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Amit Khamkar: Charting The Path To Innovation At Nilfisk

Amit Khamkar: Charting The Path To Innovation At Nilfisk

Amit Khamkar ,  Senior Vice President

Amit Khamkar

Senior Vice President

A business leader, especially a vice president in a company, plays a pivotal role in shaping its strategic direction, driving innovation, and ensuring operational excellence. They are responsible for setting the vision and goals, aligning teams towards common objectives, and fostering a culture of collaboration and performance. Amit Khamkar, Senior Vice President at Nilfisk, exemplifies this role with a rich background in mechanical engineering and international business.His journey began with foundational roles at Tata Power Company and Patni Computer Systems, providing him with a deep understanding of operational dynamics and the transformative power of technology.

Driven by a passion for creating and leading innovative businesses, Khamkar pursued a master’s degree in international business and joined Danfoss, where he held various leader ship positions over a decade. His roles ranged from sales transformation to product launch and innovation, highlighting his strategic acumen and commitment to driving profitable growth.

Transitioning to Nilfisk, Khamkar continued his journey of leadership and innovation, ultimately assuming the role of Senior Vice President of Product Portfolio. Here, he has been instrumental in shaping the company's vision and execution, particularly in the realm of Connected Autonomous Solutions. His tenure has been marked by resilience, customer-centricity, and a relentless pursuit of value delivery through strategic partnerships.

Khamkar's career trajectory reflects the importance of continuous learning, adaptation, and strategic alignment in navigating the complexities of global business. As he looks to the future, he remains committed to driving innovation, leadership, and strategic partnerships to propel Nilfisk towards new heights of success through Intelligent, productive and sustainable cleaning solutions including Autonomous and Digital. Let’s hear more from Amit in this one on one interaction.

As a Sr. Vice President, how do you create Portfolio strategies that align with business goals and international market standards?

As the Senior Vice President, I prioritize genuine innovation as the driver of long-term success. This means going beyond meeting existing customer demands or mirroring competitors, but rather delving deeply into customer needs, even those they may not yet recognize. Secondly, our strategy consciously avoids fixating on competitors. While we remain aware of the competitive landscape, our
focus lies in creating unique value propositions for our customers. This necessitates a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, where insights from various markets and industries inform our forward-thinking approach. We prioritize investments in areas with the potential to disrupt or significantly enhance our offerings, ensuring alignment with over arching business goals here among our strong sustainability commitment.

Moreover, to execute these strategies effectively, we foster an organizational culture that celebrates innovation at every level. By understanding customer needs deeply, maintaining a customer-centric approach, and nurturing a culture of innovation, we not only drive sustainable growth and market leadership but also inspire others to follow suit.

Success requires not only audacious dreams but also unwavering commitment to hard work & strategic execution

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership philosophy revolves around recognizing the paramount importance of people in achieving results. I prioritize the recruit-ment, development, and promotion of top talents, fostering an environment where individuals can thrive. By articulating a shared vision, providing challenges, and empowering my team to deliver, I facilitate their success while offering support when needed.

Understanding and leveraging each team member's strengths form the basis of our collective achievement. Execution is central to my leadership style; I value action over perfection. Encouraging proactive problem-solving and project management drives results.

Furthermore, I view failure as a vital aspect of growth, encouraging my team to learn from mistakes and innovate rapidly. In summary, my leadership ethos emphasizes empowering individuals, executing with agility, fostering trust and integrity, and embracing failure as a pathway to success.

What is the approach you employ to stay informed of the latest technology innovations, foresee customer needs and market trends?

At our company, we uphold a proactive strategy to maintain technological leadership and anticipate customer needs and market shifts. We prioritize direct engagement with customers, immersing ourselves in their operations to grasp their challenges and foresee future demands. Collaborating closely with forward-thinking customers aids in co-developing and refining innovative solutions, ensuring alignment with real-world requirements.

Furthermore, we vigilantly monitor industry and cross sectoral
advancements, incorporating pio-neering trends and technologies into our offerings. Partnering with technology leaders and academia grants access to cuttingedge research, while active participation in industry forums provides insights into evolving landscapes.

By embracing this comprehensive approach, we not only stay abreast of technological developments but also drive innovation that exceeds customer expectations in a dynamic market environment.

What is the future destination you look forward to?

As a senior leader in a global company, my future destination isn't a physical place or a title, but rather a milestone of achievement and impact. I envision a future where my organization takes sustainability even further, and continues to combat climate change through product innovation while delivering exceptional value to stakeholders. Our innovations drive financial success and social well-being, bridging gaps in equality and access globally. We'll harness technology to enhance efficiency, empower communities, and protect the environment.

A thriving workforce, enriched by diversity and inclusion, engages in meaningful work aligned with our goals. I'm excited about digital transformation and AI, revolution-izing our operations and making them more resilient. Achieving this requires dedication, innovation, and collaboration, internally and externally. It's a challen-ging journey, but one promising rewards for our customers, company, partners, and the planet.

Advice to Budding Industry Leaders:

Dreaming big and working diligently are the cornerstones of remarkable achievements. Success requires not only audacious dreams but also unwavering commitment to hard work and strategic execution. Authentic leadership entails leading by example, inspiring teams to emulate high standards. Continuous learning and self-investment are vital in a rapidly changing world, fostering personal and professional growth. Prioritizing customer-centric innovation ensures relevance and competitiveness, distinguishing leaders from followers. Cultivating adaptability and resilience enables leaders to navigate challenges and emerge stronger. These principles - dreaming big, investing in people, leading authentically, continuous learning, customer-centric innovation, and resilience - guide successful leadership journeys, fostering confidence and integrity in navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Amit Khamkar, Senior Vice President, Nilfisk

Amit Khamkar is the Senior Vice President at Nilfisk, leveraging his background in mechanical engineering and international business. With a career spanning roles in sales transformation and product innovation, he spearheads strategic initiatives, particularly in Autonomous & Digital Solutions, driving Nilfisk's vision forward.

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