Dr. Shanawaz N Khan: A Staunch Leader & Professional Driving Diverse Industry Vertical Businesses | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Shanawaz N Khan: A Staunch Leader & Professional Driving Diverse Industry Vertical Businesses

Dr. Shanawaz N Khan: A Staunch Leader & Professional Driving Diverse Industry Vertical Businesses

 Dr. Shanawaz N Khan,  Founder & CEO

Dr. Shanawaz N Khan

Founder & CEO

In the recent past few years observing the COVID pandemic effects, while the construction industry faced huge disruptions, the current year 2023 seems to be a strong start for the engineering and construction (E&C) industry. Not to miss, MEP systems (Mechanical Electrical, and Plumbing) are the backbone of any infrastructure as it deals with the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing segment of a building. A building’s safety and its human use and occupancy critically depend on how the MEP system gets designed, detailed, and installed. According to reports while the Indian construction industry is forecasted to register an annual average growth of 6.2 percent from 2023 to 2026, supported by a strong pipeline of infrastructure projects across various sectors, the MEP field too experiences a huge demand. The mechanical electrical and plumbing services market share in India is expected to increase by $2.01 billion from 2021 to 2026, growing at a CAGR of 16.31 percent. Established under the staunch leadership of Dr. Shanawaz N Khan, Founder & CEO, Shah Global – a one-stop MEP solutions company. Let’s get to know him!

Could give us a brief account of your professional journey and tell us about the inspiration behind the establishment of Shah Global?
I am qualified project management Doctorate from Switzerland professional with 15 years of experience with various types of oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant, commercial & residential projects in the Middle East, India & Maldives. My Recent achievements have included managing the delivery of multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning project for electrical, civil & mechanical works.

I am a believer in continuous education, and also a qualified Project Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP), Project Scheduling Professional (PMISP), Project Management Office Certification (PMOC), and Lean six sigma Green Belt (LSSGB). Right after completing my graduation, I moved to Dammam, and my first job was with a French-based company called Reda Hazard Control. There I used to lead 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa i.e., the MENA region. Professionally, I've worked with big companies like Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Qatar Petroleum, Fluor, Bechtel, and more.

However, belonging to a business family, and being the eldest son of the family I too had to do something of my own returning back to India. As my father has established and been running a 35+ years old organization, Shah Group of Companies, returning to India, in 2017, I launched Shah Global Technical Division, which deals in diverse verticals. Shah Global is an exclusive MEP contracting, Trading company and it provides turnkey MEP solutions like fire, electrical,
plumbing, and more to clients. We have completed over 117 projects since inception now and that includes IKEA, Hyderabad; World Trade Centre, Chennai, DLF Cyber Park, and others. Many others are still ongoing.

However, COVID-19 had brought about a disruption too in our MEP contracting business, halting our payments. It was during that time we expanded our business vertical to interior designing, trading, and establishing a company under Shah Global in 2021 that deals with comprehensive & interior turnkey interior design solutions, be it commercial or residential.

I believe that one should be within themselves. Also, one should always try to enhance themselves and make sure that whatever skills they have acquired & they should use it to provide the right things to the customers

How is Shah Global positioned in the market? Highlight your USP.
We are the one-stop solution for all customers and since 2022, carrying my vision forward I have even embarked in the international markets. Now, well-established in the Maldives, I have registered three companies underlined under the Shah Global brand, serving clients for interior works, and doing general trading (supplying medicine, foodstuff, and construction material). Soon we will be starting our restaurant also under our brand.

Usually, where people focus on just doing business, my sense of business emphasizes on reliability and providing customers a good wholesale service. While we supply turnkey interior solutions, our designing service comes free for all.

Being the Founder and CEO of the company, what are the factors that you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies? Tell us about your leadership approach.
It entirely comes from my experience, having worked globally for several multi billion dollar companies. I am very fond of learning. Every year I try to learn something. I am a strong believer in learning and applying, hence learning things, and every skill I apply it all to my business. Currently, I'm also writing my certified CCEO exam from Australia.

As a leader, you can expect people to gauge you on the basis of three aspects - your education, your experience, and your mindset towards problems & their solutions. I hold over 13 years of experience including the international markets. Applying my education, I have even ensured to handle the challenging and extreme situations of the COVID-19 pandemic mindfully. Where several organizations got shut down and struggled to survive through the time then, it was due to our systematic approach and minimalistic expenses, procedure, and more, we thrived and are here today.

Well, my approach has been quite simple - I don’t put it on people, I lead by example. If any tough situation is there, I will be the first person who will be onto it. So I try to
make sure that I'm always available. I'm not the kind of person who works from nine to five. I am just unavailable while I sleep, rather, I'm always on the job. I'm very aggressive and have an optimistic mentality. Whenever any problem arises, I try to find out solutions to problems strategically following the trail and ensuring that my employees learn from it and do not repeat the same mistakes.

Additionally, I have always been a believer in the fact that customers are good for us, hence, serving them better and addressing their concerns & feedback is important to relish better. At Shah Global, committed to providing quality and excellent service to our valuable clients, we have brought the best minds and the most experienced professionals to come together and we have been delivering customer-centric solutions, quality installations, and world-class after sales service to clients whenever approached.

What is your take on the technological integration to ensure on driving the needed innovation in the field?
As we are an engineered product services company, we need to live up to the customers’ expectations. If we still work on old traditional processes and every thing, then customers will not like it always. Hence, we focus on understanding the customer and hence upskilling our knowledge bag staying up-to date on the new technologies, basis what is trending/ competitive and more efficient, and what can make customers get attracted significantly helps.

How do you perceive the future changes in the market, and what would be your advice to burning entrepreneurs in the field?
I believe that one should be within them selves. Also, one should always try to enhance themselves and make sure that whatever skills they have acquired and they should use it to provide the right things to the customers. Basically, the world is being led by skill-based services, so one should understand oneself and should master in all the relevant skills and should provide for the customer requirements.

What is the future destination that you're heading towards?
Currently, we are already placed in Maldives and we have our corporate office in Dubai. My future plan is like expanding into Singapore and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, within one, or two years, we will be able to achieve it.

Dr. Shanawaz N Khan, Founder & CEO, Shah Global
A visionary leader and entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience working for MNCs and own enterprise, serving the engineering, industrial, MEP, interiors, and trading services verticals.

Hobbies: Playing sports, Driving
Favorite cuisine: Continental
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