•  Kirti Srivastava,    CEO, GETPY

    Kirti Srivastava, CEO, GETPY

  • The retail industry across the globe is growing fast, and consumer spending is expected to double from 2019 to 2024. The retail market of India alone is set to grow to Rs. 27.95 lakh crore ($400 billion) in consumption by 2025. Global Retail analytics market is growing at 19.6 percent YoY. India is expected to become the world’s third-largest consumer economy by 2025. Fuelling this growth further, Advanced data analytics is enabling brands & retailers to understand their consumers behaviours for growth and increased top line and bottom line. Stumbled on this goldmine while working on her pet project, Kirti Srivastava (Founder & CEO, GetPY.biz) successfully carved a niche for her brainchild GetPY, a rapidly growing Sales & Marketing Intelligence platform, by bridging the industry gaps such as niche technology cost, lack of simple end-to-end solution, and slower deployment pace.

  • Kirti Srivastava: A Motivational Entrepreneur Bridging Industry Gaps

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Top 10 Best Women Leader in Technology - 2020

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  • Top 10 Best Women Leader in Technology - 2020

    Women have been held back for ages; however, devoiding the conservative notion completely, women have affirmed their diligent efficiency and revolutionized the field of technology. It is their ingenious information technology calibre and innovative achievements that have deluged the IT, STEM, healthcare, banking & finance and various other industries. Some such dedicated souls, C-level tech-connoisseurs are Vineetha Beth, Ruchi Garg, and many others leading the tech industry. These female tech-mavens have proven to be equally capable, if not more, than men; so it is time for women to be applauded for traversing through societal boundaries with their natural evolutionary attributes of thinking distinctly, compassionately and for the audacious resolutions. While men have the luxury of failing, benefit of doubt, and the luxury of having a nine to five job, women are expected never to fall apart, easily doubted for their abilities, and are responsible of ensuring a perfect work-family balance. And as technology still dodges the heed of young women across the country, a cry for interest, motivation and support is echoing. CEO Insights proudly presents ‘Top 10 Women Leaders in Technology - 2020’ who have mastered the art of inspiration, innovation, and leading their peers by example. This list features a picture of the ups & downs faced by women leaders, their personal turmoils, professional hurdles, and ways to overcome these on their journey towards becoming C-level executives. CEO Insights’ Editorial Board, along with a panel of experts, has shortlisted the names of genius women in the field of technology which glimpses the insights of the life a Women Tech-Leader.

Top 10 Best Women Leader in Technology - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Intech Systems Anuja Parikh, CEO Intech Systems Holding over 16 years of experience in creating cutting-edge technology products and services, and an expert in deploying business solutions
Hackberry Kids Ashni Dwarkadas, Co-founder Hackberry Kids A MBA from Carnegie Mellon, introducing kids ( 5- to 15-year-olds) to tech in a positive way to create and innovate through a coding game and activity type workshop
Paypal Deepa Madhavan, Director Paypal With a rich career of around two decades, she holds an impressive track record in effectively leading large product and engineering teams in the regulatory data & data warehousing space
GetPY Kirti Srivastava, CEO GetPY A motivational entrepreneur and a passionate learner who is translating her two decades of corporate experience to identify & bridge industry gaps
Codezin Technology Solutions Kumud Anant Baid, Co-Founder Codezin Technology Solutions A technopreneur and well experienced leader taking her business to newer heights with utmost empathy, patience and understanding
Ritzy Technology Richa Raj, CEO & Managing Director Ritzy Technology Revolutionizing the field of science & technology by deploying her prowess in AI to create accessible, affordable and user-friendly machines and applications for unprivileged people across India
Venuelook Ruchi Garg, CEO Venuelook A dedicated soul striving hard to bring changes in the event industry while providing best-in-class services and simplifying the operations for the users
Transcell Biologics Dr. Subhadra Dravida, Founder & CEO Transcell Biologics A first generation entrepreneur, leader who started as a one-woman army slowly carved her success and niche in the innovative, competitive, high risk Biotech industry
SmartDrive Labs Technologies Vani Sathvik, Founder & CEO SmartDrive Labs Technologies Having a Bachelors degree in Economics, LL.B and MBA in HR & Marketing, she is embellished with unique strategic vision, planning and operational leadership qualities which help her stay competent in global the economy
VA Networks Vineetha Beth, Founder & COO VA Networks A passionate technology enthusiast with 16+ years of international experience, who has cracked the code to offer hassle-free customer engagement using CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) & latest technologies