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Manmohan Ram: Adding More Flavours to India's Exotic Ethnic Fashion

Manmohan Ram: Adding More Flavours to India's Exotic Ethnic Fashion

Manmohan Ram,    Managing Partner

Manmohan Ram

Managing Partner

No matter how much girls love flaunting western dresses; sarees hold a special place in their hearts. The vibrant colors, intricate designs, and rich fabrics make their hearts melt for the gorgeous sarees. If you love Indian ethnic wear and want to find the best luxury collections, Chennai-based Sundari Silks is here for you.

With a legacy of 80+ years, it brings forth India's diverse handloom heritage to the world. Through the finest fabrics from across the land and the magical hands that work, Sundari Silks has gained a special place in the hearts of its customers. This legendary brand has now turned into one of the go-to online shopping portals for many new-gen shoppers. The brand best defines the phrase `Customer is the king!' It wins its customers with highquality products and ensures that they are satisfied, at all times. Everything from your apparel, to accessories, and decors, this retail cum e-Commerce platform beats the charts with its best fashion sense, where it provides traditional fashion essentials & ethnic collections, all in one place.

When it comes to fashion, India as a country is so vibrant and rich in diversity. For example, every state has a variety of different fabrics for sarees. Famous sarees include Banarasi silk saree, Patola saree, Kanjeevaram silk saree, Pochampally, Upada, and Kalamkari, amongst others. These traditional Indian sarees are crafted uniquely, using various fabrics and embroidery techniques. Sundari simplifies the experience for its users to buy all of them, it produces most of the apparel all by itself and supplies it to customers' doorstep, with just a click of a button.

Currently leading a brand with an 8-decade heritage and a family part of the weaving community for generations is Manmohan Ram, the Managing Partner. At the dawn of the new generation, Manmohan joined his family business to take Sundari Silks to greater heights. Founded by K Rajaram, Sundari Silks holds a rich heritage in the market. Manmohan knew the importance of making technology part of the company's life. With several strategies in mind to make the brand top the chart as one of the most preferred destinations to shop, he joined Sundari Silks in the year 2013.

With a persistently promoted entrepreneurial spirit, laser focus, ambition, sheer will, and prompt decision-making ability, he grabbed the opportunity and today is listed among the Top Leaders in e-Commerce.In an exclusive conversation with Manmohan, the CEO Insights' team traces his
journey of becoming a pilot of success.

Brief us about your journey with Sundari Silks. Kindly throw some light on your background that helps in transforming the company.
A family business is not a safe shelter, it is more of a responsibility to keep up the position and scale it further. Also, I was not given the Director seat on day one. I had to earn the position I'm in today. I began my journey with the company in an intern position.

Our products venture beyond vibrant ethnic wear, home furnishings, curated handicrafts, and vintage artifacts

I joined the company with a lot of eagerness to learn like any other employee. Basically, I was in the right hand for my career growth and proving my potential. Later, I was promoted to further appellations, and finally to the level of managing decisions, and making financial decisions as well. I did my in Loyola and then did hotel management in Ritzin Switzerland which gave me good exposure in the hospitality business and it helps to have that in retail too.

Tell us about your responsibilities. How did you steer evolution into the operations of the company?
From operational aspects to making financial decisions, everything has a perfect balance in my duty. Initially, when I joined, the way of working was different. I had a lot of ideas to be implemented but bringing in proper systems, making them stay updated, and changing the style of working was the biggest challenge.

I understood that the process of change is very slow and it is important at the same time. We wanted a change for growth. Later, I somehow implemented new processes and structures both in the production and retail areas.Doing things in aprofessional way by incorporating digital potential helped us improve productivity and efficiency. The strategies were effective and gave me more confidence, which prompted a vital shift in our operations.

Could you tell us about the unique services that are provided by Sundari Silks that make it stand out from the rest in the market?
The first aspect would be our customer-focused nature. We put customers at the heart of everything we do and find joy in continuously keeping up with their aspirations and sense of taste and style. The second thing is our wide range of products and varieties. We currently offer a curated collection that includes all varieties of sarees, silver jewelry, and apparel that are ethnic and stylish. There are a wide variety of options to meet wardrobe staples, from festive wear to elevated wedding functions. It is a place for all ages, where mother, daughter, and grandmother can shop together and find some thing special.

We have products under multiple categories such as sarees, kurtas,
tops, and dresses, also we have men's wear and home decor along with an exclusive Naushad Ali designer collection. We have started a jewelry brand in the name of Athirshtam jewelry with only silver jewelry now to start with, which has gotten a good response from our customers.

Highlight the eminence of the brand that makes it so special in the market.
Sundari Silks' unique features include genuine products, secure payments, proper purchase protection, hassle-free delivery, and an easy return policy. Beyond this, we go an extra mile for the customers and offer customization of clothes, designed and constructed by skilled sewers by hand. It is sewn with extreme attention to detail and transforms into an outfit bringing smiles to customers'faces.

While our e-Commerce business has its own flexibility and ease, visiting our store is a nostalgic experience. The exquisite aura of our showroom provides the true warmth of Chettinad architecture and takes you back to the old days. At every step, we have kept up with the times whilst remaining rooted in our values, to ensure that the great Indian fabric retains its charm forever. Our collection of classic yet contemporary works of art are Indian but garner an ever-growing global appeal.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes? What advice would you give to the upcoming entrepreneurs in the same industry?
I strongly believe that a goal without action is vain. Taking action consistently is very important. My suggestion to the budding entrepreneurs would be to not only focus on the commercial factors like sales but also look at the financials by taking guidance from good financial experts. This is something I learned late, but it's vital.

What's in store for Sundari Silks and its customers in the upcoming days?
Quality is at the epicenter of our progress, and we want to give fashion ethnic clothing with traditional warmth. We aim to revive and maintain the old crafts of India at the same. Time provides luxury and fashion rooted in our traditions.

Manmohan Ram, Managing Partner, Sundari Silks
Astute business leader and passionate traveller, manmohan loves long drives and explores the local cuisines of every place he visits

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