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Arun Patil: Carving His Name as One of The Budding Leaders of The Indian Finance Sector

Arun Patil: Carving His Name as One of The Budding Leaders of The Indian Finance Sector

Arun Patil,   Director

Arun Patil


Experiencing a swift expansion at present, both in terms of prominent growth of existing financial service firms as well as new entities plunging into the market, India is equipped with a diversified financial sector. Along with the exclusive policies and government initiatives, the remarkable contribution of some of the leading stalwarts of the country has contributed to the growth of the sector. One such phenomenon is Arun Patil (Director, Dravya Financial Solutions) who has managed to carve his name as one of the budding leaders of the Indian finance sector by taking salient yet sturdy steps.

Having a keenness for finance, Arun always wanted to be a part of the success story of growing businesses. “Every client and business comes with a different set of challenges. To nurture them and help them grow by offering tailormade finance solutions is what keeps me driving as a finance leader", avers Arun quite gladly. As the Director of Dravya Financial Solutions, Arun is currently leveraging his decades-long industry expertise to craft beneficial solutions for the company as well as its exclusive client base..

Below is an excerpt of Arun’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

What were the major challenges you have encountered so far in your journey? What did you learn from them and how did you overcome them to emerge as a successful professional?
One of the biggest challenges of my professional journey was to transit from retail to Wholesale. When I started my journey at Dravya, I not only took it as a fresh challenge and a new beginning but also used my retail experience to expedite the process. I ensured Our MD CA Arun Desai at Dravya that I will be doing wholesale business in a retailized manner and he was very accommodating in giving that space to work and explore as an individual.

Soon I came out with new ideas like Sales Tie up, Joint venture, Barter Contracting along with Arranging finance for Developers. Gradually, as the results upsurged, I proved my point that if the client is doing all the above mentioned things, then his financial closure should happen and the developer should be able to repay his debt promptly. This strategy was a massive success that positioned Dravya above all our competitors and gave it distinct
recognition amongst all of the financial institutions in the country.

Define Dravya Financial Solutions as an organization and its position in the market? How is it different from its other competitors?
Apart from being a fund-raising advisory, Dravya Financial Solutions is also into nurturing clients post disbursement solutions that make it stand out from the market. Even though there are a lot of experienced players reigning in this field but what we put forth on the table is by the virtue of our experience with many reputed SME clients and developers. In terms of organisation, as well, we are proud to be equipped with an apt amalgamation of experience as well young resources from all backgrounds including finance, management, and engineering, giving us an edge over our competitors.

Apart from knowledge sharing, what matters the most in the FinanceAdvisory segment is your intent with the client

Today Dravya is placed at four physical locations including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Surat. With the new virtual revolution that emerged after covid, we have reached clients from Nagpur, Delhi, Agra, Vijaywada, Indore/Bhopal, Hyderabad and more. At all these locations, we have concluded many deals successfully despite having any physical presence of Dravya.

How has been your response to the challenges posed by the covid-affected market and the need for new strategies? How would you describe your role in tackling those challenges?
To be genuine, the first week of the first lockdown in March 2020 was a challenging phase for us. But thanks to our young and energetic team at Dravya, who were one of the early starters to work on Zoom - an online meeting platform, we visited a banker site virtually and that was the first virtual site visit of a banker in the history. From that point, there was no looking back.

How do you keep up to date with changes in financial sector trends to steer your organization towards the future?
Always having a knack for innovation, we at Dravya always try to find new solutions. We have SOPs in place which is updated from time to time to ensure that we don’t lag behind the ongoing market trends. We also conduct internal knowledge sessions to keep our staff updated with the present drifts happening in the market. Finance is a science that keeps on evolving and to emerge as a trailblazing player across this highly dynamic sector, we always need to be on par with the ongoing changes happening within the industry.
What motivates you to keep going as an entrepreneur and what drives you today as an industry leader?
believe in maintaining the ultimate balance between my work and my health to succeed in life, as both are equally important and you can’t possibly ignore one. Unlike most people who think ‘roti, kapda, & makan’, as basic parameters, I happen to consider health as the fourth and equivalent parameter for my overall success. Despite neglecting my health all these years, I have developed a great deal of interest in marathon running as well as exercise and am currently, pursuing it as a hobby.

To succeed despite numerous hurdles, you need strength and support from your friends and well wishers. I would like to thank K. Haridasan Nair of Runtastic Dilse Group, who has helped me to become mentally and physically strong. I would also like to extend my gratitude to

Yatindra Rao for helping me financially at a young age for education, Promoter of Andromeda, V.Swaminathan for assisting me a great deal during the initial phase of my career, and founder of Dravya, CA Arun Desai, for encouraging me to be an entrepreneur. Lastly, I would like to say Thank you to my family, especially my wife Dr. Simantini Arun Patil and my parents, who are the greatest support in my journey so far.

Share a piece of advice/suggestion to the budding leaders who would like to set a benchmark in their career especially in finance operations?
Apart from knowledge sharing, what matters the most in the Finance Advisory segment is your intent with the client. ‘The way you advise the client will help you to grow symbiotically with the client’ is what our Founding member CA Arun Desai has laid down as one of the core principles for Dravya and we all agree with him. So, I think today’s young entrepreneurs should focus on long term goals rather than short term goals to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Arun Patil, Director, Dravya Financial Solutions,Member - Runtastic Group & Angel Investor
Arun started his journey with Andromeda with a meagre salary of Rs 1800/- per month in the year 1995 and gradually reached to a level of senior Vice President position managing team of 300 + executives. Acquiring a great deal of expertise from Andromeda where he was more of associated with retail banking, Arun joined Dravya Financial Solutions in 2016 and paved his way across the wholesale banking vertical to rise into the position of Director of the firm.

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