Effective Transformation Of Business Sector Via Digital Technology

Effective Transformation Of Business Sector Via Digital Technology

Sridhar Krishnamurthy , Global Head, Data Analytics & Engineering, Brillio, 0

Sridhar is a global digital executive and a change leader with experience across Technology and Business domains successfully creating, transforming, and scaling digital businesses across multiple industry domains and Geographies.

What are the mainstream digital technologies you have engineered? How have you put forward the technologies of digital enhancement?
Brillio since its inception has been driven by digital transformation and laser-focused on turning technological disruptions into advantages that our customers need to thrive in today’s digital economy. Such focus in full service digital technologies combined with an unwavering customer focus has helped us as a compelling force in the industry and as a leading technology advisor & digital transformation partner. We have orchestrated ourselves around what we believe are four superpowers of technology Cloud, AI, IoT and Mobile. We are seeing the convergence of these superpowers create opportunities for digital and offers enterprises a whole new way of operating.

Whether it is harnessing the cloud for building scalable resilient infrastructure or creating new revenue channels through AI-led digital products, we lean in on our capabilities in product engineering, big data and analytics, digital infrastructure and customer experience to bring together these digital technologies. Our approach to innovation is set up with the clients at the centre of it all. We partner with our clients to jointly set up digital innovation labs to pilot bleeding edge technologies like Metaverse, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Edge Computing, 5G among others and bring them into mainstream adoption through proven methodologies.

We also believe culture as a primary driving force for innovation and hence are committed to facilitating an environment that encourages experimentation at scale. Other than investing in our people to build capabilities in emerging technologies through training programs and certifications, we have organized our workforce into communities of interest to cross pollinate learning, ideas, best practices which truly drive the spirit of innovation on the ground.

We believe understanding customer and their changing expectations goes a long way in ensuring success for many of the digital transformation efforts, hence we believe its not just technology or tool but the methods that are of supreme importance. We deploy Design thinking methodologies to not only understand the customer better but to identify the art of possible and unlock value for the business. We blend design and engineering to deliver products and solutions of relevance to the customer. Our proprietary Brillio powers the solution development and delivery with Agility and speed.

How is agile methodology helping digital technologies?
Agile is all about delivering useful product features iteratively and frequently with focus on client feedback. Digital transformation is intrinsically complex due to a volatile business & technology landscape and frequently changing customer/consumer expectations. Agile methodologies offer a high amount of flexibility to change. Customers/Consumers are looking for quicker results and ability for an organization to adapt quickly to changes. Such expectations cannot be achieved with traditional ways of execution. Demanding customers and ever-changing consumption patterns, needs a rapidly evolving technology system to adopt a view beyond the confines of the triple constraints of scope, cost, and time. And agile methodologies are at the heart of driving this revolution to help organizations move to product-centric models of operation. Agile inherently changes the mindset of developers, business analysts, and product owners to prioritize better. Thus, it brings in a lot of discipline and offers continuous improvement. These are the primary reasons why agile is the most suited delivery methodology of software products.

As a result, agile philosophy today is a pivotal part of all parts of the digital technology value chain right from crafting the vision and design objectives that align with agile principles, to leveraging agile methods and tools to engineer high performing resilient systems, to agile product management that ensures continuous improvement, evolution, and relevance. Brillio is wired to drive the benefits of agile to our clients. Not only have we
institutionalized agile into our engagement models and philosophy of work, but also have invested significantly in creating Intellectual Property like ‘’, a platform that combines Agile, Frameworks, Methodologies and Accelerators that bring agile to life.

State the foremost digital technologies for business transformation.
All digital technologies today are focused on helping businesses deliver products, solutions, and services better while reaching out to newer segments of customers. In the current macro-economic climate, customer experience, resilience, scalability, and cost continue to be the primary drivers for digital business transformation.To drive impact across these dimensions.

We believe understanding customer and their changing expectations goes a long way in ensuring success for many of the digital transformation efforts, hence we believe it is not just technology or tool but the methods that are of supreme importance

Cloud Technologies have emerged to be the most potent transformation force for enterprises. Moving to the cloud not only massively reduces the cost of operations, but also presents the opportunity to innovate with business models that can be scaled to demand instantly and ensure business continuity. Hybrid and Multi-Cloud approaches are being adopted by many enterprises .

The evolution and convergence of Decision Sciences, Machine Learning, and Advanced AI are making a significant push towards industrialization of Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence from PoCs to full scale production. The pervasiveness and adoption of AI across enterprise is enabling unimaginable productivity gains, cost reductions and laying the foundations for new capabilities.

So, can you tell us what is the future of digital technology?
There is a drastic shift in customer behavior due to changes in demographics over the next decade as hyper-connected, tech-savvy, digitally aware and digital native millennialand Gen Z will account for a significant portion of the working population. This would significantly alter how technology is consumed and therefore the approach towards designing the products and solutions will also change over time. As 5G connectivity becomes mainstream, the lines between physical and virtual continue to blur with the advent of the Metaverse, as AI becomes even more impactful, we can certainly expect digital technology led business to take center stage with newer business models, intelligent products and exceptional customer experiences. We should also expect digital technology to alter the socio-cultural fabric which would call for considerable focus on concerns regarding privacy, security and the responsible use of data and AI. Safeguarding the organization against cyber-attacks and data theft will continue to be an important focus area for organizations.

What are the revenue strategies you have implemented for impeccable digital Technology business?
Our philosophy of driving value for our clients is anchored around two guiding principles an unwavering focus on customer success and aligning commercial strategies with client’s vision. We partner with our clients to solve new age challenges & are committed to offering the required flexibilities that make such collaboration possible. This may require a range of hybrid revenue strategies including Managed Services where we own the end-to-end management with commitment of outcomes, Co-Ownership through joint partnerships and collaborative models for co-developing solutions and results, or consulting models where we own the achievement of specified business objectives.

We trust our prowess in delivering industry leading digital transformation, which empowers us to engage in open and incremental delivery, beginning with only a high-level view of the product and ascertaining the details as the product evolves and accordingly rally the state-of-the-art technology, expertise and experience that exceed expectations.