Kishore Kanna.N : A Visionary Leader Revolutionizing Logistics & SRP In The Enterprise Software Sector | CEOInsights Vendor
Kishore Kanna.N : A Visionary Leader Revolutionizing Logistics & SRP In The Enterprise Software Sector

Kishore Kanna.N : A Visionary Leader Revolutionizing Logistics & SRP In The Enterprise Software Sector

Kishore Kanna.N,   Vice President & Business Unit Head - Logistics & SRP

Kishore Kanna.N

Vice President & Business Unit Head - Logistics & SRP

The enterprise software industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector that plays a crucial role in modern businesses' operations and management. It encompasses a wide range of software solutions designed to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and facilitate decision-making across various departments. One notable leader in the enterprise software products industry is Kishore Kanna. N, serving as the Vice President and Business Unit Head for Logistics & SRP (Service Resource Planning) at Ramco Systems.

Kishore Kanna's role is instrumental in empowering this sector by driving innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions, and fostering strong client relationships. With his expertise and strategic vision, Kishore leads initiatives that enable businesses to optimize their logistics operations, improve service delivery, and achieve operational excellence through Ramco's innovative software offerings & Delivery excellence initiatives. His leadership and contributions significantly contribute to the growth and success of the enterprise software industry. Let’s hear more from him.

Could you briefly overview your professional journey and what motivates your daily routine?

One of my key learnings, inspired by Clayton Christensen's ‘How Will You Measure Your Life’, revolves around being open to 'unanticipated possibilities in life'. This mindset has propelled me to explore uncharted territories, tackle diverse challenges, and continuously learn and grow. After my post graduation at IIT Madras (M.Tech), I entered the workforce at ICICI Infotech (now 3i Infotech) two decades ago, initially as a business consultant in the ERP domain. A pivotal moment arrived when I was entrusted with leading the QA initiative for our business unit, setting the stage for a dynamic career path spanning ERP, Insurance, e-governance, and currently Logistics & SRP at Ramco Systems.

Over the years, my roles evolved signifi-cantly, from a Software Engineer to heading Business Unit, encompassing responsibilities such as Business Consulting, Implementation, Global Support & Maintenance, Quality Control, Customer Support, Leading Operations, managing & leading PMO across multiple units, and having been a Chief Strategy Officer for Finiacial Services & Insurance business unit. These roles expanded my knowledge and honed my ability to navigate complex challenges, lead transformations, and manage crises effectively.
My motivation stems from being a facilitator for my team and clients, deriving satisfaction from identifying pathways to closure - a skill many find challenging yet essential in the professional realm. I truly believe in treating 'difference of opinion' as a healthy problem to have, in order to arrive at optimal solution given the constraints.

I emphasize the importance of effective client manage-ment & the cultivation of longterm partnerships

Tell us about your academic experience at the Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?

During my time at the Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli, I gained loads of academic knowledge coupled with invaluable life lessons. One of the most profound lessons I learnt was the power of networking, which reinforces 'Network is Net worth'. This understanding was deeply ingrained within my peer group at IIM Trichy, where I experienced firsthand how networking can open doors to opportunities and enhance professional growth.

Peer learning was another significant aspect of my academic experience. Interacting with classmates who brought diverse experiences to the table expanded my perspective and allowed for a multitude of dimensions to emerge when approaching problems. This exposure to varied view points encouraged 'out of the box' thinking and enriched my learning process.

Additionally, IIM Trichy instilled in me a strong sense of time management. While it may seem like a basic skill, the rigorous and in-depth nature of the courses emphasized the importance of efficient time management. This skill became critical in balancing academic commitments, extracurricular activities, and personal responsibilities, teaching me the value of prioritization and productivity.

As the Vice President & BU Head Logistics & SRP, how do you help maintain Ramco System’s position as ever reliable growth driver for its clients that it serves.

As Vice President and Business Unit Head, my commitment lies in ensuring that our company remains a reliable driver of growth for the clients we serve. To achieve this objective, I prioritize several fundamental strategies.

Firstly, I emphasize the importance of effective client management and the cultivation of long-term partnerships. This entails starting by comprehensively understanding our clients' pain points and aligning our solutions with their immediate and future goals. Building trust and sustaining partnerships require us to be sensitive and responsive to client concerns without resorting to short-term gains that may compromise our integrity. I continue
to nurture a culture that enables my team to be transparent and upfront about the challenges and shortcomings in the engagement. Transitioning from a traditional vendor client dynamic to a more collaborative partnership model enhances communication and mutual understanding, fostering stronger relationships.

Secondly, continuous engagement, ongoing improvement, and adaptability to evolving business landscapes are essential to remaining relevant and meeting the changing needs of our clients.

Furthermore, our commitment to offering innovative technology solutions and industry best practices enables clients to optimize efficiency andcost effectiveness, especially in sectors with limited margin potential.

'When Margins are Moderate, Maximize it'.
This holistic approach ensures that we not only address current challenges but also contribute to our client's long-term prosperity and expansion.

Last but never the least, be available & approachable to clients, ‘hear’ them deeply & have pathyways to solution with a win-win approach.

What are your plans for the future?

My future roadmap involves several key strategies aimed at ensuring sustained growth and relevance in the upcoming financial year. One aspect of this plan is to prioritize a tech upgrade for our products to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Additionally, we aim to continuously improve our delivery model to become the preferred partner for our clients. This involves adopting a sales model that emphasizes transparency and realistic promises, ensuring that we deliver what we commit to and exceed expectations.

Another crucial element of our roadmap is helping our clients unlock value through our product framework. I also plan to prepare our team within the business unit to be versatile and adaptable across various domains, teams, and units.

Our focus on human captial prioritizes continuous learning and development, not only focusing on technical and functional skills but also on soft skills such as effective communication, negotiation, and managing composite teams. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, we aim to create a conducive work environment that supports the holistic growth and success of our team members while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 'If the team wins it wins, if it loses I lose'.

Kishore Kanna.N, Vice President, Business Unit Head -Logistics & SRP, Ramco Systems

With a strong background in driving innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions, and fostering client relationships, Kishore plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses to optimize their logistics operations and achieve operational excellence.

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