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Anbarasu Thangavelu: Successfully Helping Others To Succeed & Grow

Anbarasu Thangavelu: Successfully Helping Others To Succeed & Grow

 Anbarasu Thangavelu,   Founder & Director

Anbarasu Thangavelu

Founder & Director

Every individual is a leader, and identifying the leadership capability early on is crucial for creating a better society”, says Anbarasu Thangavelu, Founder & Director of Drishta Vidya, a training firm that helps organizations & people solve their performance challenges. Anbarasu is a doctorate in organizational behavior specializing in performance management and has 27 years of experience in people management which he gained while working with many reputed IT firms. His 27 years of experience covers IT, Manufacturing, and Teaching fields where he has been successful in managing large IT programs and conducting research in Organizational Behavior & Performance Management. These opportunities have given him abundant practical insights into the people performance domain which has helped him to shape the vision & mission of Drishta Vidya. Anbarasu is also one of the mentors in Tiny Magiq, a Digital and Behavioural Transformation firm that works with organizations to help them achieve ambitious goals. Apart from being an entrepreneur & a mentor he is also a professional speaker who speaks on Emotional Intelligence, Performance Management, and Mindfulness. He is an inspirational leader who has been able to make a positive difference to 5000+ people so far and aspires to touch many more lives in the future. Let’s hear it from him.

Talk about Drishta Vidya as an organization.
Drishta Vidya was primarily established with the objective to help individuals identify their leadership skills, for which we initially began by conducting
workshops and programs for employees and helping them improve their productivity. Later we realized that though we were teaching them unique techniques to increase their productivity, employees were not able to successfully use them for a longer period.In short it was not effective enough in the long run. We wanted to make sure that the programs we conduct are focused on longterm goals and guarantee personal transformation.

We want to go beyond the regular training programs and inculcate a high performance culture in all our training activities

Subsequently, we started offering
training programs with longer duration formats & consulting for employee leadership development/transformation, and performance management for organizations. Drishta Vidya has started offering a unique service of being a virtual L&D department for organizations that cannot afford a separate L&D. Drishta Vidya’s focus is to create a long lasting positive transformation of employees and high performance culture in the organization.

Tell us about the unique experiences NITT offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics
What excites me about NITT is its diverse culture which includes people from different states across India and abroad. That kind of environment allowed me to gain significant experiences outside the textbook and helped me to boost my confidence to do things differently, believe in my aspirations, and also travel to different places. Besides, the institution has an extremely strong faculty who have high expectations from the students and makes sure to go to any extent to provide support to them so that they can live up to their goals.

Could you give a brief account of the transformation programs that you offer?
The main objective of all our
programs is to create behavioral transformation in employees. We do that by using a unique set of techniques from behavioral science and then shaping their emotional intelligence. We have program s for different sets of people, ranging from employees at the supervisory level to managers, Senior managers, and Executive Management like Directors, and CXOs. Each role requires different kinds of behavioral training that not only benefits them but their organizations as well.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
We want to be focused on one specific area of improving employees’ performance and enhancing the performance of the organizations they work in by having a high performance culture as their DNA. In the next four years, we are planning to increase the reach of our programs for organizations across India. We want to go beyond the regular training programs and inculcate a high performance culture in all our training activities. Currently, we are conducting programs in organizations in Tamil Nadu. But our goal is to reach out to small and medium sized industries all over India. We aim to bring a positive change in people’s behavior for which we are hiring more professional trainers who would spend longer time with employees to understand their behavior and accordingly apply behavioral transmission techniques for their improvement.

Anbarasu Thangavelu, Founder & Director, Drishta Vidya
NITT alumni and Ph.D. holder in Organizational Behavior specializing in Performance Management, Anbarasu is a great entrepreneur & mentor who helps managers & executives improve their professional performance both at the individual as well as organizational level.

•Hobbies: Motorcycling
•Favorite Cuisine: Indian
•Favorite Travel Destination: Alaska
•Favorite Book: The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

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