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Vijay Kancharla: Accelerating Business Growth With Bespoke Management Consulting Services

Vijay Kancharla: Accelerating Business Growth With Bespoke Management Consulting Services

   Vijay Kancharla,     Founder & CEO

Vijay Kancharla

Founder & CEO

On a global scale, the management consulting industry is anticipated to grow from $326.11 bn to $411.28 bn by 2028 during the forecast period of 2023 to 2028. Regulatory reforms have been propelling the demand for management advisory services, as the companies require a thorough guidance on the fundamentals of the updated regulations to avoid legal complications. The booming startup culture necessitates comprehensive management advisory platforms that direct them to scalability and seamless organizational operations. In the changing face of corporate environment, it is essential to be able to consistently navigate business complexities, and to be prepared to manage challenges occurring at any time. A visionary idea cannot alone take a business to its pinnacle of success if it does not have a proper support system that works towards performance enhancement while managing risk, financial, technological and several other organizational resources.

While Matsa Solutions noticed this need to administer an integrated management advisory system they came up with management solutions specific to each unique business setback. From analysing challenges to accomplishing the intended goals, Matsa takes care of resource management, realignment of strategies while mitigating risks within regulatory framework in an extensive manner. Hailing from Hyderabad, the company emphasizes on studying the drawbacks of the client organization and optimizing its productivity through their change management expertise, strategic planning for better market penetration and robust technological assistance. Leveraging its Founder & CEO, Vijay Kancharla’s analytical approach to decision making and transformational prowess, Matsa caters to the management advisory needs of businesses of all sizes. CEO Insights engages in a conversation with Kancharla, in order to know more about Matsa’s offerings and the core philosophies it is governed by.

Could you give an overview of your professional background, your experiences and the motivation that fills your daily routine?
My journey in this world of management consulting started almost 17 years ago, with one of the
most prominent consulting firm Deloitte. During the years of working across various industries, I developed a deep under standing of business strategy which is the central force of management consulting. I have managed multiple organizational dynamics with critical importance to effective marketing and branding. Here in Matsa Solutions, I exercise my expertise in analysing the client’s strengths and weaknesses and formulating comprehensive strategies for them. Marketing technologies being a driving force in my career, I have been able to cater to small, medium and enterprise level companies. Those who are aiming to transition from traditional means marketing to digitalized marketing practices or those who are keen on adopting latest innovations we at Matsa, are empower to serve both of them. I have assisted clients in revitalizing their businesses into profitable establishments. In Matsa, we also identify the challenges faced by the clients and redirect them to sustainable growth with cutting edge management technologies and stratagems. This sums up my professional journey as a management consultant with strong marketing exposure.

The equal participation in the tasks has made Matsa an epito-me of positive work culture

How would you define Matsa Solutions as an organization and its current position in the market?
We offer strategic guidance and management solutions to various businesses in three segment. One is management consulting, the second is management as a service and technology solutions are our third offering. In management consulting, we act as trusted partner for companies who are seeking to reposition themselves from loss-bearing to profit-making centres and enhance their market presence to achieve sustainable growth. We run a complete analysis of the modus operandi of the company to identify the pain points and our team then come with solutions best suited for them. For budding enterprises we have a solution called business feasibility document which is about evaluating the feasibility of a startup idea in the market, studying the competitive landscape and market barrier entries. Then we create a proper business model for the startup. Secondly, we see management as service to address management and other operational issues. This comes with a subscription basis. We have twelve diversified services under it ranging from integrated digital marketing to content, creative services, analytics and insights and to virtual CFO and HR. In addition, we have three subscription services in technology
as well, offering software development solutions and digital transformation services.

Could you tell us about your leadership approach? What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team?
We believe in the productive force of teamwork in words and in spirit. So the brainstorming that happens around the table is an inclusive discussion where the junior employees assert their opinions and ideas. The equal participation in the tasks has made Matsa an epitome of positive work culture. As a leader, I get into the employees’ shoes and analyse a problem from their perspective which help me stay motivated and also transmit motivation across the organization.

What is the future roadmap you have envisioned for yourself as well as for the company for the next five years?
Along with our presence in the USA and UK, we are growing our global footprint and looking forward to diversify our product portfolio. Moreover we are creating a venue for budding entrepreneurs where we work as bridge between the new startups and investors. We are also focusing of green development in order to make our organization environmentally responsible. In addition, we planning to organise training programs for underprivileged students to encourage them about cutting-edge technologies and creating employment opportunities for them.

Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs
At present, many firms that are headquartered globally are building their presence in India. As we have talented workforce the companies are aiming towards India to shift most of their major portfolios here. This is the time we need to pull up our socks. At the same time, we need to stick to our reality to understand upcoming challenges. I always believe in five work mantra of homework network, hard work, teamwork and smart work. I firmly believe that adhering to the five practices will help entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Vijay Kancharla, Founder & CEO, Matsa Solutions
Vijay, Founder of Matsa Solutions, is a seasoned strategist with a track record of success. His extensive leadership experience includes roles at Clarivate, Hitachi Consulting, and GEP Worldwide, along with a tenure at Deloitte. Vijay holds a certification in Predictive Analytics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, and is recognized as a Base SAS Certified Professional. Vijay also earned an MBA in Marketing with IT from ICFAI. His academic journey began with a B.Tech in Electronics & Communications from Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering, setting the foundation for his successful career.

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