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Manoj Jaju & Rahul Gadkari: Facilitating Financing Services Through Experience & Technology

Manoj Jaju & Rahul Gadkari: Facilitating Financing Services Through Experience & Technology

Manoj Jaju & Rahul Gadkari,   Directors

Manoj Jaju & Rahul Gadkari


Real Value Consultants is one of the oldest franchises dealing in Home Loans and Mortgages Business. The two torch bearers of the company, Manoj Jaju & Rahul Gadkari, Director, Real Value Consultants with their extraordinary leadership traits have been leading a commitment to offering the best possible financing solutions to clients. Manoj has over 20 years of illustrious experience in Retail Loans Distribution, especially Mortgages. He has been associated with the company since its inception in 2002 and has built the organization with prodigious passion & dedication. Over the years, Manoj has been efficiently taking care of Mortgages Business, Key Relationships Management, and driving the overall retail initiatives for the company. Rahul on the other hand has over 12 years of unmatched experience working in leading Indian Banks like IDBI, Axis, and Cosmos in the field of Retail Lending, SME Lending & Corporate Banking. He looks after SME & Corporate Debt Syndication Services and takes care of new initiatives for the company. Under their leadership, real value Consultants has been able to serve various reputed Businesses in two major cities of Maharashtra and have built a strong clientele base of more than 10000 for various leading banks. Let’s hear it from them as they speak about their journey and more.

Rahul, could you tell us what makes Real Value Consultants different from its competitors in the market?
What makes us different is our long experience as bankers and our learnings while handling customers from the other side of the table. This gives us the skills to understand the
requirements of bankers and the type of solutions they offer to their clients. As clients come with their own set of expectations, it is the job of consultancies to educate them with the right kind of information. It is crucial to understand the clients' needs, their balance sheets, their businesses, and their strengths & weaknesses. And then offer complete solutions in terms of lending. It is important to negotiate the terms of your loan with the bank before signing for any loan from them; it is seen that many banks offer the desired amount of loan to their clients but the terms and conditions of the sanction make a lot of difference. This is where our experience comes into the picture; we handhold every client right from the early stage of lending till the maturity of the loan, making their journey smooth & flawless.

We handhold every client right from the early stage of lending to the maturity period of the loan, making their journey smooth & flaw less

Manoj could you brief us on the contemporary technologies that are currently being implemented across the various services offered by Real value Consultants?
We are coming up with a set of digitized solutions for our clients. We have developed software to process the loan eligibility of our clients and track the progress of every loan application that we source. It captures the details of our customers’ income and obligations depending on various parameterizations of various banking, we arrive at lending solutions that best suit the customer. When it comes to availing loans from the bank for business funding, especially working capital, project loans, and machinery loans, there are a lot of requirements before the process is initiated by the bank. In many cases clients struggle while offering the right amount of collateral. This is where we manifest our experience we understand their
business before operations, opportunities presented and so on and skilfully negotiate with the bank to make sure our clients receive the best solution for their business.

Manoj, what propositions led by Real Value Consultants help NRIs easily access Home Loans in the Indian market?
A lot of NRIs take interest in investing in the Indian Real Estate market and this trend has been on the rise over the last decade. While various Banks have NRI Loan Products available, and there is a huge requirement of NRI loans, there is different paperwork that is taken into consideration before offering them the same. We make this process easy for the NRIs by understanding the requirements and communicating with the clients accordingly. We help them to complete their entire paperwork remotely so that they can invest in India while working from distant foreign land.

Rahul, what is the future roadmap envisioned for Realvalue Consultants?
We are ready to launch a set of digitalized solutions for our customers which will facilitate the loan availment process. Also, we are looking forward to spreading our services and opening some more branches of Real Value Consultants. We are at present located in Mumbai & Pune and planning to expand our business all over Maharashtra.

Rahul Gadkari, Director

Manoj Jaju & Rahul Gadkari, Director,Real value Consultants
Both Manoj and Rahul are Postgraduates in Finance and leverage their combined experiences in the financial sectors to provide the finest Home Loans and Mortgages Business solutions to clients.

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