• Priyatham Kumar, CEO

    Priyatham Kumar, CEO

  • Planning to buy a home might become a daunting task without proper guidance. However, it becomes an emotion filled overwhelming process when proper plans are there. As buying a home is equivalent to creating an asset, taking help of professionals is mandatory. Priyatham Kumar believes in this core concept. Bringing together two decades of experience, that mostly spanned a career around investments, he laid the foundation to Homes247.in. Priyatham Kumar have been helping and guiding people to make the right investment, thus securing their future for a long time. His Startup, Homes247.in further enabled him to simplify the process of purchasing a house. Homes247.in is a Proptech Portal that provides homebuyers verified and handpicked property options to choose from.

  • Homes247: Partners For Hassle-Free, Personalized Housing Experience

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Top 10 Real Estate Entrepreneurs - 2020

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  • Top 10 Real Estate Entrepreneurs - 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has left a long-lasting impact on various sectors across the world, and the real estate industry is no exception. Even before the virus outbreak, the real estate industry was in the throes of major change due to increasing digitalization, where the real-estate developers leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies had an upper hand. From digitizing their service, shifting focus towards the safety & health measures of users of the space to minimizing the execution risk, developers who manage to reinvent their strategies as per user demands through this pandemic will cement their position in the industry, whereas those fail to adapt will wither. On a positive note, the lockdowns have thrusted many people who weren't interested to become home-owners to purchase their own property in order to obtain a sense of financial security that only a physical asset can provide. However, they have a long-list of `only ifs' that the real estate companies must satiate to get their hands on the prize, whether it is designing properties with private outside spaces to work and relax, offering ready-to-move-in homes that alleviates the burden of finding labours in these tough times, centralizing cash management to focus on efficiency or digitizing the purchasing process to enhance customer experience. A leader very well understands the need of the hour while also equally measure how well he support his customers in the time of such crisis. Balancing the art of technology and construction is not new but had never been so important. And today's real estate mavericks should be a master of both the worlds. Hence CEO Insights brings `Top 10 Real Estate Entrepreneurs - 2020' ­ a list that features some of such young and experienced real estate leaders who are challenging the status quo while providing the next-gen comfort to their buyers. A panel of industry experts comprising of architects, civil engineers and industry experts along with CEO Insights Editorial Board have shortlisted the names and featured their stories in this edition.

Top 10 Real Estate Entrepreneurs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Asia Pacific Commercial International Adv. Payal Soni,Founder & CEO Asia Pacific Commercial International An award-winning serial entrepreneur, who is also a registered Bar Council member of Honorable Supreme Court of India as well as Rajasthan High
Yes Property Ankit Maheshwari,Co-Founder Yes Property Provides services in property browsing, project browsing, selling and rental of property
Elemental Realty Arun Aleti,CEO Elemental Realty Real estate developers with focus on sustainability & innovation
New Vertical Vera Advisory Deepak Batra,Co-Founder New Vertical Vera Advisory Delivers equity advisory, portfolio management services, real estate, financial planning, alternative Investment fund, value investing, asset allocation, and finance services
Homes247 Priyatham Kumar,CEO Homes247 One of the premium property portals that provides home buyers verified, handpicked property options to choose from, and gives Round the Clock assistance from search to settle
Nesta Vera Ramji Mehrotra,Chairman Nesta Vera Providing a stage where business, innovation and entrepreneurship can be nurtured, leading to productive and valuable growth
SKJ Landbase Sanjeev Singh,Founder & Managing Director SKJ Landbase Offers real-estate services in property investment, consulting, after sales assistance, loan assistance, taxation and finance advising
Desker CoWorking Sannat Chandhok,Founder & CEO Desker CoWorking A provider of contemporary co-working spaces designed to ensure client satisfaction
SKYDEALZ INDIA PROPERTY SERVICES Satish B N,Managing Director SKYDEALZ INDIA PROPERTY SERVICES The go-to brand for a complete range of commercial real estate services & solutions that are client-centric, transparent, efficient and dependable
Elevare Group Sreekanth P & Gaurav Singh,Co-Founders & Chief Elevating Officers Elevare Group A professional services and investment management firm elevating the transaction management services delivery in commercial real estate for its clients