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Shobha Hulluraiah: Systematic & Well Organized Business Management Expert

Shobha Hulluraiah: Systematic & Well Organized Business Management Expert

Shobha Hulluraiah,  Director - Sales & Strategy

Shobha Hulluraiah

Director - Sales & Strategy

The employee transportation service market was valued at $32.38 billion in 2021 and it is expected to reach $44.48 billion by 2027. The growth in this space is fuelled by smart transportation and enhanced safety measures. In addition to this, corporate companies are opting for staff transportation service owing to the feasible means of travelling it offers with time saving optimized routing. As the increasing reports of harassment, inter ruptive transport system, severe mismanagement due to shared vehicles and poor maintenance are raising concern for safety, the need for more effective employee transportation facility with stringent protective measures has emerged as a matter of vital importance.

This is where Ialpha Mobility Solutions came into existence to offer customized travel solutions with technical innovations that ensure adherence to every safety standard including the safety of women employees. Ialpha delivers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for staff transportation with their innovative technology of governance data and reporting. Their automated functionality for smart routing, trip sheet generation, invoicing and real time GPS monitoring ensure smooth travel with safety. Shobha Hulluraiah is the Director Sales & Strategy of Ialpha who is a systemic well organized business management expert with over 15 years of significant industry experience. The CEOInsights Magazine recently engaged in a conversation with her in order to know more about its travel and logistics services and the core philosophies it is governed by.

Give us a brief account on your professional background and experience. What is the motivation mantra that you apply in your daily routine?
My passion and commitment towards my job encouraged me to take up its professional responsibilities. There are very few women who are in the transport industry. So, because of its dynamic
nature, and combined with a couple of challenges I wanted to enter the industry. The ground level challenges that it involves and the thrill to handle them thoughtfully have driven me towards the transportation and logistics industry. My intent was to make a difference by being innovative and managing crisis. Hence I chose to be in logistics and transport though I pursued information science. I am an engineer of information science and did MBA in IT operations. I was previously a corporate trainer and then chose to be in logistics. I want to make it a white collar space with more organized, professional and innovative approaches.

I believe that it is not your location that determines your success, but rather the kind of organizational structure you create and the value you deliver to your consumers

How would you define Ialpha Mobility Solutions as an organization and what makes the company different from other competitors?
I alpha is an organization of passionate people. We breed transport and logistics with the insights on how to create a difference in the transport industry. Our core team basically comprises of widened experience of about 100 years. The team is composed by five industry experts who have the knowledge to manage ground level operations with remarkable efficiency. We strongly believe in connecting to the ground level. It is the key to our success. And we continue to add value to the company by bringing technology to it. Our compliance with ethical practice and transparent service enables us to be on the leading edge to all transport requirements.

What are the major challenges you have experienced in your journey so far? How did you work on them and what did you learn from them?
We evolve as we learn every day and strive towards perfection. Being a corporate aggregator, we do not own any vehicle that was looked at as a challenge earlier. But over the time our channel partners developed trust on us based on the quality of our service and payment procedures. The impact we have on our consumer base helped us overcome the challenge. We learned
from the setbacks and solved them to make a difference. In the beginning of my career in 2010, I was just an executive. Today I am the Director of sales and strategy. I proudly say that the journey has given me great learning. In the industry, I was the first one to come up with the concept of end-to-end transport which is a consolidated package.

Could you tell me about the recent case study reflecting the success and also give a brief account of the company's long term and short term plan?
The pandemic posed as major hindrance to the most of the industries. The rising unemployment during the outbreak was alarming and I wanted to bring a solution to the issue. That is when we launched iAlpha. Due to certain adversities and the remote working scenario it was challenging to be employee transport service provider at that time. But we decided to stick to our goals. And we got through the challenges and evolved with immense team support. The way we did sustain during the pandemic seems to be miraculous when we look back. Evidently we are doing much better than the companies that have been there for 10-11 years. Certainly the pandemic was a great learning tool.

Based on your experiences,what would we advise to the budding entrepreneurs?
People of the next generation should actually realize that business does not bloom in the state of abundance. They need to leave their comfort behind and face ground level challenges. The wisdom from practical experience coupled with the trust in their own vision and proper planning would lead them to the success.

Shobha Hulluraiah, Director- Sales & Strategy, Ialpha Mobility Solutionss
Shobha has over 10 years of experience in during which she has served various organizations at different capacities. Her key strength lies in proactively identifying the requirements with the proven ability to analyze problems effectively with a unique approach to solutions. She has been a consistent performer with effective skills in optimally using resources and ensuring smooth workflow management

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