Mobilt Bredband – Understanding Mobile Broadband

Mobilt Bredband – Understanding Mobile Broadband


Mobilt Bredband – Understanding Mobile BroadbandMobile devices such as phones and tablets have become like secondary appendages to a lot of people. These devices have become quite essential to our daily lives because of the roles they play. They come in handy for official and business transactions, they help us commu- nicate with friends, family, and people in general and most importantly, they help us stay connected with the world around us.

One thing that makes these devices quite useful to us is the internet and as technology innovates, more and more activities are digitized. This innovation keeps the demand for technology on the increase. Everyone needs the internet for one reason or the other, but some people are known as high/heavy consumers or users. These are people who must have internet access almost every minute of the day for work and other purposes.

Although mobile plans provide internet access, sometimes, this access is not adequate for heavy users and travellers. That is why these categories of people need an upgrade to mobile broadband. The question now may be hva er mobilt bredbånd? (Norwegian for what is mobile broadband?). Not to worry we shall answer this question comprehensively.

This article will explore the evolution of mobile broadband, the pros and cons and how to get the best of it, so stay with us.

Mobilt Bredband – Understanding Mobile BroadbandDefining Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is the term used to describe wireless internet access that is delivered through mobile networks. Consumers can access these networks by means of a smartphone or tablet, wireless modem, portable modem, or any other type of mobile gadget. It is can also be described as high-speed internet access through mobile networks.

The consumer is connected to a mobile network and data is transmitted through 3G or 4G service. This service is an easy way of delivering high speed internet to consumers while on the move or away from home. This does not mean that it cannot be used at home just that it is a better alternative for roaming.

This service is accessed through a router just like the ones we use at home but the difference here is that they are smaller and battery-powered which makes them quite portable. Additionally, they operate without wires which mean that you are connected to a mobile network and not fibre.

The router gains access through the SIM card that is inserted into it which enables it to connect to whatever network service that you subscribed to just like a phone. It then proceeds to broadcast the connection like a Wi-Fi connection that other gadgets can recognize and connect to. This helps to connect gadgets such as laptops that do not have SIM cards to have access to the internet when there is no access to Wi-Fi in a place.

Many broadband routers have the capacity to connect over ten devices and sometimes as many as thirty-two to the internet at the same time. This makes it suitable for a family or a team working together in a location.

In addition to routers, there are devices known as mobile broadband dongles that look like USB sticks that you insert into a laptop or other gadgets that support them to gain access to the internet. These devices are more compact and thus more portable, but they can only serve one device at a time.

You can also use your smartphone to connect other devices to the internet through the mobile hotspot feature on your phone. This enables you to share your data or internet connection with other devices just like you can do with a broadband router. It is important however, to note that this practise drains a phone battery faster and the data allowance. So, if you prefer broadband service or your internet needs, its best to use a gadget dedicated to that purpose. The phone option should just be for emergencies when you need connection and the router is not available.

Mobilt Bredband – Understanding Mobile BroadbandPros and Cons of Mobile Broadband

Just by looking at the definition and evolution of mobile broadband as discussed above, we can imply that it has so many benefits to offer consumers. However, we will be fair to present both sides of the coin so that you as the consumer can make an informed decision on what works for you.


Find below some of the pros of this technology: -

Ease of Use

There are places where this technology is a necessity because they do not have physical network. In such places, this technology is an easier way of getting connected to the internet. This is majorly because there is no need for any physical infrastructures such as wires and cables to reach individual customers or homes.

You do not need to buy or rent a landline to be able to use mobile broadband which adds to its cost efficiency. Additionally, there is no need for cables and wires since all that is required for connectivity is a mobile phone tower signal. This also means that you do not get to pay any setup fees; additional money saved.

Easy-to-Install Software

The software you need for the connection comes with the package and is easy to install. It is often inbuilt into the device and you only install it once and it doesn’t take time to install.

Offers Mobile Benefits

Since it is not a fixed broadband, you can go anywhere with your mobile broadband. This makes it attractive to people who are always out and about and need to be online wherever they are. With this technology you do not have to bother about internet connection at any point in time or anywhere you go.


The following are some of the disadvantages of this technology: -

Inconsistent Access

There may be times that you will not have access to the internet with this mobile option or places where the signal may be slow. That is why you need to search for a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider) who has wide range coverage and uninterrupted access.

Can Incur Additional Cost

This option is a bit more expensive that the regular broadband and the cost can further be influenced by your location, demand and supply and infrastructure already on ground in your location.

Comes with Data Caps

Although this option can be bought on contract or monthly basis, different ISPs place different caps on data usage. If you buy a limited plan, you have to stick to that plan and if your data runs out before the expiry date, you will have to pay additional cost for extra data.

Most times, even providers who tell you a plan is unlimited will move you to a slower speed once you have exceeded a certain level of data usage within a given period. Although you will still have access at no cost, the reduced speed can be a hassle especially for heavy users.

Tips for Choosing a Mobile Broadband Provider

Before we round off this article, here are quick tips for choosing the best ISP for this option: -

  1. Reliability – Ensure that the network service you want to sign up for is reliable. This means that you can trust them to provide connectivity all the time. It is recommended that you consider a provider that offers Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is a contract that states categorically, the level of reliability you can expect from the connection.
  2. Excellent Customer Service – It is expedient that you use a company that has great customer support. This is because there will be days when issues that need urgent attention will arise. Even when the issues are not emergencies, you still need a responsive and responsible customer service to resolve issues.
  3. Speed – Ensure that you find out the speed of the connection so that you will not be frustrated.
  4. Cost – Find out how much different plans cost and compare them to choose the best option for you.
  5. Coverage – Find out how strong the coverage is in your area or places you frequent before you sign up.
  6. Additional Features – Every provider that is available in your area may look similar in terms of coverage, speed, and cost. However, they are not all entirely the same; there must be additional features that will make one more attractive to the other. Ensure that you find out those add-ons that will add more value to your purchase.


Mobile broadband is an innovation in wireless connectivity that has revolutionized the way people connect across different spectrums. We have discussed the basics of this innovation, the pros and cons and some quick tips for choosing the right provider. We believe the information shared here will come in handy for you to make an informed decision.