Questions You Must Ask When Buying A Cash Counter Machine


Questions You Must Ask When Buying A Cash Counter Machine

A quality money counter machine is essential if you are a business owner or a financial institution. Counting stacks of bills by hand is not only time-consuming but also increases the chances of error. What’s more, you could potentially count counterfeit bills without even realizing it.

That is why these machines are equipped with the latest technology to detect counterfeit bills and deal with other problems that come with counting money.

The market is filled with different types of money counter machines; a good machine is a helpful tool for business. It reduces the error that comes with counting money manually and ensures the total count's accuracy.

When shopping for a money counter machine, there are a few factors you need to consider.

  • Functionality.
  • Usability.
  • Detection of counterfeit notes.
  • Counting multiple currents simultaneously.
  • Counting speed.
  • Hopper capacity.

While these factors will ensure you get your hands on the right money counter machine for your business, this is not the end.

Even after a machine passes the test and matches with these factors, there are certain questions you need to find an answer for.

Does A Cash Counting Machine Count Only Money?

A money counter machine is designed to count only stacks of bills or loose collections of coins. These counters are purely mechanical and have the technologies to detect any counterfeit bills. However, there are specially designed money counter machines that can even count tickets and coupons.

To have that feature, you need to be selective with the machine; not all machines come with such features. That being said, if your business involves counting money, tickets and coupons, consider the relevant specification at the time of buying.

Do All Money Counting Machines Include Counterfeit Detection?

No! Not all money counter machines support the counterfeit detection feature. Furthermore, although most machines come with these features, you can’t say every machine will have these features. This is because, to have these features, the machine needs to have any of the following technologies embedded in the machine.

  • UV Detection: UV detection is one of the most used techniques. This is because most of the bills we use have a certain layer of coloring that can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, if the same build is placed under UV light, you will be able to see stripes and other designs.
  • Infrared Detection: Infrared detection is not quite as common as UV and magnetic methods. It involves the detection of the infrared ink that either absorbs or reflects the infrared light.
  • Magnetic Detection: Today, most nations leave a magnetic trace in their paper money. This is to ensure the money has a certain magnetic property. While this method is effective, there have been cases where fraudulent users are able to copy this technique.

What Is The Purpose Of The Dust Extraction System In The Machine?

Not all machines have these features. Moreover, it is a feature that only top-tier machines are equipped with. So, what does this system do? As the name suggests, it extracts dust from the bills.

As you load the hopper for counting, the dust extraction system is activated and collects all the dust on the bills while it's being counted. This feature is great for people who are suffering from allergies.

Is There Any Machine Performance Difference Between Counting New And Used Bills?

The machines are well equipped with the right sensors to count any bills as long as they are original and have lost their shape entirely. That being said, small prices on the note will not make any difference. It will still be counted easily without any issues.

However, you might have noticed that sometimes money counter machines find it difficult to count used bills. This is because of the wrinkles and folds. These wrinkles and folds change the dimension of the bills, making them look like counterfeit bills.

Is Using A Money Counter Machine Save?

Yes, indeed! Money counter machines are safe and accurate. It is because of these two features that they have become so popular. All the features came after when companies felt like they needed something more than only counting money accurately.

A money counter machine is a lifesaver for businesses and financial institutions that have to count high volumes of cash daily. It not only saves time but also reduces errors.