India, Brazil Tech Partnership for Ethanol Boost


IndiaIndia is currently in discussions with Brazil to create a tech partnership aimed at advancing the adoption of ethanol for reducing carbon emissions. Union Minister V K Singh highlighted Brazil's proficiency in utilizing ethanol for vehicles, emphasizing the opportunities for shared learning and collaboration. During the 'Assocham-Fuels of the Future 2.0' conference in the capital, the Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways expressed the desire to establish an ethanol ecosystem, leveraging insights from Brazil's expertise in alcohol-based fuels.

Continuing his comments, Singh emphasized the importance of creating awareness about alternative fuels as effective substitutes for traditional fossil fuels. In addition to sugarcane, ethanol can be derived from diverse sources such as broken rice, maize, and corn. Serving as the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Singh highlighted ongoing initiatives, including sustainable aviation fuel trials, and identified the crucial challenge of selecting and promoting alternative fuels while advocating for a shift in mindset.

Ambassador Kenneth Felix Haczynski da Nobrega, the representative of Brazil in India, praised the launch of the Global BioFuel Alliance during India's G20 presidency, considering it a groundbreaking move in the clean energy sector. He stressed that this initiative marks a new phase, solidifying bio-fuel technology as a vital option for decarbonizing economies. The Brazilian G20 presidency is dedicated to advancing the implementation of the Global BioFuel Alliance.

Expanding on the technological discussions between Brazil and India regarding ethanol over the past three years, Ambassador da Nobrega expressed the intention to deepen this partnership. He highlighted the objective of engaging new partners to broaden the use of bio-fuel ethanol in more countries, turning it into a widely adopted commodity. Brazil is ready to share its technology and expertise with India in this venture. Regarding the government's green hydrogen mission, Singh mentioned significant strides in establishing green hydrogen as a practical fuel for various vehicle applications.