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Bikramjeet Singh: Promoting Sustainable & Renewable Energy Solutions

Bikramjeet Singh: Promoting Sustainable & Renewable Energy Solutions

Bikramjeet Singh,Founder & MD

Bikramjeet Singh

Founder & MD

Barry Sternlicht, an American business leader once said, “If it can be profitable to be green, it’s just smart business”. Considering the rise in global warming, protecting the environment is one of the most demanding challenges of the present times. Bikramjeet Singh, Founder & MD, Water Foods established the company with a vision to promote sustainable energy solutions, while providing complete turnkey Engineering Procurement & Contracting(EPC) solutions. Having firmly established environmental friendly practices through Water Foods, Bikramjeet contributes to the green economy at large. He possesses 14 years of professional experience during which he has worked on some of the world’s largest renewable energy and sustainability projects. Under his aegis, his exceptional team supplies, installs and commissions a wide range of refrigeration system, heat transfer solutions, air conditioning systems, cold storage projects and solar energy solutions.

Bikramjeet holds a strong command over international business, strategies, and market behavior and hence is engaged in conducting business with foreign governments and executives across the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. He also excels in building client relation ships, developing channels, and implementing effective sales strategies, in addition to his proven track record of driving multimillion dollar growth and expansions. Bikramjeet believes the purpose of his life is to address climate change on a global scale. Let’s hear it from him.

How has been your journey from being a corporate professional to an entrepreneur?
It has been a great learning experi
ence. I started my career in 2007 when I joined International Coil Ltd. as the Technical Sales Manager. After which, I headed to Dubai to work with a company named Trane, where I was associated with huge global projects. I have spent more than three years in the company, being their sales manager and gaining a lot of insights in the process.

I came back to India with a mission to promote sustainable and renewable energy solutions across organizations

which help me to deliver accurate solutions even today. In 2012, I came back to India with a mission to promote sustainable and renewable energy solutions across organizations and founded Water Foods.

How does Water Foods contribute to a sustainable future?
Water Foods was established with a focus on renewable energy projects. We have sustainably installed and commissioned a range of projects across refrigeration, heat transfer, air-conditioning combined heating & power, and solar energy. Our services are categorized into three divisions. In the Food Division, we have been working on eradicating conventional technologies used for cold storages and installing systems using renewable sources of energy. In the Water Division, we have installed an air cooled fluid cooler which works on the principle of rejecting heat from hot fluid using ambient air directly through heat transfer coils. This is in contrast to the conventional method of cooling using shell & tube heat exchanger and water cooling tower system in which a lot of water is evaporated. In the Energy Division, we are an authorized channel partner with Tata Power Solar and have led powerful projects with them.

Being the Founder & MD of the company, how do you align your day-to-today strategies with the company's overall goals?
contracting company providing complete turnkey solutions to our
clients. Providing our customers with one-stop solutions has only been possible because of the significant time that I have spent in researching and developing strategies for the company’s growth. I also make sure my team is updated with the latest market trends and changing requirements. We believe in delivering the best services and solutions to our clients.

Tell us about the awards and recognitions that you have achieved in your professional journey so far.
In 2016, I was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Jalandhar Management Association. Later in 2019, I was awarded by the Tata Power Solar as the Game Changer of the Year. In 2020, we(Water Foods) were awarded as the Key Players for achieving the green targets.

What are the developments in this industry that you anticipate as an Indian entrepreneur?
India is highly dependent on China for the production of solar modules. Given the power crisis in China and the trading being shut down due to the pandemic, it has become a great challenge for our businesses to flourish in India. Hence, I believe there should be amendments to encourage more production of solar modules in India and eradicate the dependency of the country on externalities.

Bikramjeet Singh, Founder & MD, Water Foods
Bikramjeet has 14 years of experience in the field of refrigeration & air-conditioning. He is pursuing MBA from The University of British Columbia. Apart from being the founder of Water Foods, he is also the President Net Impact of MBA Society at Sauder School of Business in Vancouver.

•Hobbies: Singing
•Favorite Cuisine: Thai & Lebanese
•Favorite Book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
•Favorite Travel Destination: Seychelles

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