Tata Electronics Boosts Global Tech with Chip Exports to Japan, US and Europe


India's semiconductor industry has achieved a significant milestone as Tata Electronics enters the global market with its semiconductor exports. The company, based in Bengaluru, has unveiled its initiative to strengthen India's semiconductor sector by exporting semiconductor chips manufactured at its research and development center. This move reflects years of dedicated efforts to foster the growth of India's semiconductor industry, marking a notable leap forward in the country's technological advancement.

Tata Electronics has initiated the export of semiconductor chips from its Bengaluru R&D center to key partners in Japan, the US, and Europe, signaling a significant step forward for India's semiconductor industry. This move comes ahead of the planned setup of a new chip packaging facility in Assam and a massive USD 10 billion chip foundry in Gujarat. As per reports, these packaged chips are presently undergoing pilot testing, laying the groundwork for expanded production and bolstered capabilities in the sector.

As per recent reports, Tata Electronics is poised to achieve a significant milestone with the successful tape-out of semiconductor chips across multiple nodes, ranging from 28 to 65 nanometers. The tape-out stage, considered the final phase of the design process, marks a crucial step forward for the company in its semiconductor endeavors. This development underscores Tata Electronics' commitment to advancing technological capabilities and highlights its readiness to compete in the global semiconductor market.

Tata Electronics' latest move in forming a strategic alliance with Tesla to provide semiconductor chips for its worldwide operations highlights the firm's burgeoning presence in the semiconductor sector. Moreover, its partnerships with industry giants like Renesas and Lattice Semi, facilitated through Tata Elxsi and Sankhya Labs, are bolstering Tata's technological capabilities and expanding its market footprint.

Tata's chip foundry in Dholera, in collaboration with Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (PSMC), is poised to be a major player in producing chips across leading and legacy nodes. Additionally, plans for an outsourced assembly and testing (OSAT) unit in Assam underscore Tata's comprehensive approach to semiconductor manufacturing. Other players in the industry, such as CG Power and Hiranandani Group's Tarq Semiconductors, are also making strides with government support.