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Sneha Jain: A Pioneer With A Never Quit Attitude

Sneha Jain: A Pioneer With A Never Quit Attitude

  Sneha Jain,      Founder

Sneha Jain


WealthTrust Capital Services is a pioneering business organization that was incorporated in 2015 to offer the best value for money financial solutions across assets and liabilities to the clients. This new age Wealth Management firm focuses on managing Financial Product Suitability of their clients with a long-term focus. And owing to the quality of their offerings, the company as of now has more than 500 clients. To cater to the varied needs of their clients, the company introduces various products in a client’s portfolio including Mutual Funds, Insurance, Direct Equity, AIF, PMS, FD, Bonds, PPF and NPS. Sneha Jain is the brains behind Wealth Trust Capital Services and under her guidance, the firm has been able to make impressive strides in the market within a short span of time and cement themselves as an elite financial solutions provider.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Sneha talks more about her professional journey and the unique business operations of Wealth Trust Capital Services.

Can you talk more about your professional journey? Also, what motivated you to pursue a career in asset management?
I was working on the product side of a couple of asset management companies before I ventured off into starting a business of my own. During this stint, I understood that the whole operations was predominantly product driven and there were multiple gaps in the market space. With my firm, I wanted to fill these gaps while at the same time educate as well as assist people when it comes to planning their finances to secure the best future. I wanted to give the clients the financial freedom they deserved and that is what motivated me to establish Wealth Trust Capital Services. Another thing that I
noticed was insurance was mixed with investments which I couldn’t understand owing to the fact that insurance is something that you take to protect you from risks and it is not supposed to be an investment. Through our offerings, I not only want to bring awareness to this but I also wanted to help the clients choose the right investment options that will offer them the best results.

We are currently working on developing technology where our entire operations are even more streamlined which in turn will help us to improve the quality of our services

Can you give us a brief overview about Wealth Trust Capital Services and its operations?
We are a very client-centric business and we want to build client’s portfolio in a way which makes sense from a client’s perspective. We want to offer solutions, not just products and that’s the way we have structured our organization as well. As an addition to our overall proposition, through our investment banking arm we aid clients to diversify their investments in opportunistic ideas to cater to their unique/personal needs.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and we acknowledge the fact that everybody’s situation is different. What we do is understand where the client is as of now and what are the problems they face. We also listen to their requirements and where they want to be in the future. After this we will offer custom curated solutions to the clients that will bring the best results for our clients.

Can you talk more about your team?
My team has clear ideas of the company’s mission and vision and they are totally aligned with my thought process and they have a clear idea regarding where this company needs to be. I also don’t give them any targets but my employees always make sure that they get the right results for both us and our clients. When clients come to us, we work as a team to take the burden off their shoulders. Our clients trust us and we work hard to
ensure that they get the desired results from us on a consistent basis.

What are some of the major future plans for Wealth Trust Capital Services?
We are currently working on developing technology where our entire operations are even more streamlined which in turn will help us to improve the quality of our services. Through this technology, we are aiming to bring our offerings under one roof but at the same time ensure that it is user friendly and simple.

Apart from technical advancement, we want to add human touch. The Relationship Managers are trained professionals to address issues, concerns, requirements of various clients.

We also want to improve financial literacy among the general public and make them understand the importance of financial planning. We want to educate them on the drawbacks of waiting till the end to start investing. I believe that if you want to be ready for the future, it is important to start investing now itself. Through this, we want to create a lasting impact in the industry.

Further, Sneha is a staunch supporter of women empowerment and believe in walking the talk. Therefore, Sneha conducts periodic sessions with working women/non-working women and educate them regarding ways and means of financial liberation.

What would be your advice to the coming generation of entrepreneurs?
Most people want quick money strategies and this might make it harder for you to implement your own vision. In this scenario, make sure that you don’t get swept away by short term gains. Stick to what you believe and work hard to make it a success.

Sneha Jain, Founder, Wealth Trust Capital Services
Sneha a pioneering business leader, she has never shied away from challenges and this is one of the biggest traits that separates herself from the rest.

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