Chips, Laptops, Flying Taxis? What's in for CES 22?



The idea of relying on smart glasses instead of the smartphone can be perceived the opposite of those who regard it useful or much more convenient. Nonetheless, one aspect worth agreeing is the technology framework that acts as magic making these glasses do what they do. Even when fidgeting a new smartphone is a whole different experience compared to the advertisements or news shown by various print and electronic mediums. That’s why events of the same are a big deal in attracting a lot of buyers as well as a lot of keen investors who could help boost the fame and fortune of the manufacturer behind those technological innovations. Although some of these shows were organized in a virtual setting, an upcoming event, CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world’s biggest science exhibition, has been announced to be held publicly. Even when tech giants such as Waymo, Lenovo, Intel and Google being the latest to attend the event virtually, the CTA (Consumer Technology Association)  has decided the show must go on publicly no matter the number of participants declining their physical attendance.

The show is held both physically and virtually, but it’s still unclear how many tech makers, marketers and analysts may be turning up for the show. In 2021, the show went virtual and let’s admits it, it probably wasn’t as thrilling as witnessing newest technological innovations unfold in the flesh, and is the same when being exposed to a microscopic virus while in a crowd. Hence, this time, the show will last for three days starting January 5th and the online session will start a day early.

New Chips to Munch On 

Major chip makers are expected to unveil mobile chips for gaming and high-performance laptops at this year's CES. At CES 2022, AMD is anticipated to unveil its Zen 4 Ryzen processors as well. In the critical semiconductor market, both businesses fight against one another. Meanwhile, Nvidia is expected to release the GeForce RTX 3050 and RTX 3090 Ti desktop GPUs.

Qualcomm, for example, recently announced some exciting new AI capabilities as part of its next-generation chipset (including an always-on camera feature). Similarly, expect to hear chipmakers tout a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence features at CES, such as using natural language processing to better understand the tone of messages and prioritizing those that sound important; or the ability to monitor vocal sounds, which could in theory detect asthma, the onset of depression, and other health issues.

This also rings new innovations in this space, such as fitness trackers, and sex tech are also expected to be discussed at CES, as they have in previous years. Health tech and the AR/VR headset market are anticipated to be hot topics, with smaller firms stealing the show.

Laptops to Fidget

Big laptop suppliers are expected to release new notebooks powered by new CPUs now that Intel and AMD have both shown off new chips. At CES 2022, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP, and MSI will show off new laptops. Lenovo is expected to release a 17-inch laptop with a tablet-like screen on the right side of the keyboard. This laptop has been speculated for months, and CES 2022 appears to be the ideal showcase for it. LG, meanwhile, unveiled the UltraGear 17G90Q, its first-ever gaming laptop, a few weeks before the exhibition. New Chromebooks are also expected to steal the show at the world's largest tech event.

But Of Course Let’s Not Forget TVs!

At CES 2022, televisions will indeed be the talk among folks this time as well. Now that businesses have been showcasing 8K TVs at CES for a while, it's time to showcase flat-screen TVs with high-resolution. At the exhibition, LG, Samsung, Sony, and TCL are expected to unveil new televisions. Certainly, one or two major brands will demonstrate futuristic televisions with cutting-edge display technology that could become the norm in the future. In 2022, mini LED and other zone-based backlighting techniques will make their way into more cheap television models. As more people are watching new releases at home these days, TV manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL, and Hisense could go big, think 75-inch screens and beyond.

“We're not unrealistic: the show's going to be smaller this year”, said Jean Foster, senior vice president of marketing and communications for the Consumer Technology Association, the group organising the CES show. “It allows us to widen the aisles and accommodate social distancing”.


What’s on the House Digitally?

Viewers can expect virtual briefings on the normal array of chip-equipped products, such as smart speakers, botvacs, pet feeders, water consumption monitoring, fancy toilets, finer bidets, and Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes, in the smart home. However, the upcoming launch of Matter—a new smart home standard backed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung and set to debut in 2022—could make these gadgets a little more compatible.

Until then, much of the smart home tech will be the same ‘new’ innovation we saw at CES 2021 during virtual briefings. Some of it, like the AO face mask with fans and filters to purify the air, the Yoganotch ‘personal assistant’ package that guided the user through at-home yoga lessons... CES, on the other hand, could be able to stay ahead of the curve.

But What About Space?

Well, it’s not the space in the house, but the space that bears the planet earth and other planets and elements and hence, could be the new categories grabbing the spotlight this year. Needless to say, over the past few years huge bucks were poured into space tech companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin. Meaning, there are possibilities that more companies in this space are interested and could turn up for the show this year.

Agriculture and farming is another topic that is being carved out at the exhibition. In previous years, big names like John Deere have attended, but this year's list will also include food companies that make plant-based meat alternatives. Also, other interesting innovations could be showing up or probably make flight to the show as there are flying taxis, a speedy-ice-cream scooper and more.

The Flying Taxi

Nope, this is not the Harry Potter flying car, but an actual flying taxi designed to transport a single passenger at up to 55 mph without the need for a pilot. It has the ability to take off and land vertically.

A Speedy Ice Cream Scooper

In less than 120 seconds, you may get a single serving of ice cream with this equipment.