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Srividya Venkataramanan: Building A Value-Led Organization Through Effective Hr Policies

Srividya Venkataramanan: Building A Value-Led Organization Through Effective Hr Policies

Srividya Venkataramanan,  Director HR

Srividya Venkataramanan

Director HR

Any firm that wants to prosper in the new digital economy may do so by emphasizing its most important resource its employees. Recruiting fresh talent or retaining and upskilling current employees is another aspect for organizations to help them stay in tune with the competitive world. The HR Director often has to deal with a wide range of mandate tasks of the department including the recruitment, assessment, development and retention of talent in their organization. Aligning business objectives with employee development, Srividya Venkataramanan is striving to make Petrus Technologies’ work environment a value-led organization.

Srividya is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, and IIM Rohtak alumni with extensive experience of eighteen years in the workforce management domain. Her expertise is not just limited to talent acquisition, it also extends across performance management, employee relations, learning and employee benefits.

Srividya Venkataramanan engages in an interactive session with the CEO Insights Magazine.

Tell us about your educational background and professional experiences. Tell us about your unique experiences from IIM Rohtak.
I have eighteen years of management expertise in the talent management field and am a talent leader. I am a champion of people and a culture specialist who is respected within the company as a dynamic and collaborative leader. I have a broad range of HR experience, including corporate training, D&I, employee engagement
talent management, and talent acquisition. I am a certified NLP Coach. I spent most of my career working in the IT and ITES sector, with companies ranging in size from mid sized to tech behemoths, each offering a wealth of expertise and demanding challenges. Through empathy, inclusivity, and ongoing involvement, I firmly believe in creating a Values-led culture and a daring workplace.

I strongly believe in developing a value-led culture & creating a brave workspace through compassion, inclusion, & continuous engagement

We were a group of future visionaries who had convened at IIM Rohtak with a combined professional experience of more than ten years, representing a wide range of industries from the automotive to the nuclear, from IT to the hotel, and from education to entrepreneurship. That's a summary of my time at IIM Rohtak. I must admit that the group learning therapy helped me reflect on how I had previously understood managing human resources within the firm and helped me unlearn and relearn newer ways. The group served all flavors of depth and proficiency in knowledge, ranging from baby boomers through Generation Z.

Define Petrus Technologies and its current position in the market.
When it comes to providing Engineering R&D and Industries 4.0 technology services, Petrus excels at foreseeing the future, developing disruptive business value, and delivering it on a solid foundation of LMW (Lakshmi Machine Works) values and trust. With its strong engineering expertise, cutting-edge technology, and agile organizational structures, Petrus openly helps cross functional teams communicate creative ideas. Our in depth topic knowledge and vast experience are assisting several organizations, from small startups to international conglomerates, in changing their digital strategy. Cyber physical systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Systems
work together to create the ‘Smart Factory’. The automotive, aerospace, energy, entertainment, healthcare, defense, manufacturing, and IoT sectors are our primary areas of concentration.

Explain the significance of having HR operations that are in line with organizational strategy.
Today, we refer to HR as a ‘Business Enablement Function’ rather than an operational position. A corporation needs knowledgeable HR experts that can translate corporate objectives into actions by comprehending the specifics of the industry. Smart talent partners collaborate closely with corporate leadership, comprehend what is said and what is not stated, and assist businesses in achieving their objectives by looking at them through the eyes of their employees.

As a HR Director, what are the skills that you look for in fresh candidates?
I search for a will to learn, as well as for creativity, passion, and curiosity and I'd like to learn more about someone's passion and the steps they've taken to cultivate it in most of my HR interviews. It would be easier for me to comprehend the range of skills a candidate holds as a result. It may be possible to tap into a diverse personality, an entrepreneur, a latent leader, or even a motivator at work. To innovate, we require a diversity of ideas and a workforce with new viewpoints to remain current and ahead of the competition.

What are your plans for the future?
I appreciate the journey more than the destination, so that's what matters. Having said that, I do set goals for myself and celebrate my quick wins. My next goal will probably be to quadruple the number of employees and develop a culture of trust where everyone feels appreciated. At the end of the day, investing in people is crucial since they are the ones who come up with ideas, strategize, and carry them out.

Srividya Venkataramanan, Director HR, Petrus Technologies
Srividya is a dynamic leader, who is a staunch believer in fostering organizational innovation. Through her HR expertise, she is structuring new policies for bringing in skilled talent for the company.

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