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Mukesh Sanghvi: Driving Creation Through Innovation In The Optical Fiber Industry

Mukesh Sanghvi: Driving Creation Through Innovation In The Optical Fiber Industry

Mukesh Sanghvi,  Managing Director

Mukesh Sanghvi

Managing Director

The fiber optic cable industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years,driven by technological advancements and the increasing demand for high-speed data transmission. One of the prominent trends in the fiber optic cable industry is the ever-increasing need for bandwidth. The growth of the industry can be attributed to key factors like the ongoing digital transformation of various industries has significantly increased the reliability on data-intensive applications and services which has led to a surge in the demand for fiber optic cable infrastructure to accommodate the vast amount of data traffic. Despite the numerous advantages of fiber optic technology, consumers face high initial costs in the fiber optic cable industry due to infrastructure investment, expensive fiber optic cables, high reliability, and ROI considerations. In this challenging landscape, Mukesh Sanghvi stands out as a solution provider in the fiber optic cable industry. As the founder and M.D. of a leading cable protection solutions for fiber optic fiber cables company, Sanghvi has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies cable protection solutions for fiber optic fiber cables.

Mukesh Sanghvi is a trailblazer in the fiber optic cable industry. Sanghvi has revolutionized the industry with his expertise in developing cutting-edge products in reinforcement and water blocking applications. His company specializes in providing costeffective and reliable products and protection solutions for fiber optic cables products, making high-speed internet connectivity reliable to diverse markets worldwide. Mukesh Sanghvi's visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have positioned his company as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of fiber optic Cables and power cable sector. With a focus on customer satisfaction and continuous innovation, Mukesh Sanghvi continues to shape the industry's future and empower consumers with seamless connectivity solutions.

Could you tell us about your professional background and experiences? What motivates you in your daily routine?
I have a background in Chemical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology and later pursued Polymer Engineering at the
University of Akron, U.S. My professional journey began with research and development and training in composite materials for a company in Minnesota. I later returned to India to work as a Business Manager for Tipco Industry's new composite business. However, my ambition of becoming an entrepreneur led me to search for new opportunities, and I eventually co-founded Indore Composite in 1995, manufacturing fiber-reinforced plastic rods for fiber optic cables. At that time, the industry was in its nascent stage, with India consuming only 6000 kilometers of FRP rod, which was 100 percent imported. Now, it has grown substantially, with millions of kilometers being consumed annually. Our journey has been marked by growth, expansion, and global recognition. My motivation stems from the desire to innovate and find solutions for our customers. Continuous improvement, leadership in FRP rod manufacturing, and leaving a mark of distinction in the industry drive me forward.

We are a trusted supplier for over 20 years to the world's top 10 cable manufacturing companies

Could you tell us about the unique experiences the Manipal Institute of Technology offers and what you learned beyond academics?
Manipal Institute of Technology provided a transformative experience for me. Leaving home and living independently in a small town like Manipal exposed me to ground realities and taught me humility. Interacting with people from diverse cultures taught me how to work effectively in a team. Apart from academics, it made us street smart preparing us for future endeavors, both in postgraduate studies and eventually in business. These experiences honed my ability to face challenges and pursue excellence.

How did you find Indore Composite as an organization, its current market position, and what sets it apart from competitors?
Indore Composite is a customer-centric innovative company. Our focus is on fulfilling customer expectations in terms of quality, pricing, delivery, an new development needs. We are a dependable and transparent organization and this has helped us to find long term partnership with our customer and vendor. This commitment has made us a dependable and transparent partner for our customers. Innovation has been the cornerstone of our success. We have consistently launched new products ahead of our competitors, positioning us as leaders in the industry. Our investment in independent R&D centers has allowed us to innovate
new products, optimize existing products and processes, giving us a competitive edge.

Tell us about your leadership style and the guidance you provide to your team. What major milestones have marked your journey, and what is your success mantra?
My leadership style involves setting clear goals in consultation with the team, guiding them to achieve these goals, and developing them for higher responsi-bilities. Taking on challenges is in our DNA and we constantly look for avenues to develop and improve products and services. To stay updated with industry trends, I attend exhibitions, meet customers, read articles, and network with industry peers. Our team's day-to-day interactions with customers and vendors also provide valuable insights. The combination of all these efforts keeps me abreast of the industry's latest developments. Some major milestones include starting production in 1996 and venturing into exports in 2003. Launched numerous new products like LFT, Coated glass fiber and tapes in 2009-2010, setting us apart from others. In 2012, we invested in an independent R&D center, leading to further growth. Our success mantra is based on developing trust among each of the stakeholders, customers, employees, vendors and shareholders. Continuous improvement, technological innovation, and exceptional customer service have been instrumental in our growth.

What future roadmap have you envisioned for Indore Composite and yourself in the next five years? What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?
In the next five years, we are excited about the growth prospects in the broadband, 5G, and 6G industries, which will lead to more demand for cables, leading to more demand for our products. We plan to expand our manufacturing facilities globally and introduce new composite-based products for upcoming sectors like wind energy, efficient power transmission, etc. We are particularly enthusiastic about our foray into the power and renewable energy sectors. For budding entrepreneurs, I advise placing trust and integrity above everything else. Be reliable, and never lose sight of customer satisfaction. Embrace technology, innovate, and continuously improve to remain competitive and achieve success.

Mukesh sanghvi, Managing Director, Indore Composite
Mukesh Sanghvi is a visionary leader, with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, he has revolutionized the industry by providing costeffective and reliable products for fiber optic and power cables. His expertise and commitment to excellence have positioned him as a trusted solution provider, empowering consumers with seamless connectivity solutions.

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