforming the Indian Healthcare Sector

By: Kishor Joshi, Chief Business Officer, Teleradiology Solutions

In the wake of technology, the world witnessed many changes in the business ecosystem. The healthcare sector, in particular, has been heavily

  • Top 10 Indian Leaders from University of Cambridge, England Alumni - 2023

    Indian Minds of Cambridge Moving Mountains of 21st Century
    Incepted in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the fourth-oldest university in the world. The university dwells in the heart of one of the world’s largest technology clusters Cambridge, currently a home to 5,200 knowledge-intensive companies and the birthplace of 23 businesses valued at more than $1 billion. Being a global university, the institute welcomes students around the nooks and corner of the world and consists over 12,000 staff, 31 Colleges and 150 Departments, Faculties, Schools, and other institutions. The University is a confederation of Schools, Faculties, Departments and Colleges. The courses of Cambridge University are considered amongst the best in the world and the University is one of the ten most targeted universities in the UK by Britain's leading employers (Graduate Outcome 2021). Also, the University provides online courses that are available via the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE).

    "The success of any school can be measured through the amount of positive outcomes made by its alumni towards the respective nation"

    The Alumni Circle: As a source of knowledge and expertise for the society and a preferred destination for potential learners, today the University of Cambridge has created a highly influential and active network of alumni across the globe, which is one of the most talented, innovative, and networked communities. As of May 2022, the university had more than 315,000 living alumni, with significant numbers in the UK, the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, China, France, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, India, Switzerland, and Italy. Among its alumni and affiliates, the university have 121 Nobel Prize Laureates, 47 Heads of State and 210 Olympic medallists. Besides, some volunteers from this university are now proudly serving on boards of some of the world-known conglomerates and organizations, some are behind the known startups and unicorns, and making a huge impact in all sectors of society and accentuating economy for both the nation and the globe.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Indian Leaders from University of Cambridge, England Alumni - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Indian Leaders from University of Cambridge, England Alumni - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Jar Avantika Singh, Director - New Initiatives Jar An established leader and a startup veteran, with rich expertise in business establishments and growth, diverse team enablement, mentoring and coaching
VigyanShaala International Darshana Joshi, Founder & CEO VigyanShaala International A dynamic leader committed to recalibrating the gender balance in STEM disciplines with keen interested in designing low cost pedagogical tools to promote interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving among youth
Friends Union For Energising Lives Divya Jain, Co-Founder Friends Union For Energising Lives A social entrepreneur working with an experience of ten years to provide a solution for the massive unemployable youth of the Indian subcontinent
Friends Union For Energising Lives Ketan Deshpande, Founder Friends Union For Energising Lives An visionary leader having extensive experience of working with large corporate partners in areas of future skills development, education and has also extensively worked with national leaders, corporate leaders and serial entrepreneurs as mentors
Imz Corporate Kush Mehrotra, CEO Imz Corporate A result-focused management professional holds two decades of rich experience in senior-level leadership for startup, early-stage growth and global operations
 Jio Creative Labs Mithil Shetty, Creative Director - Art Jio Creative Labs A dynamic creative thinker of designs and creative ideas focusing on designing survival by incorporating creative thinking into all new i nspiring design ideas and delivering stellar creative solutions
SkillGym Saumyajit Choudhury, Founder & Director SkillGym A passionate leader with hands-on experience in contemporary teaching methodologies, delivering experiential and student-centered learning approaches to enable the learning of new behaviors and the development of better life skills in individuals
Jafron Biomedical Shalinder Bernard, Business Director & Country Head - India Jafron Biomedical A transformational leader with over two decades of professional experience in healthcare leadership in various organizations, driving teams and business with the vision and values of the organization to provide the best-in-class product and patient care
The Dexterity Global Group Sharad Vivek Sagar, Founder & CEO The Dexterity Global Group A globally renowned social entrepreneur inspiring and enabling India's young generation to redefine education and reclaim leadership, connecting young people with opportunities and building local role models for communities
Animal Alternative Technologies Cambridge Yash Mishra, Co-Founder Animal Alternative Technologies Cambridge An emerging leader with 5+ years of research experience, including two years in industry establishing a robotic, high-throughput system for bioprocess development

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