Metaverse as a Service

Metaverse as a Service

Manasa Rajan, CEO, Jupiter Meta, 0

The metaverse is an open-source experience where users, all over the world are truly welcome! Meaning there’s no barrier to entry, no barrier to engagement and no barrier to visualization - a virtual oyster where people from anywhere can enter, immerse and build. The only thing you actually need to enter is a strategy, and an understanding of what goals you want to achieve with this experience - and that’s where a company like ours can lead the way.

Today, Brands, however big or small, need logos, design guides, communication strategies and advertising to even begin their journey. A prerequisite to putting themselves out into the world and engaging with their customers is creating a digital identity that puts their stamp on the world.

But this digital identity is ever evolving, and has now evolved to a point that encompasses the metaverse intrinsically. Where digital experiences of a brand will have to integrate world building improved digital experiences and extended reality, because that’s what the consumer wants - and what the consumer wants, the consumer gets.

Henceforth, the metaverse will be a primary part of creating digital experiences for any brand, just as fundamental as a website or a page on social media. A digital point of immersion that takes engagement to its next logical step of growth!

Metaverse as a Service (MaaS)
The Metaverse is seen as the gateway of integrating our physical world with our digital lives. It is a platform driven by technology that allows representation of real-world scenarios in a digital ecosystem, infused with creative storytelling that is more immersive and engaging.

Engagement is more streamlined; data is more than just metrics and success can be measured through real-time impact.

Metaverse as a Service - a Two-Fold Solution
One objective is to on board the next million users into the metaverse. This has been developed with an objective of getting a first-hand experience of the metaverse and its possibilities without the burden of capital investments, technology know-how and the need to build strategic intent.

In simple terms, it is a prefabricated environment with defined use cases – a plug-and-play solution that helps users relate to the technology, understand its possibilities and allows them to set the ball rolling for a well-defined strategic roll-out.

The other, MaaS enables businesses to build metaverse environments with customization based on crisply defined business goals translating into a high impact solutioning.
In this case, MaaS takes on the role of understanding key issues, defining goals, building an immersive storyboard which forms the basis of the metaverse architecture. This is usually infused with gamification to enhance engagement and stickiness. You could even call it a strategic roadmap that fits respective organizational goals!

Awareness to Adoption
The two biggest roadblocks for adoption are the strategy required and the cost factor that comes along with it. Today, brands must aim to break those roadblocks and help businesses understand the relevance and impact of the platform, through personalized strategies and lower development costs.

Metaverse as a Service has been focussed on creating awareness about the scale of what opensource metaverses can offer, help clients visualize their own story and strategy, build a solution that is strongly supported by goals and simplify this architecture to help every brand enter no matter their size.

The metaverse is not the destination in itself. It is a journey that transitions us to a world of new possibilities and solutions only defined by our imagination

Creating opportunities by simplifying use cases across different verticals and functions – ranging from HR and marketing, to manufacturing and L & D.

Industry – Implications & Impact
At this point it’s quite clear that the metaverse is industry agnostic. It is solutioning for a problem that the real-world faces, across consumer demographics. From learning and development to product and process training, from brand launches to customer engagement, from cross cultural on boarding to customary inductions – the metaverse can make interactions exponentially more engaging.

Players in the Metaverse industry bring that expertise in simplifying solutions through creative storytelling and tactful gamification in turn enabling real value creation, in a new unexplored space of operation.

A top of the table research would indicate how many brands and entities across different verticals have initiated their journey in the metaverse. Research also proves how impactful and rewarding the effects have been, be it in retention of concepts in a L & D environment, to a strengthened customer connect that redefines engagement and community building.

Path not Destination
Metaverse will soon become an integral part of every functional strategy, top to bottom, across industries. What is important is the ability to recognize what the future holds or rather what the customers’ expectations are, and prepare for that journey right now.

The metaverse is not the destination in itself. It is a journey that transitions us to a world of new possibilities and solutions only defined by our imagination.