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Anshul Kumar Jain: A Galvanizing Business Leader That Strives For Consistent Improvement

Anshul Kumar Jain: A Galvanizing Business Leader That Strives For Consistent Improvement

Anshul Kumar Jain,   Chief Compliance Officer & Head Legal

Anshul Kumar Jain

Chief Compliance Officer & Head Legal

As businesses grow, the different facets of their operations grow as well and in the current ultra-competitive corporate realm even the slightest of mistakes when it comes to compliance can set a company backward. It is high time that businesses across all levels start to take compliances and other regulations seriously so that they don’t have to worry about any unwanted regulatory issues going forwards. Owing to this, the importance of having an experienced Chief Compliance Officer can’t be stressed enough. While many businesses still overlook this facet of their operations, businesses that have a Chief Compliance Officer can operate without having to worry about the various legal aspects of their operations. This also means that business leaders can solely focus on their operations and drive the growth of the organization.

Anshul Kumar Jain is one pioneering business professional who holds the office of Chief Compliance Officer & Head Legal at KFin Technologies and with him at the helm, the firm has been able to break new business frontiers and strive for greater heights in the market.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, shares more insights into his professional journey as a reputed Chief Compliance Officer and how he strives for sustained success in the industry.

What motivated you to enter into the compliance segment?
My entry into the compliance domain was more by chance rather than choice. It all started when I was pursuing the company secretaryship course and even though, I faced some initial troubles, I was quickly able to get a foothold in the market.
As I went along with the flow of work, I was able to get a foothold in the market. As I went along with the flow of work, I was able to be a part of so many transactions both on the advisory side and the compliance side. Gradually, my interest in this domain increased and right now, I have developed into a passionate learner in this market space.

Facing new challenges, adapting to the changing market conditions and learning constantly is something that I enjoy the most about this sector. The constant process of learning and re-inventing myself has helped me to strive for sustained success in the market. And I believe that this passion and intrigue to learn more is what drives me to perform at a high level constantly.

What are some of the major challenges that you faced in the industry and how did you overcome those challenges?
Challenges are part and parcel of working in this line of work but one of the most recurring issues that I still face is that many businesses still lack the proper understating of compliance. To tackle this issue, we have to act as a bridge between businesses and regulators so that we can work things out in a way where businesses are happy and the regulators are satisfied. With that said, what I have learned over the years is the fact that the more transparent and honest you are with the clients, the more understanding they will become. Right now, for me, after working in this domain for so many years and building a positive reputation in the industry, businesses have become more welcoming when it comes to the suggestion and solutions we offer.

Also, if you are someone who is working in this segment,if you are able to understand the core business of a company and what its operational processes are, then, it will help you to be better compliance professional.

How have you been able to consistently perform at the highest level in the industry?
Doing a lot of mock transactions will help you to gain a more holistic experience of the entire operations in the compliance domain. This constant training will help you to be better prepared when the actual work happens and it will help you to avoid errors and complete the entire process in a much more efficient
manner. Apart from that, create a better step plan for the entire process so that you have a frame work that you can follow to avoid any unnecessary complications.

What are some of the most important factors that you look at before offerings solutions?
The first and foremost step is to have a proper understanding of the situation or the subject that you are offering solutions on. After that, meet with the people who are part of that transaction, and then, align the steps they are taking with the regulatory requirement. This will help you to offer the best solutions for your clients. While you are seeing red flags during this process, look for legal solutions and if there aren’t any, then modify the transaction according to the law.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs?
Make sure that you work and gain experience as a trainee under an expert trainer. Then, believe in yourself and make sure that you are agile enough to cope with the dynamic nature of the regulatory domain. Be a passionate learner and make sure that you remain updated and current in the industry.

Anshul Kumar Jain, Chief Compliance Officer & Head Legal, KFin Technologies
Anshul is a fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He has experience of close to 20 years in the field of Corporate Laws and SEBI related matters. He has worked with top-tier business groups in the county like ITC, Edelweiss, Mehta & Mehta, and Reliance Industries. He was also a member of the Expert Group on Auditing Standards and part of ICSI Premier of Company Law Team. He is Honorary Consulting Editor of Corporate Law Advisor, part of JITO mentorship programme and managing committee member of ICSI-CCGRT. He was also awarded on numerous occasions owing to his ingenuity including when he received multiple Awards of Excellence for the excellent work he did while dealing with a couple of complex transactions at KFin Technologies.

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