Abhishek Dhoreliya: A Passionate Leader Helping Clients Protect Their Digital Ip Assets Through Markscan | CEOInsights Vendor
Abhishek Dhoreliya: A Passionate Leader Helping Clients Protect Their Digital Ip Assets Through Markscan

Abhishek Dhoreliya: A Passionate Leader Helping Clients Protect Their Digital Ip Assets Through Markscan

  Abhishek Dhoreliya ,     Founder & CEO

Abhishek Dhoreliya

Founder & CEO

Even though intellectual properties(IP)are nonphysical properties, they are still protected by the law. Companies globally run the risk of theft of Intellectual Property and are protecting their digital innovations and assets with the help of specialized agencies such as MarkScan, a leading Digital Asset Protection, Research and Policy firm.

Abhishek Dhoreliya, an alumnus of the prestigious IIT Kharagpur, founded Markscan and has led the company to become one of the global leaders in Digital IP Protection.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Abhishek, Founder and CEO, MarkScan, shares the influence of IIT Kharagpur on his career, his tactics behind handling the Covid affected challenges, and much more:

From both academic and non academic perspectives, how has been the influence of IIT Kharagpur on you? What has been the experiences and how do you apply those learning?
At a critical age of 17-18, being thrown into one of the best talent pools that the country has to offer at IIT Kharagpur was quite an experience at multiple levels. IITs offer opportunities through both academic as well as non-academic avenues. There were an array of social and cultural activities and sports opportunities offered by IIT Kharagpur in terms of non-academic avenues where I spent a lot of time and those were also my primary learning avenues. During my IIT days or later on my career days at FMS, Delhi or London Business School helped me enhance my vision. Opportunities like that help you get a lot of exposure to new things. It also makes you believe in yourself and you also start seeing the process.

Define Markscan as an organization and its position in the market. What are some of the unique propositions it offers to its clients?
Markscan is a startup focused on domains including digital intellectual property protection, research, policy, and so on. Being the market leader across the
country as well as one of the top 10 global market leaders in its niche domains, the firm is still considered a startup due to its nimbleness in terms of the speed at which the operation is done, which is also considered as one of its USPs. Being 10 years in the same industry has brought a sense of maturity to the firm with significant milestones covered throughout.

Apart from the obvious business reasons or choices,your aspirations or off beat choices in terms of what you want, should not be ruled out.

Coming to uniqueness, the firm has a stable team with a strong sense of culture focused on client servicing and excellence. A significant part of those employees have been with the organization from the beginning of their careers and are now considered in the senior pool. The firm is also one of the pioneers in introducing its specific concept and service in the media and entertainment industry and has created the market for the service that it’s offering.

What has been the success mantra that helps you deliver positive outcomes at every level?
In terms of the success mantra, there are 3 things that I have been following throughout. The first one is about respecting yourself. You need to respect the work that you're doing and the outputs that you're producing. The second one is about respecting others. You need to respect your team, your colleagues, and your clients which helps you excel as an organization in the long term. The third one is about being persistent. You need to be persistent enough regarding the output. Plan well regarding what you're trying to do and how you're trying to do it and be persistent in evaluating what is required to succeed.

How has been your response to the challenges posed by the Covid-affected market and the need for new strategies? How would you describe your role in tackling those challenges?
We found ourselves in a unique position during the pandemic with our offices closed and our tech and IT system being not ready to tackle the situation. As the industry that we cater to relies heavily on the usage of digital media by end-users, the work requirement increased gradually even though our capability was compromised. What worked for us was the people and processes that we had in place. Even though
slogging in the initial phases, the work force led by the senior team took significant responsibility. I did put special effort into giving out special bonuses for the effort that our product team members put beyond the call of duty then. We even facilitated our employees with getting internet connections. Eventually, people rose to the challenge and even we did our best to recognize their efforts by actually rewarding them monetarily at the time. Those efforts behind addressing some of the challenges during the pandemic have helped us grow more than 50% over the last two years or during the pandemic time.

How do you plan to align the company’s operations with the changing market behaviours? What is the roadmap that you have planned for the company? What advice would you give to the upcoming leaders starting a new in this industry?
In terms of future roadmaps, our focus has always been on technology, both internal and external. In terms of internal technology, we want our infrastructure and processes to function efficiently in a dynamic environment based on different situations while servicing a global clientele. In terms of external technology, we are planning to further leverage technology by increasing efficiencies and delivering value to the clients by not only adopting new technologies and processes but also focusing on tackling new technologies.

The advice I would like to give to the budding leaders across industries is to believe in trusting their vision. Believe that it is possible to do it and then follow the process while putting in hard work to make it possible. I don’t see people bootstrap these days. Apart from the obvious business reasons or choices, your aspirations or offbeat choices in terms of what you want, should not be ruled out.

Abhishek Dhoreliya, (Founder & CEO), Markscan
An alumnus of the prestigious IIT Kharagpur, Abhishek Dhoreliya later on did his MBA from London Business School. Through his firm Markscan, Abhisek is providing services in digital, intellectual property protection, research, policy, and so on. His hard work, as well as passionate endeavors, have pushed the firm to be the leader nationally as well as one of the top 10 global leaders in its niche industry.

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