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Pulkit Jain: An Engineer Turned Marketer, Revolutionising Education Industry With The Power Of Digital Marketing

Pulkit Jain: An Engineer Turned Marketer, Revolutionising Education Industry With The Power Of Digital Marketing

 Pulkit Jain, Managing Director

Pulkit Jain

Managing Director

In today's age of limitless opportunities, businesses of all stripes have grown to rely heavily on digital marketing. The advent of digital marketing has been a game-changer. It paves the way for entities to shake up established industries and for long-standing businesses to adapt to the digital era through reinvention. To captivate the audience in an increasingly crowded online world, Pulkit Jain has tackled various goals of the digital marketing conversion funnel through his company Your Digital Boat, founded in 2017. In 2018, Pulkit inaugurated his flagship office in the heart of Delhi, CP. Beyond his role as a marketing consultant, Pulkit's journey has encompassed dynamic collaborations with prestigious educational institutes and global clientele. His proficiency extends to the art of crafting and cultivating compelling social media narratives, hyper personalized marketing and customize websites tailored for target audiences. Educational institutions rely on Your Digital Boat to provide them with cutting edge websites and to infuse their e-learning resources with applications and individualized features.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insight's magazine, Pulkit spoke about Your Digital Boat's journey and the firm's expertise in this industry.

Please tell us about your professional journey and what inspired you to establish Your Digital Boat.
After receiving my bachelor's degree in computer science in 2016 from Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology in 2016, I excelled as a senior campaign analyst at Droom Technologies, an e-commerce company that facilitates the buying and selling of automobiles, for a remarkable 1.5 years. After that, I worked in the education industry, where I noticed a significant gap: prestigious schools were having difficulty establishing an online presence and ranking well in search engines. To validate my hypothesis, I spoke with various
senior management and teachers of various schools, and discovered that a lot of them were experiencing the same issue. On the other side, parents were also struggling to keep track of their children's activities in school. As a result, a parent-school communication mechanism was required to keep parents informed and schools transparent.

Be consistent, trust the process, & follow your own path to achieve success

As a consequence, I founded Your Digital Boat, which provides digital marketing services to various educational institutes, schools, colleges, and coaching institutes. Since then, I've worked with over 40+ clients in the education domain across India to bridge the gap between parents and institutes through the power of online platforms. Until 2020, Your Digital Boat has been dedicated to the educational space, but following the COVID pandemic, we expanded into verticals as well and along with keeping focus on education institutes.

Shed some light on the current positioning of Your Digital Boat as an organization in the market and your client's expectations of your offerings.
We are a full-service digital marketing firm with expertise in all facets of the industry. Our most prominent services include web design and development, graphic design, video editing, social media management, and content marketing. I am proud that any client who approaches us for these services also engages in additional services because we provide a comprehensive solution.

For example, a client who wants a business website will require graphic design as well as content. I assist them in hiring expert content writers, designing graphics, and integrating content with visuals. Correspondingly, clients benefit from not having to send content or graphics to other agents. We provide a one stop shop for all their needs.

I am not an MBA myself, but I am proud to mention that we have collaborated with top B-schools in India, including the S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, PIMR Indore, IIFT Delhi, and others to help these institutes to achieve desired online presence. For the time being, the company's pace is adequate, and my vision is
to be the top provider of digital marketing services in the educational domain along with catering to clients in other domains as well.

How do you approach being a leader, and what possible rules do you abide by?
As a leader, I've worked hard to create clear and concise procedures for my diverse teams. My leadership style is accessible and approachable, and team members feel free to approach me directly with any concerns or questions. However, while I do not hold high regard for the hierarchy model and its hierarchical classification of individuals, I recognize that certain circumstances necessitate its use, such as when allocating work responsibilities. Further more, new interns may find me unavailable at first, but I compensate for this by ensuring that our company's processes are transparent and readily accessible to interns, allowing them to navigate the complexities of our operations with ease and confidence.

Where do you see yourself going in the coming years?
My ambitions soar as I look to the future. As part of our expansion plans, we are testing waters on other continents, and the feedback has been quite positive. We anticipate that the real estate industry will grow, and we are currently involved in a few projects that are all inextricably linked to the world of properties. We are placing a large bet on education because, in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, many institutions of higher learning have adopted innovative teaching methods and a more adaptable approach to curriculum development. Finally, as the world progresses, everything evolves, and we plan to evolve as well to meet the changing needs of clients.

Pulkit Jain, Managing Director, Your Digital Boat
An Engineer turned Marketer, passionate about Online Marketing, Pulkit Jain has collaborated with more than 50+ brands across different verticals.

•Hobbies: Traveling and fitness
•Favorite Cuisine: North Indian, Italian
•Favorite Book: Atomic Habits, Eat That Frog, Dream With Your Eyes Open
•Favorite Travel Destination:
London, Italy
•Award:Received 'Best School Digital Marketing Company' Award from World Education Review at World Education Conclave

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